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looking for some advice on how to handle things LCRP


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First jus want to say, I'm really enjoying the experience I've had on this server. 

Main problem I've been having, is that I get disconnected a lot. And that's mainly my fault. My internet connection isn't just mine. So sometimes I can play as I want without difficulties and its great, but other times I'll get kicked by a bad connection, and then kicked again after getting back to the server. 

Now in the rules it states that on disconnects, they need to be reported in discord or on this forum. So first question, is where should this be reported? Also, should I be meta, trying to pass this on to those still playing, breaking RP? If I do reconnect, is there a normal way of getting back into the event even if some 10 minutes may have passed? 

Thanks for any and all advice on this. I'm really liking my time here and I hope to see yal around!

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EMS Command Developer

My best advice would be to just post in general that you dc'd, and always make sure you are recording. Clip every time you DC so that in the event of you getting banned for combat logging, you have the clip that you timed out.



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