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Fresh off the plane from the underground of Tokyo

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I'm Johnny O'connor, I moved to Japan from Australia when I was 14 with my family, we moved around a lot up until this point due to my Dad being in the Air force and I ended up in a bad scene. drugs, guns and cars. By the age of 19, I had my own crew, racing the expressways and highways for clout and respect. Trying to fit in forced me into a world that turned me into a Gyangu (Gangsta)

We had a few good years up until the big crash. I was 24, racing for the record on Shuto Expressway in Tokyo when a local pulled out of a parking area and clipped my bumper. 3 of my crew died after getting caught up in the crash behind me, some people say I was lucky enough to walk out... alive. But it has left me mentally scared, so I fled the country for a new start. I want to see where this new land leads me, a fresh start!

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