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Allan O'Conner's SASP Application


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New SASP application from Allan O'Conner.


Character Name
Allan O'Conner

Discord and Steam
yonii#7746 - pepege

County and Region
The Netherlands

Age (18+)

How long have you been playing on the server?
Approx 2,5 months with ~400 hours.

Why do you want to join SASP?
I've previously been in SASP in a different city. I've made my way up from probationary all the way to commissioner and since then I've always been a state police kind of guy. I like the fact that state has juristiction over the entire city and county, compared to where lcpd would only have it in the city itself. I feel like being part of SASP takes more responsibility and faces a bigger challenge with more professionalism, which i'm looking for.

What depicts SASP from the LSPD?
SASP has juristiction over the entirity of the state of san andreas, while LSPD only has this in the city (except CID). I also believe SASP is held to a higher standard.

What do you have to offer?
A lot of professionalism, dedication and time put into the department. Furthermore a broad range of skills and experience both in regular police work and specialized police duties.

What roleplay have you been primarily carrying out in Lucid City so far?
24/7 Police officer

What makes you suitable for this department?
I've got +800 hours of police experience both in state police and regional departments and a lot of dedication.

Have you received any disciplinary in the pas, as well as any bans or warnings? If so describe why.
Yes, I've received a 31 day ban. This was due to me getting angered and frustrated due to a bad/unrealistic scene and losing control of my words in the heat of the moment. I strongly believed it has changed and learned me to keep cool at all times.

Do you know what the chain of command is? If so explain it and, do you agree to comply with it?
Yes, chain of command means that if you have a question, you ask it to an officer 1 rank above you. If he can't answer it you go to an officer 1 rank above him and so forth.

Do you agree that you will act respectfully and maturely at any and all times?

Do you understand that you could receive consequences from your supervisors if you fail to follow the rules?

All applicants are required to read and understand the community policies, have you done so?

Do you understand that you can be removed or blacklisted from the department if you receive a certain amount of disciplinary actions?

Do you agree not to ask staff members or members of the department command staff about this application?

Do you understand that you must show respect regardless of age or affiliation?

Do you believe you put the necessary effort into this application?

You get a call that there is a bank robbery in Paleto bay, there is a Sergeant from the state police present, and a commander from the police, who takes command of the situation in regards of jurisdiction?
The sergeant from state police, as SASP has juristiction over LCPD in the county.

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Hello applicant,


After reviewing your application, the high command of the San Andreas State Police has concluded to ACCEPT it and move you onto the probationary phase. Upon the conclusion of your probationary phase you will be granted the rank of Trooper where you will also be assigned to patrol on your own. In order to be invited to necessary communications servers, make sure to send either one of the following individuals a message on Discord:


Xando#0001, Mark0#5510, Eli#6375


Thank you, have a nice day and looking forward to seeing you.

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