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The Chingada Family

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Our father Santiago Chingada was in deep trouble with government of Mexico. As time went on, Santiago came into the states and found himself in LC. Struggling to find a job, Santiago gets himself involved with the wrong crowd just to feed his family, called the Cartel. With attention surrounding the Cartel, Santiago got on the FIB/LCPD radar, got kidnapped, interrogated and beat to death. The FIB made up a story that the Cartel killed them, that story got back to our family in Mexico. Jose, Juan, Miguel, Tony, Blanca, Rojo, Cici, Hector, Diego and Lolita Chingada were all just kids, raised by a single mom struggling to put food on the table. 


As we all grew up, the hatred towards the Government of LC grew larger. Jose was older than everyone for more than 10+ years, he was the back of the family ever since our father died. Jose smuggled himself into LC to avenge his father alone. He terrorised the city of Lucid, crimes after crimes, day by day, night by night. He started getting on the FIBs radar just like his father Santiago. Jose was murdered and killed by the FIB, they covered their tracks very well and blamed his death on the Cartel. 


Juan Chingada got smuggled into the city to find out why his brother, Jose died. The death is such a coincidence to his fathers death, it seemed like the same story. As time went on, struggling to find out information, Juan sends a letter to his little sister Lolita Chingada to come help him on his quest to revenge. Days go by, they find out Jose was killed by the FIB and LCPD, what’s when the quest to actual revenge started. Juan and Lolita wreak havoc on the city of Lucid. Murders, kidnappings, and many more crimes. Juan goes into hiding because he doesn’t want to die before avenging his brother and father. Lolita on the other hand, wants to die in the name of her family. 


As time goes on, and getting outnumbered by the FIB and LCPD, Lolita sends a letter to the rest of her family to come to LC and help them on her quest. 

Hector, Blanca, Cici, Rojo, Tony, Diego, Miguel all come into LC one by one. 


Miguel gets caught and manipulated by the government, got given a citizenship, and got invited to train under the police department of LC to “avenge his father and brother” because the Cartel killed them and not them. Miguel has another agenda, that doesn’t fit the rest of the Chingada family. The Chingadas grow to hate Miguel, they want to kill him because he back stabbed his family and they know the actual truth but instead got manipulated by a bunch of pigs. Miguel’s agenda is now to stop his family from killing “innocent” people and focus on their revenge towards the Cartel when he doesn’t even know the truth. 


Story to be continued....

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