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Christopher's SASP Application

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New SASP application from Christopher.


Character Name

Discord and Steam

County and Region

Age (18+)

How long have you been playing on the server?
1 day

Why do you want to join SASP?
I can make this city safer for the citizens living in it. Ive always dreamed of being a cop ever since A cop saved my life when I was 15. I was walking in a dark alley one night when two strangers came up to me with a gun telling me to give them my money. When they had saw I had none on me they shot me in my shoulder. I was bleeding out then a random guy walked down the same alley where I was laying covered in blood. He carried me on his shoulders because he had no phone on him and ran me to the hospital. Come to find out he was a cop. I would love this job and take any risk for the citizens living here. I will put my life on the line.

What depicts SASP from the LSPD?
SASP is more responsible all around the state where as LSPD stays mainly in the city.

What do you have to offer?
I will put my life on the line for this job. It is truly a dream.

What roleplay have you been primarily carrying out in Lucid City so far?

What makes you suitable for this department?
I feel I can protect and serve all around the entire state and do my job as the other officers do but try my best in my own way.

Have you received any disciplinary in the pas, as well as any bans or warnings? If so describe why.
I rammed into someone's car for no reason I did apologize and I very much do regret doing this stupid childish action.

Do you know what the chain of command is? If so explain it and, do you agree to comply with it?
Yes, I absolutely know what the chain of command is. The way that the chain of command works is that if something is wrong, or if you have a question you go to the officer who's one rank higher than you. Ie, Sergeant. If the Sergeant is no where to be found, of the answer he/she gives you is conflicting you go the the one above him/her. This keeps going until the item of discussion is finally resolved.

Do you agree that you will act respectfully and maturely at any and all times?

Do you understand that you could receive consequences from your supervisors if you fail to follow the rules?

All applicants are required to read and understand the community policies, have you done so?

Do you understand that you can be removed or blacklisted from the department if you receive a certain amount of disciplinary actions?

Do you agree not to ask staff members or members of the department command staff about this application?

Do you understand that you must show respect regardless of age or affiliation?

Do you believe you put the necessary effort into this application?

You get a call that there is a bank robbery in Paleto bay, there is a Sergeant from the state police present, and a commander from the Los Santos Police Department, who takes command of the situation in regards of jurisdiction?
The Sergeant would take command.

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Hello Applicant,


After reviewing your application, the leadership of the San Andreas State Police have concluded to DECLINE your application. However, we do not wish for you to be discouraged as opportunities may arise in the future depending on whether or not you intend to re-apply. You may submit another application after 14 days as of the moment this message was published.


Thank you for submitting your application, have a nice day.



Lieutenant L. Ronalds

San Andreas State Police

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