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Car Show and Race Wars!

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As highly requested within the community, we are bringing a theme of cars to our few next courses of main events. We are introducing a variety of events to enter, so everyone has a chance to join. Starting off, we have out first ever car show! Sponsered by Benny's, the car show will take place at the Maze Bank Arena (postal code 88) in the PARKING LOT. We will have 3 judges, choosing 2 seperate winners for 2 seperate awards! Benny's Choice Award Best Design Award You ask, what will the 2 winners win? We are charging an entry slot of $2,500 per car, payed to Marko, as each car will be judged, so if you don't make it, no excuse and we move on. The 2 winners will split the pool money. We will have Local LCPD making the parking lot safe and in order for the city. NOW, HERE is where it gets interesting. The moment YOU HAVE ALL BEEN WAITING FOR!!! RACE WARS!! Plain and simple, as seen on the map below, participants will compete against one another for the ultimate prize, a surprise car from the Import Dealership (to be announced in the near future) for the winner. 2 Brackets will take place. The 2 brackets will race seperately , and the winner of each bracket will race in the finals against one another. THE DATE FOR BOTH EVENTS IS FEBRUARY 12, 5PM EST!!! NO LATER, STRICT SCHEDULE AS THE CAR SHOW WILL BE PRIOR TO THE RACE WARS. Now, who's ready to go get their cars out there! Hope to see you soon and stay posted for future announcements!

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