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    4. Lucid City Imports

      News and updates concerning all new and luxurious cars the city has to offer

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    5. Weazel News

      Please keep in mind that this is a really important whithelist job, so put effort in it.

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      Official gangs that have proven they are worthy of being whitelisted.

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  3. In Character

    1. Character Introductions

      This is where your character announces his or her arrival to Lucid City, and shares what plans they may have within the city.

    2. Roleplay Scenarios

      Share stories of exciting scenarios you've experienced ingame..

    3. Gangs / Criminal Organizations

      Let everyone know what your gang is about..

    4. Businesses

      This is where business owners will post all sorts of information regarding their businesses, - such as hiring and the possibility of selling off their business.

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  4. Community Discussions

    1. Introduce Yourself

      Keep Calm and Introduce Yourself

    2. General Chat

      Chit-Chat with other community members about what's going on, in and around the city.

    3. Suggestions & Feedback

      Something you like or don't like about the LCRP? Have some suggestions that might make LCRP a better place? Please Let us know!

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    4. Videos & Screenshots

      Discuss and share videos and screenshots taken in the city!

    5. LCRP Game Journey

      Tell everyone about your journey on LCRP so far. You can get inspired by others or inspire others! Show off your achievements and share your struggles..

  5. Off Topic

    1. Music

      Music and song related discussions

    2. Anime & Manga

      Anime and Manga discussions

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    3. Tech Talk

      Discuss all things tech, nerds.

    4. Random thoughts and discussions

      Have something on your mind? Need to vent? Maybe share some fun thoughts?

    5. Videos

      Discuss and share popular videos with each other

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    • Welcome to Lucid City!
    • Hi there my name is David and I'm a mechanical engineer, so I will be living my real life in the virtual world again, why? Because it is FUN!!
    • Hi I'm Ryan and I'm new. I cant seem to find where the server link is for the gta server
    • What is your Steam profile link? https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198093533143/   How many hours do you have on Lucid and / or FiveM? 5   What is your Discord username? TheMadCow#1453   How old are you? 17   What is the name of your character? Thomas Ferdinand   How old is the character you are applying with? 18   What is the phone number of the character you are applying with? 3954509515   What is the background of your character? A failed engineer with a passion for flight now wants to become a pilot to get a taste of what his life could've been like.   What are your previous jobs and / or current affiliations? Lumberjack and Delivery Driver   Why do you want to be a pilot? Not In Character: Cause in GTA I've always loved flying around and messing about in planes/helicopters (and I've gotten quite good at it i'd say) In Character: Cause i wanna be able to get a taste of the life that i would've had if i didn't fail engineering.   What makes you different from other individuals that are applying? That i am a really level headed fellow who can fly around with grace. And get from A to B in optimal time.   What kind of experience do you have related to flight and piloting? i have around probably 100 hrs of just flying in gta (whether this be flying or fighting i've just always really enjoyed it)   How active can you be a week? 1-2 hrs a day   Any additional questions? nope
    • Welcome to Lucid!  This is a public server so feel free to join anytime!
    • Welcome to Lucid Nicholas!  Best of luck with your stream!! 
    • Not sure what you are talking about, Are you having a discord issue?
    • Welcome to Lucid Laddy!  We are trying to get music started in Lucid so be on the lookout for opportunities in the city!!  
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