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    • C01.01 - JURISDICTIONS:
      • General Information: The crew regulatory guidelines are applicable to the in-game servers, community forums, and Discord with official connections to the Lucid City roleplay community and the Lucid Gaming network. This includes sources such as forums.lucidcityrp.com, the Lucid City main server, the Crew Management server, and the Enterprise Management server.


      • General Information: Staff members of the crew management team reserve the right to take disciplinary and punitive action towards any player found to be in violation of both written and unwritten regulatory guidelines at their own discretion to avoid both minor and major negative impact on the community's player and user experience.


      • General Information: Conduct that has been deemed inappropriate, destructive, malicious, and/or unfitting within the Lucid City roleplay community will be handled in accordance with the standard and crew regulatory guidelines. Repeatedly engaging in this kind of conduct will result in actions ranging from a permanent ban to a community removal.


      • General Information: Regulatory guidelines will be marked with specific classifications to outline the severity and impact of any infractions related to a specific guideline. These classifications will determine the actions which will be taken against any individual and crew that is in direct violation of a specific guideline. These classifications are as follows:


        • Classification A: 30 Infraction Points & $1,000 p/crew member.
        • Classification B: 50 Infraction Points & $1,500 p/crew member.
        • Classification C: 90 Infraction Points & $2,000 p/crew member.
        • Classification D: 150 Infraction Points & $3,000 p/crew member.
        • Classification E: 250 Infraction Points & $5,000 p/crew member.
        • Classification F: 350 Infraction Points & $10,000 p/crew member.
        • Classification G: 1250 Infraction Points & Disbandment.
        • Classification H: 1 - 3 month unappealable suspension.


      • General Information: Infraction points are issued to a crew when an infraction is issued. The points assigned as a result of one infraction will remain on the crew's record for a total of 6 months. If a crew reaches a total of 1250 infraction points, the specific crew will be disbanded and blacklisted from being able to create that crew for a total of 3 to 6 months at the discretion of crew management.


    • C01.06 - STRIKE SYSTEM:
      • General Information: Crew management has a secondary system which can be enforced by members of Lucid City Management team for problematic crews which show no intent to correct their behavior and attitude. This system will only be used by management whenever a crew shows no regard for other crews or community members. Instead of infraction points, these punitive actions are known as strikes and they do not expire unlike their counterpart in the infraction point system. If a crew receives three strikes, the crew will be immediately disbanded and blacklisted. Strikes have the following negatives:


        • Strike I: The recipient crew is mandated to pay $50,000 p/crew member, individuals involved in the interaction which led up to the strike will be issued a [E] classification under standard community infraction guidelines, the crew will be issued a ceasefire and force conflicted with the crew which caused the strike, and the crew will also be issued a [E] classification under the crew infraction guidelines.
        • Strike II: The recipient crew is mandated to pay $100,000 p/crew member, individuals involved in the interaction which led up to the strike will be issued a [F] classification under standard community infraction guidelines, the crew will also be issued a temporary ceasefire with all the crews they are actively beefing, and the crew will also be issued a [F] classification under the crew infraction guidelines.
        • Strike III: The recipient crew is mandated to pay $150,000 p/crew member, individuals involved in the interaction which led up to the strike will be issued a [G] classification under standard community infraction guidelines, and the crew will be disbanded and blacklisted upon receiving the third and final strike.




      • Infraction Category: [A]
      • General Information: Members, officers, and leaders of crews alike are mandated to be members of the crew management communication server for easy and direct access to staff members and vice versa. The responsibility of ensuring and maintaining this presence falls on the leadership of each individual crew and will be enforced by crew management staff.


      • Infraction Category: [A]
      • General Information: Crews are expected to establish a certain structure upon the establishment and registration of their crew into the crew management system. This structure will reflect a separation between leadership, officers, and standard members within the crew management server. Crew management has three membership classifications and they are as follows by these limitations:


        • Crew Leader(s): This category consists of the tablet holder and up to two other individuals in-charge, which limits this role at three members.
        • Crew Officer(s): This category consists of up to five individuals with leadership responsibilities, which limits this role at five members.
        • Crew Member(s): This category consists of up to twenty four individuals with standard membership, which limits this role at twenty four.




      • Infraction Category: [C]
      • General Information: Crews are mandated to choose a series of clothing combinations for their members to represent their crew. Flags can be used as a unique identifier, however, is not enough to fulfill this mandate. Each crew is permitted to have two specific fits for males and females, which adds up to four in total. Members of crews are required to wear the full clothing combination while carrying out crew activities and while initiating and/or participating in conflict with others. Initiating conflict over an identifier such as a flag is permitted, but requires substantial interaction and roleplay. Conflict over an identifier is not applicable to clothing such as jackets, shirts, and pants.


      • Infraction Category: [B]
      • General Information: Members of crews are mandated to drive vehicles with their designated color identifier during times of crew management approved conflicts and any interaction that involves your crew and another. However, the vehicle identification mandate is not grounds to kill on sight during an active conflict unless you can confirm that the individual driving a specific vehicle is a member of the crew you are in conflict with.




      • Infraction Category: [D]
      • General Information: You are prohibited from initiating prolonged conflicts and disputes with other crews over reasons that originate from an out of character perspective. This is a roleplay server, any conflicts and disputes that occur within roleplay are to originate from motivations and/or reasons that occurred within roleplay. Below you can see reasons not to initiate conflict or disputes:


        • Minor to moderate levels of shit talking against one or several members of your crew.
        • Initiation of conflict over valuables lost to law enforcement as a result of your own actions.
        • Initiating conflict with another crew over minor incidents such traffic accidents and incidents.
        • Members of another crew managed to gain priority over a heist before your crew by showing up first with a hostage.
        • Bruised feelings as a result of comments made within roleplay and/or outside of roleplay.
        • Presence in highly hostile areas with the hope that you and/or your crew is injured as justification to retaliate.
        • Conflict related to reasons such as vehicle identification colors.


      • Infraction Category: [C]
      • General Information: As a member of a crew you forfeit the right to engage in activities related to crew on crew violence on the behalf of friends. Individuals that are not directly affiliated with a crew dispute or conflict are not permitted to intervene or engage as alliances are prohibited. Furthermore, as a representative of your crew you should be aware of the consequences which your actions and judgment can lead to. Crews listed as turf allies are not to be participating in conflict, this is only for business related purposes. Avoid endangering your own crew as a result of your own activities and motivations.


    • C04.03 - ROLEPLAY MINDSET:
      • Infraction Category: [E]
      • General Information: As a crew, your mindset and priority should be centered towards building your reputation among the rest of the crews and civilians of the city. However, this should be done through appropriate and reasonable interactions and scenes that can be considered memorable and enjoyable for more than just one party. Treating the server like an anarchy server is not permissible and will lead to crew and character repercussions.




      • Infraction Category: [B]
      • General Information: Crews as criminal enterprise organizations are permitted to tax individual players of certain valuables in return for benefits such as protection while present in specific areas and/or while carrying out specific activities. This tax can be collected once every tsunami, and is maxed out at up to $7,500 in cash or valuables per individual. There should be adequate and two sided roleplay should anything lead up to taxation.


      • Infraction Category: [C]
      • General Information: Crews as criminal enterprise organizations are permitted to tax individual businesses for special deals, valuables, and/or cash for benefits such as providing protection that specific business. This tax can be collected once every week, and is maxed out at up to $200,000 in cash unless agreed upon otherwise by the business. There should be extensive and two sided roleplay as well as great benefits involved that leads to business taxation.


      • Infraction Category: [E]
      • General Information: You are prohibited from engaging in agreements with other crews to loophole the taxation policies to benefit yourself and your crew beyond the designated restrictions as listed above. With that said, you are expected to provide protection to individuals and businesses that you tax from both crews and other individuals alike. If you cannot satisfy this requirement, refrain from engaging in taxation.




      • Infraction Category: [F]
      • General Information: Crews and their members are prohibited from using external communication services such as Discord, TeamSpeak, Skype, and so forth for the purposes of relaying in-character information to be used by the recipient. Using information obtained from these services is recognized as meta-gaming and will be handled as such alongside this policy. This is a roleplay server, use means such as VIBE, phones, and radios to communicate with your friends and enemies alike.




      • Infraction Category: [D]
      • General Information: This is a roleplay server, your first priority should be to handle matters through in-character interactions and scenes. Reporting others for the most minuscule of policy violations should be avoided, people make mistakes, and it is better to make an attempt to approach the situation in-character through corrective interactions.


      • Infraction Category: [F]
      • General Information: Retaliatory and petty reporting is a concept which involves reporting one or several individuals out of spitefulness and dislike. Refrain from engaging in this sort of conduct, weaponizing the report system to harm the experience and reputation of another player is prohibited. You are here to have a good experience and time, play a part in ensuring that for other community members as well.




      • Infraction Category: [C]
      • General Information: Crew conflicts and disputes will generally lead to certain levels of toxicity and banter. However, keep in mind that excessive levels of this should be avoided as it negatively impacts the player experience of others. Keep disputes that originated outside of character separate from roleplay interactions and the server itself. Engaging in acts of consistent toxicity and banter within the following zones are prohibited due to a lack of counterplay:


        • Mount Zonah Medical Center
        • Sandy Shores Medical Center
        • Paleto Bay Medical Center
        • Pillbox Apartments


      • Infraction Category: [C]
      • General Information: Excessive and unprovoked actions are to be avoided. Your priority within roleplay should be to provide quality interactions and scenes to ensure memorable and enjoyable experiences for yourself, your peers, and your counters. Engaging in malicious acts with the sole intent to annoy, provoke, and upset others will not be accepted regardless of your justification. Some examples of this are as follows:


        • Picking up bodies and dumping them in a pile to talk smack and camp.
        • Using your vehicle to repeatedly and consistently run a downed individual over.
        • Excessively teabagging and/or dancing on a downed individual after downing them.




    • C09.01 - COMMON SENSE:
      • Infraction Category: [B]
      • General Information: Law enforcement officers are supportive actors within roleplay. The responsibility of these players are to enforce the laws and be an obstruction to organized crime and petty crimes. Treat them with a certain level of respect, you should avoid getting in the crosshair of law enforcement. If you are getting pulled into a traffic stop, cooperate and create a memorable interaction with them. Refrain from ambushing them over a simple traffic stop, do not call your crew members to pull up and park around the area, and do not be an ass unless there is appropriate justification.


      • Infraction Category: [D]
      • General Information: Crews are prohibited from intervening with law enforcement upon the arrest of one or several crew members. As of the moment Mount Zonah is reached, no violent interactions may be carried out from there and on. If you want your members released, go find a way to get them released without ambushing them while convoying back to their designated law enforcement facility. This policy does not apply if the arrested members are classified as crew leaders, these are high value members of a crew and should be treated accordingly. However, this exception is only valid outside of Mount Zonah, shooting into the hospital is prohibited.




    • C10.01 - CONFLICT RELATED:
      • Infraction Category: [D]
      • General Information: Ceasefires are imposed by crew management against two crews prior to the beginning of an official crew conflict. These ceasefires will be implemented 3-days in advance to an official conflict to ensure that all the parties have an adequate amount of time to prepare themselves for the conflict.


      • Infraction Category: [F]
      • General Information: Ceasefires can be imposed by crew management against one or several crews should there be suspicions of conflict leaving the boundaries of roleplay. These instances include but are not limited to retaliatory reporting, excessive actions being taken against people outside of roleplay, and whenever non-roleplay related issues are brought into roleplay to fuel the dispute.




      • Infraction Category: [E]
      • General Information: You are prohibited from using the traphouse mission as means to kill others on sight as this is not a red-zone. Engaging a crew which is carrying out a traphouse mission requires appropriate interaction and roleplay. This policy refers to the crew mission which is tracked by a purple pulse blip on the map.




      • Infraction Category: [H]
      • General Information: Violating directives issued by crew management or management staff are prohibited. Directives such as disbandment and/or blacklists will be enforced without reservation at the discretion of management. If you believe a directive is unjust and unwarranted, contact a member of management to clear it up.
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