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    • These regulatory guidelines are applicable to the in-game servers, the community forums, and any affiliated Discord of the Lucid City roleplay community and the Lucid Gaming Network. This includes sources such as: forums.lucidcityrp.com, discord.gg/lucidcity, and other affiliated communication servers such as crew and business management.


    • The Lucid City public server is an English based server and as a result, requires you to have some understanding of the English language. Furthermore, you are required to have a functional microphone that outputs decent quality to ensure that other individuals are able to interact with you in a manner where they understand you.


    • Staff members of the crew management team reserve the right to take disciplinary and punitive action towards any player found to be in violation of both written and unwritten regulatory guidelines at their own discretion to avoid both minor and major negative impact on the community's player and user experience.


    • Conduct that has been deemed inappropriate, destructive, malicious, and/or unfitting within the Lucid City roleplay community will be handled in accordance with the standard and crew regulatory guidelines. Repeatedly engaging in this kind of conduct will result in actions ranging from a permanent ban to a community removal.


    • Regulatory guidelines will be marked with specific classifications to outline the severity and impact of any infractions related to a specific guideline. These classifications will determine the actions which will be taken against any individual and crew that is in direct violation of a specific guideline. These classifications are as follows:


    • Classification A: 30 Infraction Points & $1,000 p/crew member.
    • Classification B: 50 Infraction Points & $1,500 p/crew member.
    • Classification C: 90 Infraction Points & $2,000 p/crew member.
    • Classification D: 150 Infraction Points & $3,000 p/crew member.
    • Classification E: 250 Infraction Points & $5,000 p/crew member.
    • Classification F: 350 Infraction Points & $10,000 p/crew member.
    • Classification G: 1500 Infraction Points & Disbandment.
    • Classification H: 1 - 3 month unappealable suspension.


    • Infraction points are issued to a crew when an infraction is issued. The points assigned as a result of one infraction will remain on the crew's record for a total of 12 months. If a crew reaches a total of 1500 infraction points, the specific crew will be disbanded and blacklisted from being able to create that crew for a total of 6 months.




    • C01.01 - CREW COMMUNICATION SERVER REQUIREMENT: [A] - Any and all crews that have been created  are mandated to ensure that all their members are present within the crew management communications server. Individuals that are affiliated with crews are required to do so to allow ease of access for the crew management team and vice versa.




    • C02.01 - CONFLICT IDENTIFICATION: [B] - Crewmembers are required to wear their colour or designated identifiers anytime they initiate a hostile interaction with another Crew. Players associated with your crew should not be wearing your identifiers or colours unless they are registered on the tablet. 
      You may establish conflict over other people wearing your colours & identifiers as long as you provide them with negotiations & roleplay. 

      C02.02 - VEHICLE IDENTIFICATION MANDATE: [B] - As a member of a crew, you are mandated to have a specific vehicle color for any vehicles that you involve in beef related to your crew.
      This is to allow for simpler identification to avoid confusion and mistakes which lead to the unwarranted involvement of other parties that have no storyline with your crew or beef. 
      You are prohibited from using the vehicle identification colors as grounds to kill on sight during an altercation unless you have confirmed that the vehicle is hostile. You can create a unique look by using primary color, secondary color, pearlescent color, underglow, headlights, tire's and tint. Similar car colours are no grounds for conflict and require a roleplay negotiation as solution.




    • C03.01 - IMPROPER INITIATION OF CONFLICT: [D] - Initiating prolonged conflicts and disputes with other crews over reasons that originate from an out of character perspective is prohibited. Furthermore, any crew intending to start conflict with another should always have an appropriate reason to do so before doing so. The following are some examples of improper and proper reasoning:


    • Appropriate Reasoning: (Good roleplay)
    1. Members of another crew have been consistently selling on your turf after being warned off for doing so.
    2. A crew is attempting to conduct illegal business or transactions on your turf without the explicit approval of your crew.
    3. An individual in your crew has been robbed by that of another, you initiate in negotiations to get the items back but fail to succeed.
    4. Another crew is consistently going around the city defaming and negatively impacting the reputation of your crew or members.
    5. Other crews are engaging in criminal activities on your turf and have been asked to cease their activities. (Exception is banks and heists)
    6. You have received believable intelligence from a person that one or several members of another crew have given information to the cops on your crew.
    7. Individuals with crew affiliation to another crew are wearing one of your identifiers in a manner where they attempt to challenge your claim of the identifier(s).


    • Inappropriate Reasoning: (Bad roleplay)
    1. A member of another crew talked a little bit of shit to one of your crew members.
    2. Initiating a conflict because you lost items to law enforcement as a result of something that you started.
    3. Someone got into a car accident with one of your crew members and decided to not apologize and drove off.
    4. Another crew prevented you from being able to get a heist first by simply showing up with a hostage before you.
    5. The feelings of one or several members of your crew got bruised because of a remark that was made outside of roleplay.
    6. Being actively present in areas where an active shootout is going on with hope that you will be shot to gain justification to retaliate.
    7. Fighting over car colours


    • C03.02 - EXTERNAL ASSISTANCE & SUPPORT: [C] - By joining a gang you forfeit the right to step in and help on your friends behalf in regards to Crew on Crew violence. Unaffiliated players may not interfere in crew on crew hostilities. As a representative of your gang, you should not engage in hostilities between other gangs. You should not endanger your own gang through your own personal actions. You are mandated to have proper roleplay, background, and motive to form an alliance with another crew with the recognition of crew management. Alliances are limited to one per crew unless a temporary exception is made by crew management for a specific conflict.




    • C04.01 - TAXING OF OTHER PLAYERS: [A] -  As a crew you are permitted to engage in activities that involve the taxing of other individuals and crews if occurring around your turf. However, you are only permitted to tax an individual or a crew once per tsunami with a static limitation of $10,000 in cash per individual. Furthermore, you are prohibited from taxing others based on their firearms and weaponry.


    • C04.02 - TAXING SAFE-ZONES: [A] - Taxing safe-zones have been designated as areas which a crew is prohibited from engaging in the activity of taxing others. These zones are generally designated for locations that are used by new players to avoid crews from taking advantage of the new. These safe-zones are as follows:


    1. Prospecting;
    2. Scrapyard; (Paleto & City)
    3. Sanitation Center;
    4. Recycling Center;
    5. Vineyard


    • C04.03 - TAXING OF A BUSINESS: [B] - Crews are permitted to tax businesses within their sphere of influence. Businesses may be taxed up to $150,000$ a week by a crew. While 150,000$ constitutes the absolute maximum, you are required to display reasonable negotiations and will have to provide quality interaction to facilitate this. Unreasonable taxation will be shutdown by staff. 


    • C04.04 - TAXING LOOPHOLES: [E] - You are prohibited from engaging in agreements with other crews to loophole the taxing regulations to tax someone or a business several times above the designated restrictions. You should always offer something to whomever you tax, whether it be protection against people or other crews.




    • C05.01 - DISCORD: [F] - Members of crews and established groups are prohibited from using external communication software such as Discord to organize and communicate in roleplay. Participation and organization of efforts to do this is not permitted as information sent and obtained through this method is illegitimate and unapplicable to your character. Reference S10.0.




    • C06.01 - UNNECESSARY REPORTS: [C] - Interactions and scenes that take place in roleplay are to be settled within roleplay whenever possible. Refrain from taking unnecessary and minor things to staff to get others in trouble. This is a roleplay server, you should always put the roleplay first and attempt to settle issues in-character even if it's minor policy violations. Reports are immersion breaking, you should not report anything unless it's repeated or major.


    • C06.02 - RETALIATORY & PETTY REPORTS: [F] - You are prohibited from engaging in acts of retaliatory or petty reporting. This includes using evidence of policy violations that are older than 24 hours. If you feel there is a need to contact staff regarding actions and behavior displayed by a community member, then you are to do so immediately and not at a later time. Reference S17.05.





    • C07.01 - REALISTIC INTERACTIONS: [B] - It is expected for crews to have their disputes and issues which lead to some form of shit talking and minor toxicity. However, this should be kept within certain boundaries and shouldn't get to a point where it's personal and goes beyond the boundaries of roleplay. If you are going to engage in these kind of actions, do so in an area where there is counterplay to it. Do not go into a green-zone or a safe-zone to turn it into a cesspool of toxicity and shit talking. This includes but is not limited to excessive demands that go beyond roleplay or correlate directly with game mechanics.


    • C07.02 - UNNECESSARY ACTIONS: [C] - Refrain from carrying out actions that are unnecessary and excessive. Your priority should be the roleplay and quality of your own interactions. With that said, you are prohibited from engaging in malicious acts with a sole purpose of annoying and upsetting other individuals regardless of reasoning. Some examples of this would be as follows as this is not a pvp server:


    1. Picking up and camping the bodies of crew members you have an active issue with to display toxicity and unnecessary behavior.
    2. Using your vehicle to repeatedly run over dead bodies with the sole intent to annoy, upset, and bait individuals into displaying anger.
    3. Downing another individual to then proceed to teabagging the person to be a nuisance and to display an unnecessary level of toxicity.




    • C08.01 - CEASEFIRE VIOLATION: [E] - Engaging individuals and/or crews that you have been informed not to engage with due to the establishment of a temporary ceasefire is prohibited. Ceasefires are enforced by the crew management team and should be complied with until a point where the ceasefire either expires or is revoked by staff.


    • C08.02 - DIRECTIVE VIOLATION: [H] - Directives issued by crew management or staff is to be complied with in any and all circumstances. If you believe that a directive issued by staff is improper and wrong, then contact a higher level staff member to gain clarity and to settle the situation in an appropriate way instead of violating the directive.
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