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    • These regulatory guidelines are applicable to the in-game servers, the community forums, and any affiliated Discord of the Lucid City roleplay community and the Lucid Gaming Network. This includes sources such as: forums.lucidcityrp.com, discord.gg/lucidcity, and other affiliated servers such as crew and business management.


    • The Lucid City public server is an English based server and as a result, requires you to have some understanding of the English language. Furthermore, you are required to have a functional microphone that outputs decent quality to ensure that other individuals are able to interact with you in a manner where they understand you.


    • Members of the community staff team reserve the right to take disciplinary and punitive action towards any player found to be in violation of both written and unwritten regulatory guidelines at their own discretion to avoid both minor and major negative impact on the community's player and user experience.


    • Conduct that has been deemed inappropriate, destructive, malicious, and/or unfitting within the Lucid City roleplay community will be handled in accordance with the standard and crew regulatory guidelines. Repeatedly engaging in this kind of conduct will result in actions ranging from a permanent ban to a community removal.


    • Regulatory guidelines will be marked with specific classifications to outline the severity of any infractions related to a specific guideline. These classifications will determine the actions which will be taken against any individual and player that is in direct violation of a specific guideline. These classifications are as follows:


    • Classification A: Written Warning & 5 Infraction Points 
    • Classification B: 1 Day Suspension & 10 Infraction Points
    • Classification C: 3 Day Suspension & 15 Infraction Points 
    • Classification D: 7 Day Suspension & 20 Infraction Points 
    • Classification E: 14 Day Suspension & 25 Infraction Points 
    • Classification F: Permanent Suspension & 35 Infraction Points
    • Classification G: Community Removal - Not appealable


    • Infraction points are issued to a player when an infraction is issued. The points assigned as a result of one infraction will remain on the player's record for a total of 12 months. If a player reaches a total of 150 infraction points, the player will be either permanently banned with the ability to appeal after 6 months or community removed.




    • S01.01 - OOC TARGETING: [E] - Roleplay interactions and events that occur within roleplay are to remain in it. You are prohibited from taking roleplay interactions outside of roleplay to engage maliciously against another person. This includes but is not limited to targeting and attacking others through means such as the forums or discord server. Examples of this are as follows:


    1. Turning other individuals towards a player.
    2. Contacting someone to annoy, bother or insult them.
    3. Starting rumors to negatively impact the reputation of an individual.


    • S01.02 - BREAKING CHARACTER & OOC TERMS: [B] - You are always mandated to remain in character, do not break character or apply traits and information that your character has not obtained through their own journey. Refrain from using terminology and information that your character should not be aware of. This includes but is not limited to using terminology that refers to elements that originated outside of roleplay such as:


    1. Terms referring to staff such as angels and government.
    2. Terms referring to the waiting room such as taking it upstairs.
    3. Terms referring to alternate characters such as cousins and family.


    • S01.03 - HARASSMENT & DEROGATORY LANGUAGE: [F] - Maliciously  engaging in the targeting of other individuals in a manner that could be considered harassment and discriminatory behavior will not be tolerated. Examples of this are as follows:


    1. Targeted attacks that extend past the boundaries of roleplay.
    2. Usage of derogatory language, slurs, offensive speech, and hate speech.
    3. Conduct related to the application of racism, homophobia, transphobia, cultural discrimination, and disabilities.
    4. Attacks and discrimination against another individuals personal beliefs or other protected categories.




    • S02.01 - TROLLING: [E] - Initiating interactions with the intention of messing around to negatively impact the user and roleplay experience is prohibited. Refrain from behavior that constitutes griefing or trolling. Your actions should always be in the pursuit of proper roleplay and in line with your character's story or motivations. Examples are as follows:


    1. Creating characters with the sole intent of trolling and griefing is prohibited.
    2. Initiating interactions with the sole intent of trolling and griefing is prohibited.


    • S02.02 - LOOPHOLING & RULEBREAK BAITING: [F] - You are prohibited from manipulating your way around the community guidelines and regulations. This includes but is not limited to taking them out of context for your own advantage. If a staff member informs you of a specific regarding a rule, then that is the function of that specific rule. Furthermore, attempting to manipulate others into violating community guidelines or external terms of services is prohibited.


    • S02.03 - RETALIATORY RULEBREAKS: [E] - Your first priority should be to solve conflicts in roleplay. Do not go out of your way to violate the community guidelines  as a response to another individual engaging in wrongdoings against you. Should you be unable to settle things reasonably, reach out to a staff member and file a report.




    • S03.01 - CHARACTER & EFFORT: [F] - Your roleplay within the server should be unique to your own character. Your character is it's own personality within a virtual world with the intention of resembling the actual one. Roleplay is give and take, your priority should be to make it enjoyable for others so that they return the favor and make it enjoyable for yourself. Refrain from blending the lives of your characters. You may only have one character in a crew or business at any time.


    • S03.02 - VALUE OF LIFE: [D] - Your character should always be concerned about the value of their life. Should your character be threatened by another through weaponry or severe physical harm, they are always to fear for their life. If held at gunpoint, you are to comply with the instructions given. You are permitted to engage in self defense if you already have a firearm in your hand as of the moment the interaction begins unless surrounded and outnumbered in ratios of 3 to 1. Always apply common sense to any interactions within this category and tread carefully.




    • S04.01 - ACTING INJURED: [B] - Upon being downed, hurt, or killed you are to act in accordance with the severity of your sustained injuries. Refrain from breaking the immersion for others and keep your behavior appropriate to the scenario.


    • S04.02 - NEW LIFE RULE: [C] - You are not dead upon being downed, simply injured. If taken to the hospital and provided with medical care, you are considered to be alive and healthy. Respawning with an integrated feature or ending up in a body bag will prevent you from engaging in the arc of roleplay that led to your death as it triggers the new life rule. The new life rule prohibits you from using information and knowledge obtained from the events that led up to your death. If proper medical care was provided and the respawn feature was not used, you may re-engage in an active scene after a thirty minute timer. You are prohibited from initiating any combat roleplay until that timer ends.


    • S04.03 - PERMANENT DEATH: [F] - Any interaction intended to permanently end the storyline of your character is to be gone through with. You are unable to go back on an interaction that led to the permanent death of one of your characters. You are to contact a member of the staff team to finalize the death of a character. You are able to initiate a permanent death interaction through the usage of /me while downed.




    • S05.01 - HOSTAGE TIMER: [B] - You are not permitted to hold any individual regardless of status for a period of 45 minutes or longer. The only reasonable exception to this is if the nature of the interaction prevents you from releasing the individual. An example would be an active bank heist with law enforcement presence.


    • S05.02 - FAKE HOSTAGES: [D] - Kidnapping individuals as hostages is to be done in a serious manner. Asking a person to be a hostage for you is not permitted. The Interaction is considered hostile and needs to be treated as such. Therefore you may not use your friends or affiliates as a Hostage.




    • S06.01 - LAW INTERACTIONS & COP BAITING: [D] - Refrain from engaging in activities that have the intention of maliciously or foolishly messing with law enforcement, you may not bait them into interactions. Treat members of the law enforcement community with respect, act fearful of them, and remain vigilant in their presence.
      Do not engage law enforcement in a hostile and violent approach over matters that can be dealt with in a civilized manner. You should attempt to flee the area rather than engage law enforcement with lethal force upon their involvement in any interaction. 
      Interfering with law enforcement scenes outside these limitations is not allowed, if there is crime happening you need to evacuate the area. Breaking a high value person out of custody is permitted in accordance with 
      S07.01 as long as it does not interfere with the initial scenario.


    • S06.02 - ROBBING LAW ENFORCEMENT & EMS: [F] - You are prohibited from robbing any active duty law enforcement & EMS personnel. Being in possession of law enforcement equipment and weaponry that has been obtained illegitimately will result in severe consequences. Law enforcement personnel can only be robbed while off duty and out of their uniform without any form of identifier.


    • S06.03 - IMPERSONATING LAW ENFORCEMENT & EMERGENCY SERVICES: [E] - You may not pretend to be nor act in the capacity of law enforcement or EMS. This includes but is not limited to stealing their vehicles and wearing their clothes. Stealing law enforcement or EMS vehicles shall only be done as a last resort in order to flee a hostile interaction.


    • S06.04 - HOSTILITY TOWARDS MEDICAL PERSONNEL: [C] - You are prohibited from engaging members of the emergency medical service with physical or deadly force if the individual is on active duty. This Policy is void if EMS intervenes with your active scene and does not follow warnings to vacate the area or if EMS decides to carry any form of firearm. Additionally, you are prohibited from preventing medical personnel from fulfilling their responsibilities in accordance with the 45 minute timer.


    • S06.05 - CORRUPTION: [F] - You are prohibited from engaging in severe acts of corruption within the law enforcement and government sector. This means that you are not allowed to hand out equipment to civilians beyond what is allowed in accordance with standard operating procedures. Corruption is not permitted within law enforcement agencies, judicial departments, and the emergency medical service.




    • S07.01 - HEIST QUANTITY LIMITATIONS: [C] - Do not engage in a heist, robbery, escape from custody or planned targeted scenario against law enforcement with more than 6 individuals unless initiated by law enforcement. This includes getaway drivers & interference. Law enforcement will be limited in their response until the interaction turns violent.


    • S07.02 - ROAMING LIMITATIONS: [C] - Initiating a hostile or aggressive interaction may only be done with up to 12 players. This includes any participant with impact on the Scenario. Allies picking up bodies are the only exception, they are however prohibited from using this as a means to start conflict or sway the outcome by attacking the other party and law enforcement.


    • S07.03 - SCENE INTERFERENCE: [C] - Refrain from maliciously intervening in an active interaction, event or roleplay scenario. Do not force yourself into interactions and scenes that you have no business being a part of to begin with. You are prohibited from interfering with a heist as of the moment the hostages are properly positioned at all entrances and held at gunpoint or when Law Enforcement is present. This constitutes the Heist as claimed.




    • S08.01 - HEIST COOLDOWN: [B] - Whenever you conclude a heist you are prohibited from starting the same heist for 2 hours with the exception of the pacific standard bank which has an 8 hour cooldown. House, store & G6 robberies have no cooldown.


    • S08.02 -  HOSTAGE ROBBERY: [C] - You are prohibited from using heists as means to engage in the robbery of a hostage or another individual. Your primary objective in a heist should be to obtain the valuables and escape safely.


    • S08.03 - CHAIN ROBBING & CAMPING: [B] - Upon the conclusion of a robbery you are to refrain from carrying out any further robbery of individuals for 30 minutes. You are prohibited from intentionally camping an illicit spot in order to rob random individuals. Such as but not limited to camping a specific high traffic delivery spot to target delivery drivers.


    • S08.04 - LOW EFFORT ROBBERY: [C] - Refrain from robbing another individual without some form of initiation and reasoning. The interaction requires reason in the past or in the moments prior to the interaction to validate the robbery. Upon completing the interaction, you are to vacate the area and leave the individual(s) unharmed unless they intentionally provoke or threaten you. Examples of valid reasoning are as follows:


    • Appropriate initiation:
    1. You must give the target indication that you are intending on robbing them and a chance to respond to it in roleplay.
    2. Proper initiation goes beyond interactions that are classified as: "Put your hands up, we're robbing you".
    3. It requires the interaction to be a back and forth roleplay exchange that allows for a two-sided scenario.


    • A few Examples of proper reason:
    1. The individual(s) have threatened you or your crew repeatedly.
    2. The individual(s) are flaunting their wealth around agressively.
    3. The individual(s) have active conflict or disputes with your crew.
    4. The individual(s) have gone out of their way to provide information on your crew to law enforcement.


    • Invalid reasons and interactions:
    1. The individual(s) talked negatively and/or shit towards you or members of your crew.
    2. The individual(s) got to a bank robbery or a heist before you or members of your crew.
    3. The individual(s) accidentally got into a vehicle accident with you or members of your crew.
    4. The individual(s) won over you or members of your crew in an event that is explicitly outlined as a non-roleplay event.


    • S08.05 - ROBBERY LOCATION: [C] - Do not engage in the robbery of individuals currently in a clothing, ATM or buy menu. This is not permitted as there is little to no counter. Furthermore, complications will arise as a result of individuals being invincible while in a clothing menu.


    • S08.06 - AMBUSH ROBBERY: [D] - You are prohibited from hitting banks with the intent to ambush law enforcement upon arriving on the scene without appropriate initiation and/or reasoning to do so. Hitting banks without hostages and resorting to assaulting and shooting law enforcement as a result is low effort and prohibited.




    • S09.01 - LOW EFFORT SCAMMING: [D] -  While Scamming and fraudulent conduct within character and roleplay are generally allowed, any and all scams against another individual or business must be carried out with considerable effort to constitute a reasonable roleplay experience for both parties. The scenario should be executed with reason to avoid the excessive overpowering of one party, as to not create one sided scenarios without counter play, allow other individuals a chance for further recourse. 


    • Invalid interactions:
    1. Low effort Scenarios that don't allow for reasonable counter play (I.e. Straight Driving off after you have received the goods)
    2. You are not allowed to intentionally target new players to scam them of their starter money. 
    3. You are not to take any player to the city hall or banks with the intention of robbing and/or scamming them. 
    4. Scenes that are only possible by abusing the fact that a player is new to the City. 


    • S09.02 - OOC SCAM PREVENTION: [D] -  You are prohibited from using any means outside of roleplay to avoid being scammed. Business, transactions, trades and so forth are interactive aspects that need to remain within the confines of roleplay. Find ways within the city to lower the risks of getting scammed by other individuals rather than attempting to use out of character means to do so.


    • S09.03 - CURRENCY TRADING: [F] -  You are not permitted to engage in the trading of virtual currency and valuables for real life currencies and vice-versa. Taking part in this kind of conduct produces a set of risks that could lead to scamming, however, also creates a illegitimate market that negatively affects the economy.




    • S10.01 - META GAMING: [E] - You are not permitted to use any information that your character has obtained from sources outside of the game or through any means that are not their own experience. Using third party communication (Discord etc.) with the intention of coordinating interactions, scenes, and events within character is prohibited. Bringing any out of character issues and grudges into the city will not be tolerated and is considered meta gaming. This includes but is not limited to the targeting of other individuals both verbally and otherwise. Examples are as follows:


    1. Going out of your way to bring out of character conversations into roleplay.
    2. Going out of your way to grief and attack a person in roleplay over out of character issues.
    3. Going out of your way to have other people target another person over out of character issues.


    • S10.02 - POWER GAMING: [E] - Do not engage in roleplay that does not match the traits and characteristics of your characters. Furthermore, you are not permitted to abuse and take advantage of game mechanics and unintended features. Do not use any features to force other individuals into an interaction or a scene as it is considered power-gaming. Some examples of this are as follows:


    1. Using emotes to avoid consequences or injury in violent and/or criminal interactions.
    2. Using the escort feature to place individuals in locations where they cannot be reached by EMS.
    3. Using the escort feature to circumvent the intended game mechanics and/or features.
    4. Storing your vehicle within ten minutes of a vehicle pursuit with law enforcement ending.
    5. Storing your stash van to avoid getting robbed in an active interaction.
    6. Using another animation to cancel the animation of an intended feature to save time.
    7. Using a keybind or emote to circumvent the hospital bed animation.
    8. Pulling out a vehicle from a garage or impound during a pursuit.
    9. Running into apartments during an active interaction or law enforcement scene.
    10. Running into your house during an active interaction or scene. (Excluding Law Enforcement pursuits & scenes)
    11. Dumping bodies in zones that make it relatively impossible to locate the body. (Aircraft carrier)
    12. Abusing the user identification feature to gain Meta Information or using it in excess to break immersion. 
    13. Utilizing the /transfer vehicle function to send the improper car to someone during a sale.
    14. Overpowering someone by abusing the fact they had to switch instance (entering/exiting houses or apartments). 


    • S10.03 - COMBAT LOGGING: [E] - Disconnecting from the server in an active scenario is not permitted. This is considered combat logging and will not be tolerated as any and all interactions are to be concluded in an appropriate manner. Using a crash to gain benefits in roleplay is strictly prohibited. Should you crash from the server, fill out a crash report as soon as possible in the community server. 


    • S10.04 - EARLY REPORTING: [D] - You are prohibited from joining the waiting room during an active scenario. If you believe that rules have been broken, you are required to wait for the conclusion of the situation before bringing evidence into the waiting room. Scenes can be replayed and rendered void, but stopping an active interaction is harmful. 




    • S11.01 - RESTART CONDUCT: [B] - Upon the twenty minute mark before and after a server restart, no criminal or violent roleplay is to be initiated, you may however react if someone engages with you. Any and all interactions are to be concluded in an orderly fashion. Refrain from initiating lengthy interactions and scenes with other individuals upon the announcement of the twenty minute mark. This is not to be used as an excuse to nullify an interaction or scene that was initiated prior.




    • S12.01 - VDM: [D] - You are prohibited from using your vehicle intentionally as a weapon to injure others. Engaging players with a vehicle will be considered vehicle deathmatch, as there are very few circumstances where injuring others with a vehicle is permitted. Avoid using vehicles to consistently ram others with the intent to grief or troll. We do allow for certain maneuvers to get a vehicle off the roads such as a pit maneuver. Ramming someone in speeds of 80 mp/h+ is not permitted unless law enforcement.


    • Incidents that would be excessive are as follows:
    1. Initiating a roleplay scenario by ramming another vehicle or creating an accident.
    2. Using your vehicle to constantly hit another vehicle to disable the vehicle.
    3. Using your vehicle to drive straight into another at high speeds.




    • S13.01 - RDM: [D] - You are not permitted to engage in the random killing or injuring of other individuals. Any violent conduct should have interaction to it and must have some form of initiation and reasoning behind it. Hitman roleplay is frowned upon within the community and as such classified as RDM. 


    • S13.02 - LOW EFFORT KILLING: [C] - You are mandated to engage properly in order to justify violent actions towards others. Should you have the appropriate reasoning to engage with force on another individual, then it has to be initiated with a roleplay interaction. You may not shoot to kill or harm unless you have given a fair warning to the other party.
      As the initiating party, it is your responsibility to make sure that your voice can be heard. 
      Do not kill someone without them knowing that combat is being initiated. Engage in combat as you yourself would want to be engaged upon. Shooting someone from afar because they were  hostile toward you earlier does not constitute initiation. You must re-initiate any hostile engagements. Do not pull up to an individual and just kill on sight the individual, create a scene that could be enjoyable and memorable for all parties involved. Failure to engage properly would be considered a low effort killing.




    • S14.01 - EXPLOITING: [F] - Intentionally taking advantage of exploits and unintended features for yourself or other individuals is prohibited. Should you accidentally encounter an exploit, you are required to report the exploit to members of the server staff team. Severe punitive actions will be taken against any individual taking advantage of exploits and anyone affiliated.


    • S14.02 - MODDING: [G] - You are prohibited from using cheats, modification clients, or external softwares to alter and change intended features or gameplay. This includes but is not limited to adding features that give you an advantage. Affiliation with conduct such as this will lead to an immediate removal from the community.


    • S14.03 - ALTERED FILES: [E] - External asset packs or file changes such as texture adjustment files and shaders that are considered to be advantageous are prohibited. Such as but not limited to bullet tracers, advantageous kill effects, manipulation of vegetation and water assets, shadows, fog, and time cycles.  


    • S14.04 - THIRD PARTY TOOLS: [E] - Third party assets such as macros, auto-clickers and voice software with the intent to impersonate are prohibited. Using any third party software to gain advantages over other players is not permitted. 




    • S15.01 - WHITELISTED JOB ABUSE: [F] - You are prohibited from abusing any whitelisted job to gain an advantage without counter for yourself. The mechanics that are implemented by the development team may not be abused with malicious intent. As an example, bankrupting or attacking businesses by abusing mechanics to lower their society fund.




    • S16.01 - GREEN ZONE CONDUCT: [D] - Green-zones are protected & neutral ground within the server that only allow for limited interaction. Any illicit transaction, criminal activity, trade, and business deals are prohibited. They are not to be used in an attempt to hide from roleplay interactions and should be vacated after receiving treatment. These zones are as follows: Mount Zonah medical center, Blaine County medical center, Paleto Bay medical center, Integrity Hotel and the island diving grounds. 




    • S17.01 - STAFF IMPERSONATION: [G] - You are prohibited from impersonating members of the staff team. Informing and telling other individuals both within the server and outside that you are a staff member is strictly forbidden and will result in a permanent removal from the community and any affiliated servers.


    • S17.02 - MINI MODDING: [E] - Refrain from taking initiative to mention or enforce the community guidelines.
      Attempting to enforce rules within the server is considered mini-modding and will result in severe punitive actions towards your account. This includes but is not limited to forcing injuries on another individual.


    • S17.03 - ADVERTISEMENTS: [G] - Advertising for other servers and communities is not permitted. Engaging in such conduct will result in a removal from the community and any community affiliated with the Lucid Network.


    • S17.04 - BAN EVASION: [G] - You are prohibited from circumventing penalties and server infractions. Attempting to get around your ban by creating new accounts or using different means to get into the server will result in a permanent and unappealable removal from the community.


    • S17.05 - REVENGE & PETTY REPORTING: [E] - Reporting other individuals with the intent to retaliate for interactions or issues is prohibited. An example of this would be having evidence of an individual violating regulatory guidelines and policies in the past, and you choose to bring up this evidence in the aftermath to retaliate and get them in trouble.




    • S18.01 - FACEPAINT & FACEMASK: [A] - Refrain from  the excessive use of face masks or face paints. These features are to be used for specific instances, such as but not limited to criminal activity. Permanent application of these assets is frowned upon as it has an unreasonable and unrealistic impact on immersion as well as consequences with Law Enforcement.


    • S18.02 - CLOTHING & HELMETS: [A] - You should generally wear clothing that is appropriate for the Character you have created and reasonable in accordance to the path of life they have chosen. However, you are prohibited from using assets such as tactical, military, and law enforcement related helmets and headgear to avoid confusion.




    • S19.01 - NONCONSENSUAL SEXUAL ROLEPLAY: [F/G] - You are prohibited from engaging in sexual roleplay with individuals that do not give you their consent. Any interactions and roleplay that involves any acts related to this require consent, refrain from assuming that they have given you consent. If you are unsure about this, then ask them rather than take the risk of causing issues with them and the server staff team. Engaging in sexual roleplay with any individual below the age of eighteen years old is not permitted under any circumstance, this also includes but is not limited to engaging in roleplay with peds and characters that resemble a minor.


    • S19.02 - TORTURE RP: [D] - Engaging in torture roleplay is permitted. However, due to the controversial nature of the roleplay category it requires consistent consent throughout the duration of the interaction. Should the individual inform you to cease, then you are mandated to comply with the request.




    • S20.01 - ISLAND ILLEGAL ACTIVITY: [C] - You are prohibited from selling narcotics on the island due to the lack of law enforcement presence and authority. The island is a partial neutral zone where a lot of roleplay and interactions are difficult to carry out as a result of restrictions that have been placed on certain player classes. Criminal organizations are prohibited from taking advantage over individuals that have no way to counter them.




    • S21.01 - VIBE CONDUCT: [C] - You are prohibited from publishing any form of out of character content & advertisements as well as  depictions of real life characters on the platform. 




    • S22.01 - REDZONE INFORMATION: [-] - Zones that have been given the Red Zone classification have special regulations and policies in place throughout the duration of any red zone event. They specifically lift general rules of engagement and allow for Kill on Sight conflict. 


    • S22.02 - REDZONE PARTICIPATION: [C] - Participation in red zone events mandate you to remain within the area of the zone itself. Participating in a red zone event without remaining within the zone itself will make you subject to standard regulatory guidelines as the following guidelines are only applicable within the red zone itself. This includes but is not limited to engaging in firefights that relate to the red zone itself outside of the zone as any event pertaining to the red zone is to remain within the specified zone at any given time.


    • S22.03 - REDZONE DEATH: [C] - Upon being downed within a red zone you are disqualified from participating in that specific event until the next server restart, you may not return. 


    • S22.04 - REDZONE CAPACITY: [C] - The capacity of a group within a red zone event is limited to 8 individuals per group. This limitation means that even if you are in a crew, you are prohibited from working together with anyone that is not in  your specified group. We allow for several groups to be created per crew in instances where the parties do not work together.


    • S22.05 - LAW ENFORCEMENT PROHIBITION: [-] - Law enforcement officials and government officials are prohibited from participating in red-zones and events related to it.
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