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    SECTION 1.



    01.01: The Lucid City community guidelines and policies are the official regulatory guidelines of the Lucid City Roleplay community. Sections of the regulatory guidelines are applicable to both the in-game servers, but also that of the Discord community server and the community forums and any affiliated community of the Lucid City roleplay community.


    01.02: Individuals which are responsible for enforcing these regulatory guidelines are known as staff members. The staff team consists of several bodies with different responsibilities within different areas. These areas range from management to administration, moderation, community engagement, infraction reviews, and so forth.


    01.03: This community and all affiliated servers are English based. Therefore, you are both expected and required to be able to speak and understand basic English. Without understanding basic English, your time in this community will not be as enjoyable and rewarding as it is for those who speak English, therefore it is required to ensure the experience is at the best it can be.


    01.04: You are required to have a functional and decent microphone in order to take part in this community. Text roleplay is generally limited, and we do not allow it due to issues that a vast majority of text roleplay users create. Our focus is to have a great player experience with great interactions, therefore it is the way it is.


    01.05: These are the principal regulatory guidelines and policies for the Lucid City roleplay community. However, there is a second set of regulatory guidelines and policies that revolves around criminal organizations, crews, and organized criminal activity. Registered and verified organizations are mandated to comply with these: https://forums.lucidcityrp.com/crew-rules/


    01.06: Members of the community staff team reserve the right to take action towards you at their own discretion should you be known to not comply with regulatory guidelines and policies. Conduct that is deemed inappropriate and unfitting will result in corrective and/or punitive actions. Repeatedly engaging in inappropriate conduct will result in anything from a permanent ban to a community removal.


    SECTION 2.



    02.01: Roleplay interactions, scenes, and/or events that take place within the city are to remain within the city. Refrain from taking in-character interactions outside of the city because of personal feelings and grudges that have been built in roleplay. This includes but is not limited to the targeting of other individuals verbally through out of character sources such as Discord, Forums, and so forth. Ex:


    • Going out of your way to turn other individuals against a person.
    • Going out of your way to message someone to annoy, bother, and/or insult another person.
    • Going out of your way to start false rumors to negatively affect the person and his or her reputation.


    02.02: Personal issues and grudges that arise outside of the city and outside of the roleplay itself are to remain out of the city. Bringing any out of character issues and grudges into the city will not be tolerated, and could be considered meta gaming in certain instances. This includes but is not limited to the targeting of other individuals both verbally and otherwise. Ex:


    • Going out of your way to bring out of character conversations into roleplay.
    • Going out of your way to grief and attack a person in roleplay over out of character issues.
    • Going out of your way to have other people target another person over out of character issues.


    02.03: Intentionally targeting other individuals in a manner that is considered harassment and discrimination will not be tolerated under any circumstance. Repeatedly engaging in conduct and behavior that resemble one or the other will not be taken lightly, and could result in an immediate removal from the community and any server affiliated with it. Ex:


    • Going out of your way to maliciously bother another individuals as a form of harassment.
    • Going out of your way to maliciously reach out to a person to call them distasteful words and names.
    • Going out of your way to maliciously discriminate and target a person over personal beliefs and other protected categories.


    02.04: Refrain from engaging in conduct related to racism, homophobia, mental disabilities, transphobia, and religious beliefs. People are free to believe what they want, and be what they want in the Lucid City community. Any individual engaging in conduct to be considered hate speech has no place within this community, and are not welcome to stay in this community. Ex:


    • Going out of your way to reach out and interact with another person to call them any form for derogatory slurs.
    • Going out of your way to target and/or bully another person for anything that is listed above and for any protected classifications.


    02.05: The usage of derogatory slurs, extremely offensive speech and discriminatory speech targeting individuals for their religious beliefs, sexual orientation and race is forbidden. This form for speech and slurs will not be tolerated under any circumstance should it be used against an individual or a group of individuals. Respect others for who they are and for what they believe. Ex:


    • Going out of your way to use any slur or term that has been classified as derogatory and/or highly offensive.
    • Going out of your way to talk down on protected classifications through usage of derogatory slurs and terms.
    • Going out of your way to engage in hate speech and/or discriminatory and offensive speech against another person.


    02.06: Do not fight fire with fire. Engaging in such conduct will do nothing but fuel the issue and conflict at hand, and will keep it going. Any conflicts and issues that do not comply with that of the regulatory guidelines and policies are to be reported to the community staff team. If you cannot work your issues out in a civilized and appropriate manner, inform a staff member.


    02.07: Refrain from using terminology that refer to elements outside of character and outside of the roleplay itself. This includes but is not limited to the usage of terminology such as staff, angels, government, city regulation, cousins, family, alternate personalities, waiting room, etc. Out of character information and terminology is to remain out of character.


    SECTION 3.



    03.01: Initiating interactions, scenarios, and/or events with the intention of messing around to negatively affect the player experience of other individuals is not permitted in this community. Refrain from taking initiative to grief and troll other individuals over personal feelings, grudges, and for any reason whatsoever.


    03.02: Refrain from creating characters and outfits with the sole intention of trolling and messing with other individuals. You should always create a character that matches the kind of interactions that you would like to go with, and the type of storyline that you intend to establish. Keep your first and last name realistic and appropriate, ensure it is in accordance with community regulations and guidelines.


    SECTION 4.



    04.01: Do not intentionally attempt to manipulate other community members into violating community regulatory guidelines, policies, and/or external terms of services. This includes but is not limited to that of the terms of service of Twitch.tv, Youtube.com, and Discord.com. Attempting to bait individuals to break community regulations will result in punitive actions based on the infraction you are attempting to bait another person into breaking.


    04.02: Refrain from attempting to manipulate your way around community regulatory guidelines and policies. You are not to take them out of context for your own benefit, if a member of the community staff team tells you that you are in the wrong, then you are in the wrong and you are to accept that. Do not take initiative to find loopholes in the regulatory guidelines and policies for your own benefit.


    SECTION 5.



    05.01: Your character is to behave in a way that matches the roleplay that represents the storyline of your character. Refrain from repeatedly and consistently hopping back and forth in-between different storylines and styles of interactions and scenes. Should you wish to engage in different styles of roleplay and interactions, create other characters rather than revolving everything around one character.


    05.02: While playing on one of your characters, you are always to remain within that specific character. Do not break character and involve information that your character has not learned through its own experiences and interactions, stay true to the information your character has obtained and the storyline your character is building.


    05.03: Any interactions, scenes, and/or events that your character is engaged in should be carried out as realistically and reasonably as possible. You are urged to remember that your character is a personality within a virtual world with the intention of resembling the actual world. Therefore, your character should be slowly and reasonably developing and evolving through a series of interactions with other storylines and individuals.


    05.04: Refrain from engaging in activities and events that have the intention of repeatedly, intentionally, and consistently messing with law enforcement agencies. Treat members of law enforcement agencies with respect, act fearful of them and around them. Do not flee from or attack law enforcement personnel over interactions and matters that can be dealt with in civilized and talkative manners.


    05.05: You should not be encouraging or inciting violence and chaotic conduct in events and interactions where it can be resolved peacefully through talks and negotiations. Taking the more violent and chaotic approach is more likely to lead you towards negative and unnecessary interactions with law enforcement agencies and personnel. Use violence as a last resort rather than as a first.


    05.06: While you are taking part within this community, you are to adhere to the regulatory guidelines and policies at all times. However, we encourage all our members and players to go with the roleplay rather than turn an interaction or scenario into ruleplay when it lacks necessity. Refrain from reporting the pettiest and most minor of things because an interaction or scenario did not benefit you and your agenda.


    05.07: Your character should always be concerned about the value of his or her life. Should someone point a gun at your head, you are to comply with the instructions given by that individual regardless of what you believe or feel. Only exception to this policy is if you already have a firearm in your hand to counter the perpetrator’s instructions and directions. If you are vastly surounded and outnumbered you should value your life regardless.


    05.08: Within this community you are mandated to go above and beyond to provide others with an enjoyable and memorable interaction and/or scenario. Community members are here to enjoy the experience, they are here to provide others with an enjoyable experience, to build storylines and to make connections and friends. You expect others to provide you with an enjoyable experience, just like they expect you to provide them with the same standards. It’s a two-way street, it goes both ways.


    05.09: You are prohibited from using the user identification feature in excess as it displays a clipboard every time you do so. If you require another person's user identification number for a staff or crew management report, one time is generally enough to do so. Consistently using the muscle in instances where you are downed can be portrayed as unrealistic and immersion breaking for a lot of people.


    SECTION 6.



    06.01: Upon being downed, injured and/or killed you are to act accordingly to that of your injuries. Refrain from breaking the immersion for other involved individuals, keep your acts appropriate and reasonable in accordance with the scenario. If you are dead, then you are to remain silent as if you are dead, if you are unconscious then act as if you are unconscious, and if you are injured, then act and talk in a way where you are in pain. There is a difference between flying out of a car and into a wall to getting shot by a firearm or hit by a bat in the head.


    06.02: Refrain from attempting to force injuries on another individual. Injuries and the severity of the injuries are to be roleplayed out through the usage of /me for the emergency medical service to act on. The interaction goes both ways, each party must respect the other and take part in a manner where it creates an enjoyable interaction and experience for everyone involved.


    06.03: Upon being downed by another individual, you are not considered to be dead. If you are taken to the hospital and furthermore provided medical assistance, you are considered to be alive. However, if you use the respawning feature, you are considered to be dead, the same goes for the usage of body bags which will do the exact same as the respawning feature. The bodybag and respawn feature triggers the new life rule which prevents your character from remembering the events leading up to its death.


    06.04: Refrain from returning to a scene or interaction if you have respawned and/or been bodybagged by medical personnel. Any information and knowledge from a scene that resulted in your immediate death should be forgotten by your character, and as a result you are no longer allowed to involve yourself in that specific interaction or scene. If proper medical treatment has been provided by medical personnel, then you may return to the active scene after a thirty minute timer. This includes the usage of Nurse Nancy. Furthermore, if you were downed over a crew related shootout, you are prohibited from initiating any further shootouts till the timer ends.


    06.05: Any interaction and/or scene where you engage in the permanent death of your character is to be gone through with. Once you claim permanent death on your character, you are mandated to go through with that and contact a member of the server staff team to ensure that your character is deleted. You can initiate a permanent death through the usage of /me while downed with the Emergency Medical Service.


    SECTION 7.



    07.01: Refrain from kidnapping and taking law enforcement officers hostage without the appropriate initiation and reasons behind such actions. Do not take them hostage for events that involve a heist or the robbery of a bank, store, and so forth. Any actions behind kidnapping and taking law enforcement officers hostage require a story behind it.


    07.02: Should you have the appropriate initiation and reasoning behind taking a law enforcement hostage, you are not to rob them of their law enforcement issued equipment and tools. The only equipment that you are allowed to take from their inventory under circumstances like these are their communication equipment such as radios.


    07.03: You are not permitted to hold an individual as a hostage for longer than a period of 45 minutes. The only reasonable exception to this specific policy is if the scenario lasts to such an extent where it is not possible to go through with an immediate release. However, should it be possible, you are required to release them the moment 45 minutes has passed.


    07.04: Should you be taken hostage by one or several individuals the most important thing to worry about is fearing for your life. While in an interaction where this occurs, especially an interaction where you are being held at gunpoint, you are to fear for your life at any given time and comply with instructions given by the hostage takers.


    07.05: Should you be carrying out criminal activity that involves the kidnapping of individuals to be used as hostages, then there are limitations to how many hostages you can have based on individuals that are present and involved in the scene and/or interaction. Furthermore, these limitations are as follows:


    • Eight individuals: [6]

    • Six individuals: [5]

    • Four individuals: [4]

    • Three individuals: [3]

    • Two individuals: [2]

    • One individual: [1]


    07.06: Kidnapping one or several individuals as hostages are to be done in an appropriate way. You are a criminal, the hostages are meant to be used for criminal conduct, therefore, there should be no things such as asking a person to be your hostage in a friendly way. Hostages are to be taken at gun point rather than through friendly questioning and requests. This policy also includes but is not limited to asking and/or taking your friends as hostages as this would be highly unreasonable.



    SECTION 8.



    08.01: You are not permitted to engage in scenes and interactions that involve the killing and injury of on-duty medical personnel. However, this is allowed with the appropriate reasoning and initiation behind it, such as but not limited to medical personnel intervening with your scene when told to leave with firearms pointed at them. If warnings have been given for them to vacate the scene and they fail to comply, the policy does not apply.


    08.02: Refrain from preventing medical personnel from providing medical assistance to another individual for an extended amount of time. Upon achieving what you need from the individual you are preventing from receiving medical care, you are to leave the area in an orderly manner to allow paramedics to carry out their duty and responsibilities.


    08.03: Medical personnel are not allowed to carry any forms of firearms and/or weaponry while they are on-duty. Carrying any form for weaponry and/or firearms while on-duty as a medic will result in the immediate revocation of immunities that you are given through your position within the Emergency Medical Service. This as a result allows other individuals and criminals to take actions against you with the proper initiation.


    08.04: You are not permitted to give out equipment obtained through your job within the Emergency Medical Service to an excessive and unreasonable degree. You should only issue equipment and/or medication to individuals that meet the proper requirements to receive such equipment and/or medication. In certain cases, excessively giving out equipment and/or medication may be interpreted as corruption.


    08.05: You are prohibited from impersonating members of the emergency medical services. Should you wish to engage in roleplay such as being a member of the emergency medical services, then you are required to go to the forums and apply for such a position. Impersonating medical personnel includes but is not limited to knowingly and intentionally wearing their uniforms and stealing their vehicles


    SECTION 9.



    09.01: You are not permitted to rob any form for on-duty law enforcement personnel. Any police issued weapons, firearms, and equipment shall not be taken off an on-duty officer under any circumstance whatsoever. The only exception to this rule is if you are holding a law enforcement officer hostage, which will allow you to take their communications equipment.


    09.02: Should you be in possession of equipment belonging to law enforcement without obtaining it from an off-duty officer or through the appropriate ways to obtain it, corrective and/or punitive actions will be taken against you and any other individuals affiliated with the illegitimate obtainment of law enforcement equipment and weaponry.


    09.03: You are prohibited from impersonating members of law enforcement agencies. Should you wish to engage in roleplay such as being a law enforcement officer, then you are required to go to the forums and apply for such a position. Impersonating law enforcement includes but is not limited to knowingly and intentionally wearing their uniforms and stealing their vehicles.


    09.04: Upon being downed and/or taken into custody by law enforcement personnel, you are considered to be in the custody of the specific law enforcement agency. The scene and/or interaction that led up to that arrest is concluded, and sees to the beginning of a new one. Be mindful of how to approach interactions like this, do not intervene and attack law enforcement to ensure the release of your associate and/or friend unless it is completely necessary.


    SECTION 10.



    10.01: Upon the conclusion of a heist, you are to refrain from carrying out any further heists in the same category as the heist you have just concluded. Each heist category has a different cooldown based on the size, relevance, and payout of the heist. The cooldowns of the different categories of heists are as follows:


    • Bobcat Security Heist: [48 HOURS]

    • Pacific Standard Bank: [4 HOURS]

    • Blaine County Depository: [3 HOURS]

    • Fleeca Banks: [2 HOURS]

    • Vangelico Jewelry Store: [1 HOUR]

    • La Fuente Blanca Art Heist: [1 HOUR]

    • G6 Bank Trucks: [1 HOUR]

    • Houses: [3 PER NIGHT]


    10.02: Depending on the category of the heist that you are carrying out, there are certain limitations to the amount of individuals that can be involved in the heist. These limitations do not involve elements such as getaway drivers. However, this should not be abused in a manner where those individuals are used as manpower to stage shootouts. There are two limitation categories, they are as follows:


    • Top Level Robberies: [12]
    1. Bobcat Security Heist.


    • High Level Robberies: [10]
    1. Humane Labs Mission.


    • Mid Level Robberies: [8]
    1. Pacific Standard Bank.
    2. Blaine County Depository.
    3. Fleeca Banks.


    • Low Level Robberies: [4]
    1. Vangelico Jewelry Store.
    2. G6 Bank Trucks.
    3. La Fuente Blanca Art Heist.
    4. Convenience Stores.
    5. House Robberies.


    10.03: You are only permitted to carry out an organized heist every so often. It is your responsibility to track the time of conclusion of an heist, and it is your responsibility to ensure that this policy is complied with. The amount that you are required to wait before carrying out another heist upon the conclusion of one is one hour. Examples are as follows:


    • Permitted: You are permitted to rob a fleeca bank, then an hour later you may rob a big bank or any other heist that is not a fleeca bank.
    • Prohibited: You are prohibited from robbing a fleeca bank, then an hour later you rob a fleeca bank again. Policy only applies to other heists.


    10.04: Individuals that are involved in the heist of a property and/or bank are going to bring hostages in order to receive demands for their safe release. However, making demands that are considered to be extremely excessive and/or unrealistic is prohibited if the intention is for it to provide a justification for the involved parties to stage a shootout at the specified heist. This kind of initiation is low effort, the point behind a heist is to gain valuables, not to stage shootouts and ambushes within the location of a heist.


    10.05: You are prohibited from using heists as means to engage in the robbery of a hostage and/or another individual. Heists are not to be used as means to circumvent the regulations on individual robberies. Your primary objective in a heist should be to get into the room(s) and/or vault(s) that contain the valuables for which your carrying the heist with the intent to collect and escape.


    SECTION 11.



    11.01: Upon carrying out robberies within a specific area or in a specific location, you are to refrain from carrying out any further actions that involve the robbing of other individuals for a minimum of thirty minutes. Preferably, you should vacate the area because of possible heat in the events of law enforcement and/or other organizations getting involved.


    11.02: You are prohibited from robbing another individual and/or group of individuals without some form of initiation and reasoning. With that said, the interaction requires reason in the past and/or in the moments prior to the interaction to validify the robbery. Upon completing the interaction, you are to vacate the area and leave the individual(s) unharmed unless they intentionally provoke and/or threaten you. Examples of valid reasoning are as follows:


    • Requires interaction:
    1. The individual(s) have threatened you or your crew repeatedly.
    2. The individual(s) have active conflict and/or disputes with your crew.
    3. The individual(s) have gone out of their way to provide information on your crew to law enforcement.


    • Requires basic interaction: (Requires bodycam of interaction that led to the robbery, only validates ONE robbery)
    1. The individual(s) engaged in acts that resulted in the robbery of one or several of your friends.
    2. The individual(s) engaged in acts that resulted in the robbery of one or several of your crew members.


    • Invalid reasons and interactions:
    1. The individual(s) talked negatively and/or shit towards you or members of your crew.
    2. The individual(s) got to a bank robbery or a heist before you or members of your crew.
    3. The individual(s) accidentally got into a vehicle accident with you or members of your crew.
    4. The individual(s) won over you or members of your crew in an event that is explicitly outlined as a non-roleplay event.


    • Notice of appropriate initiation:
    1. Proper initiation goes beyond interactions that are classified as: "Put your hands up, were robbing you".
    2. Proper initiation requires the interaction to be a back and forth roleplay interaction that allows for a two-sided interaction.


    11.03: You are not permitted to rob individuals outside and inside the following businesses and areas: Import Dealership, Bennys Mechanic, Lucid Motors, Harmony Motors, Hayes Autos, Law Enforcement Facilities, Pillbox Apartments, Mile High Club apartments, Diamond Casino, Burgershot, Premium Deluxe Motorsports, Gyms, Lucchetti's Pizza, Cyber Bar, Court Building, Airport, Gun Stores, Prospecting, Job Center, Hospitals, Driving School, Impound Lots, Paleto Recycling, White Widow, Blazeit, Midnight Club as well as inside or outside of any form for registered businesses with the exception of gas stations and convenience stores. You are also prohibited from robbing inside of clothing stores, garage 1, and barber shops.



    SECTION 12.



    12.01: Scamming and fraudulent conduct within character and roleplay is generally allowed. However, you are not allowed to intentionally target new players to scam them of their starter money. You are not to take any player to the city hall or banks with the intention of robbing and/or scamming them. This form for roleplay is extremely low effort and scummy, and will not be tolerated within this community.


    12.02: You are not permitted to engage in the trading of virtual currency and valuables for real life currencies and valuables and vice-versa. Out of character currencies are to remain out of character, while in-character currencies are to remain in-character and unaffected by that of real life currencies and valuables. Utilizing in-game currency and valuables with the intention to scam individuals out of real-world currency or valuables and vice-versa is prohibited.


    12.03: Refrain from utilizing zones known as green-zones and/or safe-zones such as hospitals and apartment complexes to conduct business and transactions such as illegal weaponry. Conducting business includes the trading of illegal currency, goods, services, and materials. You are not permitted to circumvent critical aspects of roleplay and interactions by taking advantage of neutral ground and areas to carry out illegal business transactions.


    12.04: Scamming and/or any fraudulent activities in a safe-zone and/or green-zone is not permitted. Taking advantage of these zones to avoid the consequences of scamming is not permitted. Any such actions may be recognized as powerful, therefore, recognized as power-gaming, which is not permitted within this community.


    12.05: You are prohibited from using any means outside of the city and roleplay to avoid being scammed and tricked. Business, transactions, trades, and so forth are roleplay and interactive aspects that are to remain within the boundaries of the roleplay and the city itself. Find ways within the city to lower the risks of getting scammed by other individuals rather than attempting to use out of character means to do so.


    SECTION 13.



    13.01: You are not permitted to use and/or relay information that your character has obtained illegitimately. Any information and intelligence obtained from sources outside of the game itself and not through the direct involvement of your character is illegitimate. Any information obtained through glitches and/or exploits are also illegitimate, and could be considered powerful in certain instances.


    13.02: Refrain from using third party communication softwares such as Discord, TeamSpeak, Skype, and so forth with the intention of coordinating interactions, scenes, and events within character. Your character is able to purchase a radio or a phone at the digital den, and can also use platforms such as VIBE to relay information within character.


    13.03: Do not engage in roleplay that does not match the traits and characteristics of your characters. Furthermore, you are not permitted to abuse and take advantage of game mechanics and unintended features. Do not use any features to force other individuals into an interaction or a scene as it is considered power-gaming. Some examples of this are as follows:


    • Using emotes to avoid consequences and/or injury in violent and/or criminal interactions.
    • Using the escort feature to place individuals in locations where they cannot be reached by EMS.
    • Using the escort feature to circumvent the intended game mechanics and/or features.
    • Storing your vehicle within ten minutes of a vehicle pursuit with law enforcement ending.
    • Storing your stash van to avoid getting robbed in an active interaction.
    • Using another animation to cancel the animation of an intended feature to save time.
    • Using a keybind and/or emote to circumvent the hospital bed animation.


    13.04: You are not permitted to change clothing in unrealistic and unreasonable locations while part of an active interaction and/or scenario. Clothing and items would generally leave a trace, however due to game limitations and design this is not the case and should not be abused. Clothing should generally only be changed and taken off in an apartment, house, or a clothing store while engaged in an active interaction or scenario.


    13.05: Disconnecting from the server in an active interaction or scenario is not permitted. This is considered logging and/or combat logging depending on the circumstances, and will not be tolerated as any and all interactions and scenarios are to be played out and to be concluded in an appropriate manner. Should you crash from the server, fill out a crash report as soon as possible in the community server.


    13.06: You are prohibited from joining the waiting room during an active interaction and/or scenario. If you believe that regulatory guidelines and policies have been violated, you are mandated to wait for the conclusion of the specific interaction and/or scenario before bringing evidence and footage into the waiting room or to members of the staff team. Scenes and interactions can be replayed and rendered void, but stopping an active interaction to do so is extremely low effort. Exception to this policy is if a modder or cheater gets involved in the interaction.


    SECTION 14.



    14.01: Upon the twenty minute mark announcement of a server restart, no further criminal or violent roleplay is to be initiated. Any and all interactions, scenes, and/or events from there and on are to be concluded in an orderly and appropriate fashion. The twenty minute mark announcement is not to be used as an excuse to nullify an interaction or scene that was initiated prior to the announcement.


    14.02: You are not permitted to carry out any form for criminal activity upon the conclusion of a server restart for a total of twenty minutes. An example of this would be a crew intending to hit a bank, that crew would have to wait a total of twenty minutes before initiating such a scene as of the exact moment that the server is back up from the restart.


    14.03: Refrain from initiating lengthy interactions and scenes with other individuals upon the announcement of the twenty minute restart mark. We do not wish for any interactions and scenes to be rushed over a scheduled server restart, therefore you are to initiate such an interaction or scene at a later time in this instance.


    14.04: Should a scenario, interaction and/or event not be concluded in an appropriate and reasonable manner upon the conclusion of a server restart, the specified interaction is to be continued and/or replayed if possible. All interactions and scenes should be played out and concluded in an enjoyable and memorable fashion.


    SECTION 15.



    15.01: You are prohibited from using vehicles with the intent to ram into other vehicles. With that said, we do allow for certain maneuvers to disable and/or get a vehicle off the roads such as a pit or bump to the back of the vehicle as it is not considered to be ramming if done appropriately. Incidents that would be considered ramming and/or excessive is as follows:


    • Using your vehicle to drive straight into another at high speeds.
    • Using your vehicle to constantly hit another vehicle to disable the vehicle.
    • Using your vehicle to intentionally get into an accident as initiation to commit violent activities.


    15.02: Carrying individuals within a vehicle is permitted. However, should you be the driver of the specific vehicle, then you are not permitted to carry any individuals over your shoulder as it is completely unrealistic and would create a dangerous and difficult environment for a driver. You would not be able to properly steer and drive your vehicle from a realistic perspective.


    15.03: You are permitted to utilize ramps in any and all vehicles. However, any such jumps are to be taken at your own discretion and with the risks that come along. If your vehicle is heavily damaged or destroyed by a stunt or a jump in a pursuit, then you and any possible peers that may be with you are liable for your actions and your judgment from an in-character perspective.


    15.04: Should your vehicle be involved in an accident with other vehicles, then it is to be roleplayed out with an appropriate interaction and scene. You are not permitted to engage the driver and individuals within other vehicles with violent or lethal force without appropriate initiation and reasoning. Be reasonable, take a peaceful approach before engaging with violent actions.


    15.05: Aircraft and planes are forbidden with the exception of those that work at the airport, or certified members of emergency services and law enforcement agencies. Any other circumstances involving aircraft require special authorization from members of the administration or management team. In the scenario of a special authorization, the aircraft is to have no attachments such as lethal weapons and firearms.


    15.06: You are prohibited from using your vehicle as a weapon to injure or take the life of other individuals, whether it be intentional or unintentional. Should you engage one or several individuals with a vehicle, it will be recognized as vehicle deathmatch in a vast majority of interactions and scenes as there are very few circumstances where injuring others with a vehicle is permitted. Avoid using vehicles to consistently ram others with the intent to grief and troll.


    SECTION 16.



    16.01: You are not permitted to engage in the random killing of other individuals, you are not allowed to go around randomly assaulting and injuring others. Any violent conduct should have a story to it, and must have some form for initiation and reason to it. Randomly attacking and killing others will in a vast majority of cases be recognized as engaging in a random deathmatch.


    16.02: You are mandated to initiate and engage properly in order to justify violent and lethal actions towards another individual. Should you have the appropriate reasoning to engage violently on another individual, then it has to be initiated with an appropriate interaction with proper roleplay. Do not pull up to an individual and just kill on sight the individual, create a scene that could be enjoyable and memorable for all parties involved. Failure to engage properly is not a random deathmatch, but would be considered a low effort killing.


    16.03: Refrain from engaging in violent activities with firearms should it not be necessary. There are other ways to engage in such activities, there are melee weapons that cause less heat and trouble should law enforcement agencies get involved in an active interaction or scene. Interactions like these can be roleplayed out without involving firearms, it is recommended to do so if possible. Adhere to proper escalation of force, you may slowly ramp up levels of aggression when necessary.


    SECTION 17.



    17.01: Intentionally taking advantage of exploits and unintended features for yourself or other individuals is prohibited. Should you accidentally encounter an exploit, you are required to report the exploit to members of the server staff team. Severe punitive actions will be taken against any individual taking advantage of exploits and anyone affiliated with such conduct.


    17.02: You are prohibited from using cheats, modification clients, or external softwares to alter and change the intended features and gameplay. This includes but is not limited to spawning items, spawning vehicles, spawning money, knowingly spreading illegitimately obtained items and currency, adding features that give you a significant advantage and so forth. Affiliation with conduct such as this will lead to an immediate removal from the community.


    17.03: Entertaining and supporting exploiters and cheaters is prohibited. Should the cheater or exploiter provide you with currency or illegitimate items, you will be held accountable for affiliation with the cheater or exploiter. Should you encounter cheating or exploiting, you are mandated to report such conduct to the community staff team.


    SECTION 18.



    18.01: You are prohibited from engaging in roleplay and interactions that fail to comply with the group quantity limitations and restrictions. Heists and robberies have their own specific limitations, the standard group quantity limitations for roleplay involving law enforcement is set to ten individuals. Anything above this is considered excessive and will be dealt with at the discretion of the staff team.


    18.02: Interactions, scenes, and/or events that involve registered and established crews are to comply with the standard regulatory guidelines. However, the crew regulatory guidelines allow for exceptions to the standard group quantity limitations should it involve a conflict, dispute, and/or a war between one or several crews. Furthermore, contesting a turf allows for a crew to remain in full force regardless of law enforcement activity.


    SECTION 19.



    19.01: You are prohibited from having any felonies on your record as a member of the following departments and agencies: Emergency Medical Service, Lucid City Police Department, San Andreas Highway Patrol, Lucid County Sheriff's Office, Federal Investigations Bureau, The Department of Public Safety and The Judicial Department and jobs pertaining to that field.


    19.02: You are permitted to work in any position excluding the government, judicial, and law enforcement sector at the discretion of the business leadership and owners. Jobs such as car dealers, mechanics, delivery drivers, news correspondents, airport personnel, and so forth are controlled at the discretion of the business owner. Ammunations and weed shops can hire felons at their own risk, should law enforcement be able to prove this then business is subject to in-character actions.


    19.03: You are prohibited from engaging in actions that resemble corruption within the government, judicial, and/or law enforcement sector. Major corruption may be subject to punitive actions such as a permanent ban from the server, minor corruption may be subject to an indefinite blacklist from working within any of these sectors and/or a temporary ban from the server. 


    19.04: Embezzling money from any business or organization is not permitted. Major embezzlement may be subject to the permanent confiscation of all your assets and property without warning as dictated by the court of San Andreas as well as an extreme prison sentence, minor embezzlement may be subject to fines and/or minor prison time.


    19.05: You are prohibited from abusing any whitelisted job to gain an advantage for yourself or your friends. The mechanics that are implemented by the development team are intended for legitimate and reasonable means, not for abusive and destructive means. As an example, bankrupting and/or attacking businesses by abusing mechanics to lower their society fund is not permitted.


    19.06: You are prohibited from being hired at the same business on two or more characters. It makes no sense for you to have two characters hired at the same business, it can also be abused depending on your position within the business and make you subject to scrutiny and punitive actions. Business owners are not permitted to use their business to transfer money between characters through hiring secondary characters.



    SECTION 20.



    20.01: Safe-zones and green-zones are neutral and protected grounds within the server. Any of the following zones have special regulations and exceptions because of the location and neutrality of the locations they are placed within. These zones are as follows: Pillbox apartments, Mount Zonah medical center, Blaine County medical center, Paleto Bay medical center, and Milehigh Club apartments.


    20.02: Interactions and/or scenes that lead into a green-zone may be continued and concluded with reason. However, should an individual attempt to take advantage of safe-zones and green-zones to escape an on-going interaction, then it is time to consider bringing staff members in to avoid the scene going out of hand. Any violent and criminal activity should not be continued within a green-zone, but can be continued in a safe-zone depending on the circumstance and scenario.


    20.03: You are prohibited from engaging in criminal and illicit activities within safe-zones and green-zones. These zones are considered to be neutral grounds, and are to be treated as such. Violent actions and activity should not occur within these zones, any illicit transactions, trades, and business deals should be avoided and should be taken elsewhere.


    SECTION 21.



    21.01: You are prohibited from impersonating members of the community staff team. Informing and telling other individuals both within the server itself and outside that you are a staff member is not allowed. Only members of the staff team are permitted to publicly announce themselves as staff members when a situation presents itself. This would be considered staff impersonation, and will result in a permanent removal from the community.


    21.02: Refrain from taking initiative to enforce the server and community regulatory guidelines and policies as a non-staff member. Using in-game features for unintended purposes such as using the /jail command to penalize violators is prohibited. You are expected to report this individual to the staff team whether it be within the game itself through /report or through Discord in the waiting room. Evidence should be presented to actual staff members so an appropriate judgment can be made towards the violator. Taking your own initiative to enforce rules is mini-modding, and will result in punitive actions towards your account.


    SECTION 22.



    22.01: You are prohibited from engaging in roleplay that resembles that of being a hitman or contracted killer for hire. Roleplay such as this is not permitted because of instances where it is used as an excuse to carry out low effort killings. Any interactions and roleplay that involve violence require a backstory and appropriate initiation to ensure it is not low effort.


    22.02: Hitman roleplay is prohibited within this community. However, there is one exception to the rule which makes it relatively reasonable. Should you be in an organization or gang where you are being paid by your organization to take out an enemy of that specific organization or gang, then the roleplay is permitted as long as there is backstory to the scenario and an appropriate initiation to engage with a hit.



    SECTION 23.



    23.01: You are prohibited from attempting to use flaws and inconsistencies within the regulatory guidelines to your advantage. Should you end up in a confrontation with members of staff where you have been informed that you have failed to comply with specific rules and policies, then simply accept it, take accountability for your own actions and move on rather than attempting to find ways around it. Use your common sense, show common decency towards the staff members and your fellow community members.


    SECTION 24.



    24.01: Refrain from advertising for other servers and communities within the server and community itself. Publishing advertisements within roleplay and interferes with storylines and the interactions of our community members. Engaging in such conduct will result in a permanent ban and removal from the community and any affiliated communities with the Lucid Network.


    SECTION 25.



    25.01: You are prohibited from avoiding penalties and server infractions. Should your account be banned from the server, then wait the ban out. Attempting to get around these infractions by creating new accounts or using different means to get into the server will result in a permanent and unappealable ban from the server and the community.


    SECTION 26.



    26.01: Refrain from excessively using facemasks and/or face paints. These are features that are to be used for specific instances, such as but is not limited to criminal activity. Using assets such as facemasks and/or face paint at all times is frowned upon as it is considered to be unreasonable and unrealistic and can ruin the immersion of realistic roleplay for a lot of community members. The exception is days such as Halloween and Christmas where we do allow the usage of some or all of these assets.


    26.02: You are permitted to use most assets under the helmet and/or hat category. However, you are prohibited from using assets such as tactical, military, and/or law enforcement related helmets and headwear. Helmets that have been classified within the prohibited categories are classified as such to avoid the excessive and unreasonable usage of these assets in a vast majority of circumstances. Law enforcement, tactical units, and military units are exempt from this policy.


    SECTION 27.



    27.01: You are expected to be respectful and compliant towards the Twitch Terms of Service should you know that there are individuals that are streaming around your location. Refrain from intentionally violating the terms of service in order to get another individual in trouble. You can find the Terms of Service here: https://www.twitch.tv/p/legal/terms-of-service/


    27.02: You are expected to be respectful and compliant towards the Discord Terms of Service if you are taking part of our community. Refrain from intentionally violating the terms of service as it will get no one but yourself in trouble in the long run. You can find the Terms of Service here: https://www.discord.com/terms/


    SECTION 28.



    28.01: You are prohibited from engaging in sexual roleplay with individuals that do not give you their consent. Any interactions and roleplay that involves any acts related to this require consent, refrain from assuming that they have given you consent. If you are unsure about this, then ask them rather than take the risk of causing issues with them and the server staff team.


    28.02: You are prohibited in any and every circumstance from engaging in sexual roleplay with any individual below the age of eighteen years old. This also involves but is not limited to engaging in roleplay with peds and characters that resemble a minor. Should you knowingly be engaging in such conduct, then you will be permanently removed from the community and any affiliated communities with the Lucid Network without warning and without the ability to appeal the infraction.



    SECTION 29.



    29.01: Engaging in torture roleplay is permitted. However, the topic can be controversial for certain individuals and groups of people. Therefore, you are to either get consent to engage in such roleplay with others or you are to stop the moment that they tell you to stop. If the interaction involves sexual roleplay then consent is required no matter what.


    SECTION 30.



    30.01: You are prohibited from selling illicit and illegal items, narcotics, and/or firearms on the island. The island is technically a neutral zone where a lot of roleplay and interactions are banned due to the absence of any functional law enforcement and authorities. Criminal organizations are prohibited from taking advantage over individuals that have no way to counter them.


    30.02: You are not permitted to engage in the robbing of other individuals on the island. Only members of verified organizations are eligible to bring weapons over as they are eligible to travel by boat. However, any non-member of such an organization has no way to bring any firearms or weapons to defend themselves. Therefore, robbing on the island is considered powerful and is banned as a following.



    SECTION 31.



    31.01: You are prohibited from engaging in the acts of trading in-game currencies, items, and/or valuables for any currency and valuables outside of the game itself and vice-versa. Examples of this would be matters related to but are not limited to paying with out of character currencies for money, weapons, firearms, businesses, houses, and so forth. Doing this will result in punitive actions.


    31.02: You are prohibited from trading in-game currencies, valuables, and/or items for any gift codes outside of the city itself. Items within the game should be bought with currencies and valuables that pertain to the game itself. Purchasing items and valuables within the game with gift codes that are not part of the game itself will result in punitive actions.


    SECTION 32.



    32.01: You are prohibited from reporting other individuals with the intent to retaliate for interactions and/or issues within the city as well as outside of character. An example of this would be having evidence of an individual violating regulatory guidelines and policies in the past, and you choose to bring up this evidence in the aftermath to retaliate and get them in trouble.


    SECTION 33.



    33.01: Refrain from maliciously intervening in an active interaction, event, and/or roleplay scene. If another group of individuals is carrying out a heist on a bank that you wish to hit, then wait until their scene is concluded rather than intervening to grief them. Do not force yourself into interactions and scenes that you have no business being a part of in the first place.


    SECTION 34.



    34.01: You are prohibited from publishing any form for out of character content on the platform. This includes but is not limited to the publication of videos, photos, and/or gifs that originate from sources that have no relation to the city and roleplay itself. This platform is strictly to be used for in-character purposes, and should only feature content that is a part of the roleplay.


    34.02: Refrain from publishing and/or sharing any content and links that could be considered advertisements. By this we are specifically referring to content and links that originate from outside of the platform. This includes but is not limited to external communities and servers, SoundCloud and artist pages. Doing this will result in the immediate suspension and possible deletion of your account.


    34.03: You are prohibited from creating characters within roleplay with business names in order to bypass, replace, and/or circumvent the page and group features of the platform. Use the specific features that have been implemented for specific reasons rather than attempting to circumvent it through means that make no sense within roleplay.


    34.04: The standard regulatory guidelines and policies apply to the VIBE social media platform, and will be enforced at any and all times by the VIBE moderation and administration staff. Failure to comply with the regulatory guidelines and policies of the community will be dealt with in accordance to the regulatory infraction code.


    SECTION 35.



    35.01: You are prohibited from intentionally and knowingly camping an illicit spot with the intention of initiating criminal activity towards another individual or group of individuals. Such as but is not limited to camping a specific high traffic spot with the intention of robbing one or several individuals of their items and/or firearms and valuables.


    35.02: You are prohibited from engaging in activities that involve camping the bodies of other players. Camping the body of another individual requires proper reasoning to do so due to something you require from that specific person or people. Camping bodies just to prevent other individuals from obtaining medical treatment is enough reasoning and will be considered griefing. Refer to policy 07.03 for reference if reasoning is valid.


    SECTION 36.



    36.01: Texture packs and/or shaders are permitted to be used in this community. However, any external assets such as tracers, kill effects, removal of game assets such as water, vegetation, shadows, fog, time cycle, and so forth are prohibited and should not be used under any circumstance. Usage of any assets that give any advantages over others is considered cheating.


    36.02: Soundboards and/or voice changers are permitted within the community within reason. However, taking use of soundboards and any other external software with the intent to impersonate the voices of others is prohibited. Uploading voice-lines that resemble voices of other people is not permitted as it can lead to confusion and unwarranted consequences.


    36.03: Third party assets such as macros and auto-clickers are prohibited. Using any third party automation software to gain advantages over other players is not permitted. This involves but is not limited to the usage of auto-clickers through external software and macros with the intent to gain an advantage in regard to receiving a job and/or heist.


    SECTION 37.



    37.01: Zones that are marked with a red circle on the map as known as red zones. Zones that have been given this classification have special regulations and policies in place throughout the duration of any red zone event. With that said, these zones generally allow players to do anything from killing each other on sight to ignoring a majority of regulations that have been put in place for the community. You are mandated to comply with the following guidelines, however, it is not limited to just these guidelines: cheating & exploitation guidelines, third party asset guidelines, speech guidelines, and so forth.


    37.02: Participation in red zone events mandate you to remain within the are of the zone itself. Participating in a red zone event without remaining within the zone itself will make you subject to standard regulatory guidelines as the following guidelines are only applicable within the red zone itself. This includes but is not limited to engaging in firefights that relate to the red zone itself outside of the zone as any event pertaining to the red zone is to remain within the specified zone at any given time.


    37.03: Upon being downed within a red zone you are disqualified from participating in that specific event until the next server restart. Standard regulatory guidelines do not apply in this specific instance, therefore, you are prohibited from returning to the red zone event after 20 minutes, which means that you are prohibited from returning to the red zone event at all until the next server restart as stated above.


    37.04: Standard group quantity guidelines do not apply when it comes to instances revolving around a red zone event. The capacity of a group within a red zone event is limited to 8 individual per group. The 8 individual limitation means that even if you are in a crew, you are prohibited from working with other individuals of your crew that is not within your specified group. We allow for several groups to be created per crew in instances where the parties do not work together.


    SECTION 38.



    37.01: These are the regulatory guidelines and policies of Lucid City roleplay. The guidelines and policies as written are to be complied with at any given time while engaging within our community. Should you fail to comply with server regulations and guidelines, actions will be taken towards you and any fellow violators. The penalties for infractions will be determined based on the severity of the infraction, as well as the amount of infractions that you have within the community within the same or similar categories, and sometimes your overall record.

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