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    1.01 - Members of the community staff team are given the necessary authority to penalize you and deal with you however they like based of a codex of penalty codes, however may be amended depending on your previous infractions and interactions with the staff team as well as the severity of the infraction.

    1.02 - The behavior, attitude and manners that you display towards members of the community staff team may impact the judgement that is being made towards you, and may have a positive effect on the severity of your punishment. Make sure that you are respectful and cooperative with staff members.

    1.03 - Please refrain from using the character skins aka ped skins from the regular Grand Theft Auto, you should only be using the fully customizable model aka the multiplayer model from Grand Theft Auto, the skin ID on this is 0 and can be changed within a clothing shop.




    2.01 - You are mandated to follow the Twitch Terms of Service which may be located here: (https://www.twitch.tv/p/legal/terms-of-service/)

    2.02 - Within our Discord, you are mandated to comply with the Discord Terms of Service which may be located here: (https://discord.com/terms)




    3.01 - You may establish your personality however you like with a few limitations, some of these limitations is establishing a excessively toxic character and / or personality, this will not be tolerated as it may impact other players in a negative manner, refrain from doing this.

    3.02 - Scenarios and interactions that happen within character are to remain within character, if you have any grudges or beef with other individuals and players on your character, refrain from bringing such interactions out of character or over to another character, whatever happens on a character stays on that character, plain and simple.

    3.03 - Refrain from mixing fire with fire, dramatics are to be kept to a minimum as it is nothing but unnecessary and unpleasant in certain scenarios. We expect you to work your problems out in a civilized manner, no derogatory or excessively toxic slurs or terms are to be used in any form or shape.




    4.01 - Refrain from intentionally harassing or bothering individuals and other players within the community, this will not be tolerated in any circumstance and will result in an immediate permanent ban from the server, this includes but is not limited to usage of derogatory slurs or terms.

    4.02 - Harassment regarding another individual's sexual orientation or gender will not be tolerated in any circumstance and will result in an immediate permanent ban from the server, Discord as well as the forum. Any infraction upon this rule will be considered unappealable due to the severity of the infraction.

    4.03 - Refrain from bringing events and incidents that occurred within character outside of character, do not take the time to go ahead and contact them regarding it to then begin bothering them about it, this may be considered harassment depending on what is said and done, as well as meta-gaming in certain scenarios.

    4.04 - Refrain from making threats that may be recognized as out of character threats, any such threats will not be tolerated and may result in an immediate ban from the server depending on the severity, context and intentions of such threats, make sure your threats are in-character friendly.




    5.01 - Refrain from breaking character, this will not be tolerated as the only result given by breaking character is negatively impacting a scenario, interaction or event. The only exception to this rule is if a member of the community staff team intervenes in such an event due to a report, anything else will result in an immediate ban from the server.

    5.02 - Refrain from asking out of character questions within character, if you have any such questions then make a ticket or thread on the forums and a staff member will get to it whenever it is seen, if there is no result given by that then ask in the community support channel on the Discord.




    6.01 - You are both expected and required to carry out your roleplay scenarios as seriously and realistically as possible, remember that your character is a personality within a virtual world with the intention of resembling the real world, therefore your character is slowly developing and evolving through any and all interactions and scenarios it is presented with.

    6.02 - Refrain from intentionally messing with law enforcement agencies, you are to treat them with respect and you are to act fearful around them. Do not run from law enforcement agencies over a simple thing such as a traffic violation, do not open fire upon them without the appropriate initiation or reasoning, anything you say or do should have a reason when it relates to messing with law enforcement agencies.

    6.03 - Refrain from encouraging violence and chaos in a scenario or interaction where it can be resolved in a peaceful and calm manner, you want to avoid getting into trouble with law enforcement agencies, this means that you should use violence as a last resort meaning only if there is no other way, be creative and you will see that there are a lot of solutions to a problem.



    7.01 - Any character that you create should take weeks if not months to develop and evolve properly, upon flying into the city you are not some infamous drug lord or the head of some criminal organization or family, establishing anything close to that takes time and is not to be rushed.

    7.02 - When interacting with other individuals, take some notice to some of the attributes displayed in their personalities and character, furthermore take and change some of them for your own character in order to properly develop and evolve your own character.




    8.01 - Upon being downed or killed, you are to act appropriately as if you are either killed or injured, refrain from speaking fluently as if you are okay, act either dead or as if you are seriously injured. If you are shot with a gun then act like it, if you are hit unconscious by a bat then act like it.

    8.02 - Refrain from leaving the hospital in a normal manner if you have recently been released from the hospital, act as if you have been recently injured, and scale it depending on the severity of the injuries that you were treated for to promote some form of realism to yourself and everyone else around you.




    9.01 - Refrain from taking members of law enforcement agencies if there are less than a total of five online at the time, and refrain from taking them hostage if you have no reasoning behind it. An example to this would be them arresting your buddy, this does not give you the right to walk up to them and start kidnapping them, this is unrealistic and will not be tolerated.

    9.02 - Refrain from robbing members of law enforcement agencies or any other government agencies while they are on-duty, any equipment related to that specific job may not be stolen while they are on-duty, doing so will result in a permanent ban from the server.

    9.03 - You may not hold one or multiple individuals as hostages for anything more than 45 minutes, the only exception to this is if the scenario lasts to such an extent, otherwise you are to release them as you are effectively wasting their time by holding them for any longer.

    9.04 - Any individuals taken hostage are mandated to comply with the demands and instructions given by criminals, especially if there are weapons or deadly equipment pointed at them, same goes for members of law enforcement agencies upon being handed over by the criminals.




    10.01 - You cannot kill or attack any form of personnel within the Emergency Medical Services (EMS) unless you have a valid reason such as them assisting an individual up when you have clearly instructed them not to, or if they are effectively hindering you from escaping or carrying out your scenario.

    10.02 - You are not allowed to stop the Emergency Medical Service (EMS) from picking someone up permanently, only until you manage to escape, or get what you need from the individuals, by this you are allowed to prevent members of the emergency medical service from picking up someone for a total of 15 minutes.




    11.01 - You may not rob any law enforcement personnel that are on-duty unless you are holding them hostage, then you may remove their radio and communication equipment, taking any equipment obtainable from that specific job will not be tolerated under any circumstance.

    11.02 - Being in possession of equipment exclusively available to law enforcement will not be tolerated unless legitimately obtained through robbing a off-duty / undercover law enforcement officer, or obtained through officialized server events. Anything else will be considered illegitimate and will result in an immediate ban from the server.




    12.01 - Your character is always required to fear its own life. (Ex: If someone points a gun at your head, you should always comply with their instructions and demands within the limitations of the server regulations)

    12.02 - If someone has a weapon pointed at you, listen to their demands and instructions.

    12.03 - If someone has a weapon pointed at you, do not pull your own out.

    12.04 - All of the guidelines listed above applies to members of law enforcement as well.

    12.05 - Suicidal roleplay is allowed, but you still have to fear your life, suicidal or not.




    13.01 - You and your friends may not rob more than three individuals within the time-span of one hour.

    13.02 - You are only allowed to have five people for a store robbery, five for an ammunation robbery, four for a bank truck, five for a jewelry store, seven for a regular bank and eight for the big bank.

    13.03 - You may only rob one bank / store / gas station every one hour, it is your responsibility to track the amount of time that has passed between the two robberies.

    13.04 - After a restart, you have to wait fifteen minutes before conducting criminal activities and robberies.

    13.05 - You are not allowed to coordinate multiple heists and robberies at the same time.

    13.06 - The only situation in which another player can enter a heist or a robbery without being in the building is if there is a planned getaway driver.

    13.07 - You cannot have someone roaming in a vehicle waiting for an opportunity to strike and save you.

    13.08 - Once you are downed, you cannot rejoin a fight. If you are downed, you stay where you are until the scenario ends. At that point, you are treated by the Emergency Medical Service or taken to the hospital. Same goes for law enforcement officers, they may not deal with your arrest if they have been taken to the hospital.

    13.09 - Scamming on the server is only allowed up to the amount of 100,000. Anything else above is a bannable offense.

    13.10 - Robbing other individuals in highly public areas is not allowed. Example, robbing a person outside a bank without intent to rob the bank, robbing outside businesses and central points such as the hospital, police station, state police station, impound, and anything similar to that. However, does not apply if an existing scenario leads to one of those locations.

    13.11 - If you have intent to carry out a robbery against a player, or a heist in a bank, store, and so forth, it has to be done in a manner where the initiation is realistic and appropriate, the execution of the scenario is to be done in a manner where both parties involved may take part in the roleplay, and upon concluding a robbery you may not harm or kill the victim unless the victim has shown a lack of cooperation and / or if the victim has had behavior that is hostile / threatening towards the robbers.

    13.12 - You may not bring super vehicles to heists and robberies, it is unrealistic as no individual realistically would pull up to a heist / robbery with a Lamborghini, Ferrari, and so forth. (TEMPORARY RULE)




    14.01 - Your character cannot relay information in which it did not learn within character.

    14.02 - Anything you see on Twitch, Discord or any other form of streaming source cannot be used within character in any form or shape.

    14.03 - Third party communications such as Discord, TeamSpeak, Skype, etc as a radio, you can buy an actual radio at one of the 24/7 stores.

    14.04 - You cannot use your radio and external communications to relay your position to others while downed or dead.

    14.05 - You cannot use it to organize an attack or robbery.

    14.06 - Hanging in Discord while doing relaxing tasks and jobs, or simply just hanging out is fine.

    14.07 - Using voices heard inside a building or vehicle as a means to communicate, exception being if the individual decides to initiate and respond back to you as a mutual channel of communication has been established.

    14.08 - Using voices heard through an exploit / glitch as means to gather information for usage in character, you are to reset your voice box upon encountering this glitch, and you shall not relay or use the information or communication that you receive through it as it is also considered power-gaming.




    15.01 - The act of roleplaying outside of your character’s traits, abusing mechanics and using mechanics that are not supposed to be in-game is not permitted, examples below:

    15.02 - Talking and Organizing while downed or dead.

    15.03 - Roleplaying as if you have unrealistic superpowers.

    15.04 - Not using me to notify something someone would notice.

    15.05 - Not realistically fearing your life when you are threatened with a weapon or severe harm from other means.

    15.06 - Generally stay true to your physical character. If you are an old overweight person, you should always keep your physical limitations in mind.

    15.07 - Not allowing other people to speak.

    15.08 - Robbing people without giving an opportunity to speak or defend themselves.

    15.09 - Putting people in a situation with no escape or way out.

    15.10 - /takehostage is binded to a key and you use it while dead to kill someone, or to kill someone in a greenzone.




    17.01 - Whenever you die and are not picked up by the Emergency Medical Service, you are to forget the events and scenario leading up to your death or if taken to the hospital. The individuals involved with the scenario shall also treat you as you died on that scene, and they shall treat you as if you are in a new life.




    18.01 - Vehicles must be driven realistically.

    18.02 - Your sports car should not go 150MPH up in the mountains, stick to the limitations of your vehicle.

    18.03 - Vehicles are never to be ramped off high inclines and distances.

    18.04 - If you are in a situation where you go off-road, respect the limitations of your vehicle based on the terrain.

    18.05 - If you get into a crash with another vehicle, you have to roleplay it out. Preferably go to the side and settle it without the usage of weapons and firearms. Act in a civilized manner.

    18.06 - Planes are absolutely forbidden. Only individuals with explicit authorization from the server leadership team may use aircraft.

    18.07 - If you have one tire out, you have to drive by the limitations that it presents.



    19.01 - The act of disconnecting in the middle of a roleplay scenario is never permitted.

    19.02 - Game crashes must immediately be reported in Discord chat or on forums if you are in a roleplay scenario.

    19.03 - If the server restarts mid scenario, preferably you shall reconnect and finish the scenario.




    20.01 - You are never to kill, or attempt to without a valid reason or without the appropriate initiation of roleplay. Them scraping your car is not a valid reason to take or attempt to take a life, it is necessary for it to be similar to a reason such as self-defense.




    21.01 - Using cheats or exploits to gain an advantage is prohibited, and is an instant non-negotiable ban. This includes but is not limited to client modifications, abusing a broken server mechanic, and more.

    21.02 - Any broken server mechanic being abused must be reported immediately, if you are caught abusing it you may suffer from a permanent ban or a full character wipe that is non-negotiable.

    21.03 - Stealing emergency vehicles is not tolerated within any circumstance. This includes but is not limited to vehicles of law enforcement agencies, as well as emergency medical service vehicles. However, if you are being chased by a police vehicle and you kill the cop you may take possession of that vehicle until you get away, upon getting away you must dump the vehicle.

    21.04 - Impersonating law enforcement or emergency service personnel is not tolerated, and will be treated as an extremely severe infraction.

    21.05 - Forcing locals / npc's out of their vehicles to then sell narcotics and illegal items to them, this is unrealistic and will result in a permanent ban from the server.




    22.01 - Avoid using a gun for petty things. Guns are high risk weaponry, and are not to be flashed like toys. Use simpler things such as fists, knives, or other smaller weapons for lower priority situations.




    23.01 - You are always to remember your purpose, and make sure to keep that in mind.

    23.02 - You should not be waving around that you are a gang member, keep it on the down low. Gang guidelines can be found here: (https://gg.gg/lcrpgangpolicy)




    24.01 - You cannot roam around in no more than six people if you are all not in the same gang and are looking to commit criminal offenses. If you are all in the same gang, your limit is set to eight players to commit a crime together.




    25.01 - When creating a character you are not just putting a name on a model, also make sure to consider attributes and traits for your personality.

    25.02 - What are the personality traits of your character? Is he or she shy, or confident? Is he or she hard working, or lazy?

    25.03 - Give your character some strengths and weaknesses and think about how your character would react to things based on those traits.

    25.04 - What is the background for this character? Where do they come from? While this doesn’t have to be very detailed, putting some thought and effort into this will make it easier to roleplay with the character.

    25.05 - Remember to stick to your character’s traits. You are playing the life of this character, so their experiences should let this character evolve. Let the consequences of your actions evolve this character.

    25.06 - Your character cannot be involved in everything, if there is something else you would like to try out, consider making another character and building up a story and background for it. A character should never be a lawyer, ceo, mob boss, psycho and involved in every criminal group.

    25.07 - Be mindful about how you try to enter on-going scenarios and story lines. You can interact with people to see if an opportunity arises, but do not show up out of nowhere trying to make an impact or steer a current storyline if your story has not led up to it.

    25.08 - Once your character has reached or failed to reach their goals, it might be time to consider your character’s story coming to an end. Perhaps consider other new characters you might want to play.



    26.01 - You may decide that the events in their character’s story have led to the character being dead for good. 

    26.02 - If your character is downed and you decide it's time for their permadeath, all you need to do is roleplay out the scenario and do: /local permakill or has no pulse.

    26.03 - You cannot claim permadeath, and not actually kill off your character. Doing so will result in a long ban.




    27.01 - During your time in the city, a player will get to interact with characters from all walks of life. From government officials, to law enforcement, to small business owners to regular people.

    27.02 - The goal is for players to provide each other with an immersive experience and add to each other’s stories while you are with emergency medical services you will strive to provide a good scenario for each other. The emergency medical services will act in a professional manner while the civilian will roleplay out their injuries to the best of their ability. Use of /me will provide extra information of vitals and injuries is encouraged.

    27.03 - While you are with law enforcement officers, they will behave in a professional manner towards the public and each other. The public will provide a base level of respect that law enforcement agencies typically have. Be mindful of when in their custody and provide information through the usage of the /me command for officers to use in their investigations.

    27.04 - While downed or in handcuffs by police they are considered to be in police custody. Once you are in custody, the current crime or pursuit scenario is considered over and it switches over to arrest or an investigation scenario. During an arrest or investigation scenario friends of the people under arrest may no longer interfere and civilians are not needed for questioning or involved should leave the area. 

    27.05 - While interacting with other individuals, you are not to attempt to bait or lure them into breaking community policies and guidelines such as the server regulations, the criminal enterprise guidelines, external terms of services such as Twitch ToS and anything similar to that if they are applicable to that specific scenario and interaction.




    28.01 - You should build up and pace it. Do not rush to be a mastermind criminal in one day or a huge business owner in the same amount of time. It is highly unrealistic and very unlikely.

    28.02 - Let your character make connections and learn how crime works in the city before making big moves like robbing banks and taking on potential rivals. You should be mindful of the attention from law enforcement agencies and others your actions might generate. Give yourself time between your acts of crime for things to cool down. You should expect to get more police attention, longer jail times and fines as well as investigations if you repeatedly commit criminal offenses in a short time frame.

    28.03 - Eventually your character may learn or come in contact with the structure of the criminal enterprise world. All criminals had to work their way up and at some point this climb can be a very important part of their story. Making connections will evolve your story while some organizations and criminals may work together from time to time, conflict is expected.

    28.04 - Territory, resources, consumers, and power will drive many of these conflicts. Conflicts and cooperation both help make stories interesting. Make sure to have good amounts of both, avoid large alliances that never allow for any form of conflict.

    28.05 - The establishment for the storyline is in the State of San Andreas and the counties within it. It is a state made up of several million people with your characters being a sample of the people within it. While your characters may vary depending on what you prefer, the State of San Andreas will act and should be treated as a realistic state. A lot of balance for a character comes from this.




    29.01 - You should not abuse in game mechanics for blatantly unintended purposes just to gain an advantage in activities that do not make any story-based roleplay. Such as abusing the /carry or /takehostage mechanic.

    29.02 - Multiple characters from one player in one gang or group is not allowed. Avoid creating multiple characters involved within the same story and scenarios.

    29.03 - You may freely change your character as long as it is part of no active scenarios with your characters gang is happening.

    29.04 - If you switch characters, you must wait forty five minutes before you can engage in any gang related fighting and shootings. If you are attacked, this timer is deemed void.

    29.05 - There must be a clear connection as to how your character was caught up on intelligence and how they were connected.




    30.01 - You will be terminated as an employee of the emergency medical services, police department, federal investigations bureau, lawyer or a judge if you are arrested under felony charges.

    30.02 - Felons will not be able to work whitelisted jobs within the government or the law enforcement sector. Misdemeanors are likely to reduce your opportunities, while infractions are fine to a certain degree.

    30.03 - Realtors, car dealers and mechanic employees are subject to the current head of the business on how he or she wishes to handle their employees related to criminal infractions and offenses.

    30.04 - Corruption within the law enforcement sector or government sector will not be tolerated, however there is a difference between corruption and dirty actions. Corruption would be considered selling weaponry, equipment or abusing your powers for any personal gain, while playing dirty would be considered illegal and should be treated within character rather than outside of character.

    30.05 - Any whitelisted employee that is found to be embezzling money from a business in any way or shape will be blacklisted from having any other whitelisted job on the server after that point. Especially if carried out through a non-roleplay incident or after being transferred to another character which is an extreme case of power gaming and could possibly lead to a severe banishment.




    31.01 - Any member added to a criminal organization must be approached through roleplay to make it official, an application or initiation will need to take place and be approved by the person that is in charge of the organization.

    31.02 - If you ask about your application and message people from the job that you have applied to about if you got accepted or not, you are going to get denied. If you do not get a message within a specific time period then you are to assume your application has been declined.




    32.01 - You are not allowed to commit any criminal offenses within green zones marked on the map by a green circle. This includes but is not limited to: Pillbox, Hospitals, Benny’s, Life Invader, Train station. This includes stealing vehicles, and punching people and so forth.

    32.02 - Roleplay that has been initiated outside of a green zone may be continued within the green zone if a person attempts to use the green zone as a way to end the roleplay scenario.

    32.03 - Any form of illegal roleplay is not allowed to be initiated or started within a green zone, such as waiting for someone to leave a green zone to rob them or commit any form of criminal offense towards them.

    32.04 - Trading and / or carrying out business agreements involving currency / value within a green zone to avoid being scammed as a way to bypass the scamming policy. No business agreements are to be done within a green zone, it is unrealistic to sell for example weapons in a hospital, and it is unrealistic to use something that shouldn't exist within character to protect yourself from being scammed.




    33.01 - If someone kills you and you die or respawn, you are not allowed to go back to kill them just because they killed you in the past.




    34.01 - You are not permitted to take your own initiative to enforce the server regulations and guidelines if you are not a staff member. Such as using the /jail command to penalize someone for breaking the server guidelines. If another individual is in violation with the server policies, you are to report the individual through: /report or through a report on the forums depending on the circumstances. However you do need evidence in order for actions to be taken against the individual responsible for breaking the rules.

    34.02 - You are not allowed to impersonate members of the server staff team under any circumstance, doing so will result in an immediate permanent ban from the server without the ability to appeal.




    35.01 - You are not allowed to use your vehicle as a weapon to kill someone without appropriate intent or initiation. However, pitting vehicles within reason is permitted with the appropriate initiation, as well as if you are a member of a law enforcement agency within the policies that are described for that agency.





    36.01 - You are not allowed to roleplay as a hitman or paid / hired assassin on this server, in most circumstances people abuse this as context to kill another individual without the proper initiation and roleplay to do so legitimately, therefore making it fail roleplay as well as random deathmatch. You may target people through proper roleplay reasonings, however you may not put out a professional hit.





    37.01 - If you are confronted by members of the community staff team regarding a possible community policy violation, you are not to take any initiative to get around that rule as it is written by attempting to abuse a loophole in the community policy, doing so is nothing but foul and toxic. Doing this will not be tolerated, we urge you to use common sense and to show common decency towards staff members and fellow community members, we expect you to take responsibility for your own actions and your own usage of words.




    Members of the server staff team are authorized to penalize you at their own discretion if your actions are considered inappropriate, destructive or against unwritten policies that are simply considered common sense, however you reserve the right to appeal any such staff actions.

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