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  • 1. BRIEFING:


    · 01.01: This is the official community policy of Lucid City Roleplay, and will contain the guidelines and rules for the server in regards to in-game, as well as information in regards to the severity of each infraction, and the punishments that may be issued depending on the severity.

    · 01.02: Members of the community staff team are given the necessary authority to penalize you and deal with you however they like within the boundaries of the staff policies, and the community policies, which usually depends on the severity of the infraction, as well as the behavior and attitude displayed towards them.

    · 01.03: Please refrain from using characters that you are not permitted to use, such as but is not limited to the usage of the michael ped upon first joining the server, as well as the standardized goku character. Other individuals usually do not take people in these peds and skins seriously, and it will most likely have a negative effect on your interactions in the city.

    · 01.04: This server and community is English based; therefore, you are mandated to speak the English language decently in some form or shape in order to make the experience enjoyable for yourself, but also for others, otherwise it is going to be quite difficult for yourself to have a good experience. Roleplaying as a native from another country is fine, however understanding English to a certain degree is a must.


    2. TOXICITY:


    · 02.01: Scenarios, incidents and interactions that occur within the city are to remain within the city, refrain from bringing it outside of character within and outside the city, or over to another character with the intention of targeting another individual both verbally, and otherwise.

    · 02.02: Refrain from fighting fire with fire, this will do nothing but make it worse, keep dramatics to a minimum, it is unnecessary and does nothing but cause annoying and unpleasant interactions for other individuals, work your problems out in a civilized manner, without any form for toxicity or usage of slurs that may negatively affect another individual.


    3. TROLLING:


    · 03.01: Refrain from creating alternate characters with the intention of messing around, and messing with the experience, interactions and scenarios of other individuals, you are to take the city and the individuals within it seriously to the standards of roleplay that is expected.

    · 03.02: Upon joining the city, you are to create a character with a name that makes sense, and that is considered realistic, refrain from creating characters with inappropriate or names that are not suitable for realistic roleplay, same goes with how you go on to dress your character.




    · 04.01: Refrain from intentionally harassing or bothering other individuals, this will not be tolerated in any circumstance, and will result in an immediate removal from the server and the community, this includes but is not limited to the usage of derogatory slurs and terms.

    · 04.02: Harassment in regards of the sexual orientation and gender of another individual will not be tolerated, this will also result in an immediate removal from the server and the community, any infraction when it comes to this specific policy will be considered unappealable due to the severity.

    · 04.03: Refrain from bringing events and incidents that occurred within character towards outside of character, and vice versa, do not take the time to go ahead and contact them regarding it, and furthermore initiate a conversation that is considered toxic, or rude in any form or shape. If it happens within character, then you are to solve it within character, if a rule is broken, then report it to a member of the server staff, do not take it into your own hands.




    · 05.01: Intentionally starting interactions with individuals within character with the intent to manipulate them outside of character in a negative way, refrain from doing this as we are here to have a fun and enjoyable time, treat people with respect, do not take advantage of others

    · 05.02: Upon initiating an interaction with another individual, you are not to attempt to bait or lure them into breaking community policies, and / or guidelines such as the server regulations, the criminal enterprise guidelines, external terms of services such as Twitch ToS, and anything similar to that if they are applicable to that specific scenario and / or interaction.




    · 06.01: Refrain from breaking character on the server, this will not be tolerated as the only result provided by breaking character is negatively impacting a scenario, interaction, incident, or event. The only exception to this specific rule is if a member of the staff team intervenes in a manner where the interaction and / or scenario is temporarily halted due to a report. Anything else will result in an immediate removal from the server.

    · 06.02: Refrain from asking out of character questions within character, if you have questions or any form of inquiry in regards to anything not related to roleplay, please forward it over discord or the forums, and await reply from a member of the community staff team.




    · 07.01: You are mandated to carry out roleplay scenarios and interactions as realistically as possible, we urge you to remember that your character is a personality within a virtual world with the intention of resembling the real world, therefore your character should be slowly developing and evolving throughout the interactions and scenarios it is presented with.

    · 07.02: Refrain from intentionally messing with law enforcement agencies with the intention of baiting them into scenarios, you are to treat them with respect, and you are to act fearful of them considering they are a powerhouse realistically. Furthermore, do not flee from law enforcement over simple traffic violations, do not open fire upon them without appropriate initiation, or reasoning.

    · 07.03: Refrain from encouraging or inciting violence and chaos in scenarios and interactions where it can be resolved peacefully without any form for violence, you should try to avoid getting into trouble with law enforcement, taking the more violent and chaotic paths is more likely to lead you towards negative interactions with law enforcement agencies, use violence as a last resort rather than as a first.




    · 08.01: Characters that you create on the server should take weeks if not months to properly develop, upon flying into the city, you are not some infamous drug lord or the head of some criminal organization or family. Establishing anything remotely close to any of that takes months upon months, and should not be rushed under any circumstance.

    · 08.02: Upon initiating interactions and scenarios with other individuals, take some notice of their attributes, furthermore adapt some of them into your own personality if they are fitting, do this to properly develop and evolve your character over time.




    · 09.01: Upon being downed or killed, you are to act appropriately as if you are either dead, unconscious or injured depending on the severity of the injuries presented, furthermore you are to refrain from speaking fluently as if you are perfectly fine, if you are shot and injured by a firearm, then act accordingly, if you are hit unconscious, then act as if you are unconscious for a certain amount of time.

    · 09.02: Refrain from leaving hospitals and medical facilities in a normal manner as if you have not been injured previously, your injuries would not magically heal realistically, medical personnel have provided you with the necessary support to get you going, but you are still injured. If you have just gone through a surgery, then act accordingly depending on the severity of the surgery, and injuries that you were presented with.

    · 09.03: You are not allowed to force injuries on another individual, you are to communicate injuries and medical checks through: /me, forcing injuries provides the interaction with a one-sided scenario where the other part is not able to be a part of it, provide them with the chance to communicate their own injuries rather than forcing it upon them.




    · 10.01: Refrain from taking members of law enforcement agencies hostage if there are less than a total of five officers present in the city, there is always going to be more criminals than there are going to be law enforcement officers, therefore it is vital to the player experience that you are fair and reasonable about this.

    · 10.02: Furthermore, you are not allowed to take law enforcement officers hostage without appropriate and reasonable reasonings and motives behind it. Do not take them hostage to take them to a bank robbery in order to get additional demands, this is unrealistic unless you have some form of quarrel with the specific officer. Make sure there is a story building up to it.

    · 10.03: If you at any point take members of law enforcement agencies hostage, then you are not allowed to rob them of their police issued equipment or weaponry, the only things that you are allowed to take under that specific circumstance is their radio and communication equipment. Anything else should not be touched or taken.

    · 10.04: Refrain from holding several individuals for a time period of 45 minutes or more, the only exception to this is if the scenario lasts to such an extent, otherwise you are mandated to release them as you are effectively holding them indefinitely. Get a new batch of hostages in the future if your scenario does not go as planned rather than stealing time from individuals to such an extent. Refer to policy: 14.07.

    · 10.05: Any individuals taken hostage by individuals with weapons or firearms are to comply with the demands and instructions given by the hostage takers, the same principle goes for members of law enforcement agencies as well, in this scenario they are to fear for their lives.




    · 11.01: You may not kill or attack any form for medical personnel that are on-duty unless you have a valid and reasonable motive and reason behind it, such as but is not limited to them attempting to provide assistance to another individual when they have been instructed to back off, and leave the area temporarily, or if they are intentionally hindering you from escaping or carrying out your interaction or scenario.

    · 11.02: Refrain from preventing medical personnel from providing medical assistance to another individual permanently, upon achieving what you need from a downed person, you are to leave the area and allow the paramedics to carry out their responsibilities, you may hold medical personnel off for a total of: 30 minutes if you have a valid reason to do so.

    · 11.03: If you are a member of the Emergency Medical Service, then you are not to carry any form for firearm or weaponry while you are on-duty, doing so will make you exempt to any immunity provided by the role you are serving within, providing criminals or other individuals with permission to take action towards you if there are valid motives behind it.

    · 11.04: You are not allowed to excessively give out equipment or objects obtained through your job within the Emergency Medical Service, you are only to issue medication to individuals with appropriate reasoning, in reasonable amounts, failure to do so may be interpreted as corruption, which will lead to your immediate termination from the role, and possible penalties from government officials.




    · 12.01: You may not rob any form for law enforcement personnel that are on-duty, unless you are holding them hostage, in that scenario then you are to refer to policy: 10.03, taking any equipment aside from that will not be tolerated, this includes but is not limited to theft of police issued weapons and firearms, in order to do this the specific officer has to be full on undercover without any form for identifier, or off-duty.

    · 12.02: Being in possession of equipment exclusively available to law enforcement officers will not be tolerated unless the equipment or weaponry is legitimately obtained through robbing undercover or off-duty officers, or if obtained exclusively through some form for server event. Anything aside from this will be considered illegitimate, and will result in penalties issued by government officials.


    13. VALUE OF LIFE:


    · 13.01: Your character is always mandated to fear for its own life, if someone points a gun at your head, you are to comply with the instructions and demands given by the perpetrator, failure to do so would be considered failure to value your life, which will not be tolerated. An example of this would be one or several individuals pulling up on you with weapons, while you have none brandished or shown.



    · 14.01: Refrain from carrying out a chain of robberies in the same area within a short span of time, law enforcement agencies may be contacted, meaning the radius of that area may be high risk to be around, upon robbing a couple of individuals you are to vacate the area, and stay away for a minimum of one hour or longer depending on the location.

    · 14.02: When carrying out a heist on a location, there are limitations on the number of individuals that are allowed to participate depending on the size of the space, this does not include any form for getaway drivers, this should not be abused in any form or shape. the risk and difficulty of the heist, furthermore this is as following:


    Pacific Standard Bank: [8]

    Regular Banks: [7]

    Jewelry Store: [6]

    Bank Trucks: [5]

    Art Heist: [5]

    Stores: [4]

    House Robbery: [3]


    · 14.03: You are only permitted to rob a total of one location in regards to an organized heist per two hours, it is your responsibility to track the amount of time passing from the conclusion of the heist, to the conclusion of the timer that prevents you from robbing another bank or location. This does not apply to player related robberies, only organized heists as specified at the start.

    · 14.04: Upon the conclusion of a server restart aka a tsunami, you are to wait a total of twenty minutes before initiating criminal activity, this is to provide a certain level of fairness to members of law enforcement agencies, as it may take some time to get back into the server after a restart due to queue timers and so forth. This includes but is not limited to the initiation of heists, but also generalized robberies and criminal activity towards other players.

    · 14.05: Upon being downed in a heist, or the events following in a pursuit afterwards, you are not permitted to rejoin that specific scenario and interaction, same goes for members of law enforcement agencies, upon being downed to the point where treatment is required by the Emergency Medical Service, you are forbidden to rejoin that specific scenario, and what comes afterwards.

    · 14.06: If you are to rob a specific location, against a player, or to carry out a heist within that specific location, it has to be done in a manner where it is considered appropriate, reasonable and realistic, it has to be executed in a manner where all parties involved may take part in the scenario and interaction, and upon the conclusion of a heist, you may not harm or kill the hostages or law enforcement officers unless a lack of cooperation has been shown from either party.

    · 14.07: When carrying out criminal activity that involves hostages, there is a specific limit for the number of hostages that can be involved to ensure the scenario and interaction is reasonable, and fair for both parties involved, meaning both criminal and law enforcement, furthermore the limitations are as follows:


    Eight individuals: [6]

    Six individuals: [5]

    Five individuals: [4]

    Three individuals: [3]

    Two individuals: [2]

    One individual: [1]


    · 14.08: Any hostage-taking above the specified limits under: 14.07 has to be approved by members of the staff team for specialized events or circumstances, anyone bypassing these limits will be dealt with accordingly upon the conclusion of the scenario, six is the utter max limit to make it fair for all the sides involved in the situation, anything above five will be considered excessive.

    · 14.09: Refrain from using scuba-gear in bank robberies, specifically in a sense where you have it equipped inside the bank, it is unrealistic, as well as the fact that it provides protection to the individual that is not intended for the scuba-gear. Equip the gear upon exiting the vehicle, or within the vehicle rather than within the bank itself.

    · 14.10: Refrain from robbing individuals within the following areas: Import Dealership, Mechanic Shops, Law Enforcement Facilities, Apartments, Diamond Casino, Burgershot, Premium Deluxe Motorsports, Gyms, Pizza Place, Cyber Bar, Court House, Airport, Gun Stores, Prospecting, Job Center, Hospitals, Driving School, Impound Lots, as well as inside of any form for businesses!




    · 15.01: Scamming within the city is permitted, but only up to the limit of: 100,000$. This means that if a deal has been worked out with one or several other individuals, you are to honor that deal, and provide payment for the equipment, items or services you have purchased from another individual. Failure to do so would be considered scamming.

    · 15.02: If you walk up to the location where a deal is being worked out, you are permitted to break the deal off before it has been settled, meaning you can turn it into a robbery, the scamming policy will not apply to this specific scenario as there was no specific number involved in the deal that both parties had agreed upon.


    16. META GAMING:


    · 16.01: Refrain from relaying information that your character has obtained illegitimately, information that your character obtains through outside sources, glitches, or exploits are considered illegitimate, and cannot be used in roleplay, doing so would be considered meta-gaming, and possibly power-gaming depending on whether or not it is obtained through unintended ways.

    · 16.02: Any information you obtain through external sources such as but is not limited to Twitch, YouTube, Discord, and so forth cannot be used within character as these aspects of communication or flow of information are not considered valid in roleplay as they are not integrated into the city itself, meaning its information obtained outside of character.

    · 16.03: Refrain from using third party communication software’s such as Discord, TeamSpeak, Skype, and so forth within character, or for purposes that are intended to relay information for specific scenarios, to organize specific interactions, events or scenarios, but also to relay information without having any way to do so within character.

    · 16.04: Using external communication software’s such as Discord, TeamSpeak, Skype, and so forth with the intention of just hanging out and having a good time is perfectly fine, as long as it is not used in a manner to organize events, interactions and scenarios within character as specified under policy: 16.03.

    · 16.05: Refrain from using communication within a vehicle as a legitimate reason to engage a specific interaction or scenario with someone as they may be whispering, and the windows of the vehicle may be closed, meaning you should not be able to hear what they are communicating, therefore refrain from using it.




    · 17.01: Refrain from roleplaying outside the traits of your specific characters, as well as abusing and using game mechanics and issues that are not supposed to be within the game, or to force an individual into a specific roleplay scenario through the usage of those mechanics, this may be but is not limited to:


    (01) - Using your communication or radio equipment while downed upon the equipment being taken away from your character through: /me takes radio and communication equipment, but also using it while under water, talking while drowned is quite unrealistic if you ask me.

    (02) - Roleplaying your story as if your character has superpowers, or traits and skills that are beyond realistic. Such as but is not limited to not being injured by events that should injure you severely, if not kill you realistically.

    (03) - Failure to use the /me feature to notify someone of something that would be considered noticeable, such as but is not limited to the usage of body cams within character, in that scenario it is only valid if you: /me turns on bodycam, phone cam, whatsoever.

    (04) - Refrain from going outside the boundaries of your physical character, if your character is an old individual, then stay true to that, keep physical limitations based on age and otherwise in mind to provide some additional realism into interactions and scenarios.

    (05) - Robbing other individuals without giving them the opportunity to interact or speak, this provides a one-sided roleplay scenario, which should be avoided as we are all here to have a fun and enjoyable time, allow other individuals to speak and defend themselves rather than forcing them to shut up instantly.

    (06) - Placing individuals into a situation or scenario where there is zero chance for escape or counterplay, such as but is not limited to placing them inside areas through the escort feature while dead or alive in areas where the emergency medical service or other agencies are unable to retrieve them.

    · 17.02: Any forms for clothing have to be changed at realistic locations, such as a closet, the back of a vehicle, or within a clothing store, and must not be done to avoid immediate consequences and infractions within roleplay. A few examples of this would be:


    [01) - Removing your clothing, or parts of your clothing in the middle of a chase with law enforcement agencies to avoid infractions due to the specific clothing you are wearing, this is unrealistic, and provides no opportunity for counter-play.

    (02) - Removing clothing, or parts of your clothing while downed, how would you get rid of the clothing if you are downed? It would literally be beside you if you were even able to take it off, doing this is borderline no intent to roleplay.


    18. NEW LIFE RULE:


    · 18.01: Upon the immediate death of your character, you are to forget the events and scenario that led up to your death. The individuals involved with the scenario shall also treat you as if you died within that specific scenario, they are not to remind you of it in any form or shape. In short, this is only valid if your character respawns through the usage of the: E muscle upon the conclusion of the death timer.

    · 18.02: Attacking, and / or killing an individual with the reasoning that he or she killed your character off during a scenario where yours died, is to be considered revenge killing as you are not supposed to remember what happened as your character spawned into a new life. Exception to this is policy: 18.03.

    · 18.03: If one or several individuals within a specific group of people are downed, and furthermore killed in a scenario or interaction, those individuals are no longer to involve themselves with anything pertaining to those specific events, furthermore, the members of the group that survived it, they may take action against the individuals that caused this, but those who were killed may not involve themselves with this in any form or shape. If you are downed, and taken to hospital, you are not to do so for a total of 60 minutes.




    · 19.01: Refrain from driving your vehicles in a manner that is considered unrealistic, and simply unreasonable. If your vehicle is a sport, or super vehicle, then it should not be going up a mountain, or in terrain that would severely injure your vehicle. In what scenario would you want to ruin your expensive vehicle?

    · 19.02: Remember the limitations of the vehicle that you are driving, terrain plays a part in how fast your vehicle should drive, how it should be driving is determined by the handling files, but place some common sense into the scenario that you are within to determine the appropriate driving based of the vehicle you are driving.

    · 19.03: Vehicles are not to be ramped off high inclines and distances, however there are a small portion of minor ramps and inclines that may be possible realistically depending on the vehicle, such as for example a few bikes that would be able to handle it. In this scenario, the incline should not exceed a total of: 3 - 5 meters or 10 - 16 feet.

    · 19.04: If your vehicle encounters a traffic accident with another vehicle, then it is to be roleplayed out accordingly to the speeds involved to that specific accident, as well as the specifics of the accident, whether it is a full-on frontal collision. Settle it without using any form for violence, or firearms, if you believe a crime has been committed, contact law enforcement.

    · 19.05: Aircraft and planes are forbidden with the exception of those that work in the airport, or certified members of law enforcement and emergency services, in any other circumstance than that, approval and consent must be given by members of the community leadership, or the administrative leadership. In that scenario, the aircraft is to have no weapons whatsoever.

    · 19.06: If one or several tires are popped on your vehicle, you are to drive accordingly based of that, if you have one tire popped, you may drive up to: 100 mp/h, if you have two tires popped, 80 mp/h, if you have three tires popped, 60 mp/h, if you have four tires popped, 40 mp/h, and if you have anything beyond that, then 25 mp/h or less.


    20. LOGGING:


    · 20.01: Refrain from disconnecting and / or leaving the server to avoid the respawn timer, if you are downed, you are not to avoid respawning in any form or shape, you should respawn, forget the events that led to the death of your character, and furthermore continue evolving and building your character from there.

    · 20.02: You are never to disconnect or leave the server to avoid a specific scenario, interaction, or event. If you are carrying out a heist, you are to remain within that heist till the utter end, do not leave to avoid getting caught and confronted by law enforcement, this will be considered combat logging.

    · 20.03: If your character is downed by one or several other individuals, then you should not disconnect from the server to avoid getting dumped or re-located by those individuals, or to avoid respawn for that matter as specified under policy: 20.01. You are to roleplay it out, that is why you are here, to roleplay, interact and build your own story.

    · 20.04: Upon the conclusion of a scenario, interaction, and / or event that involves your character, you are not to disconnect or leave the server for a specific amount of time afterwards. This is to provide the counterpart with the ability to catch up to you and continue the interaction, this timer will be set to a total of: 20 minutes.

    · 20.05: If someone is caught breaking community and server policies, and you are involved within that scenario within the counterpart, you are to remain within that scenario, and allow it to conclude itself. You are to record it, and then submit a report to the moderation team afterwards, if you log to avoid it, you will be held accountable as one wrong does not justify another. Whatever you lose will be refunded by the server staff if you have the proof to back it up.

    · 20.06: If you are taking part in a roleplay interaction, scenario, and / or event, then suddenly your game crashes and / or disconnects, then you are to report that within the Discord immediately to notify server staff that your game has crashed, then upon re-connecting you may rejoin the scenario if it has not concluded, if your peers were captured by law enforcement for example, then you are to give yourself up as you would most likely have been captured alongside them if you did not crash.




    · 21.01: Upon the announcement of a server restart aka tsunami as it is called within character, you are to conclude your interactions and scenarios as quickly as possible, however to the standards and expectations of the roleplay on the server, make sure to conclude it in an enjoyable and fun way for both parties involved.

    · 21.02: Refrain from initiating criminal roleplay, or lengthy interactions and scenarios with other individuals upon the announcement of a server restart, this is an advantage for whomever takes the first victory within that interaction, due to the fact that they should have no problem escaping the scenario upon the completion of the server restart.

    · 21.03: If a scenario, interaction, and / or event was not concluded accordingly to the standards of the community, and the community and server policies upon the restart of the server, then it is to be continued upon the conclusion of the restart to make sure that its concluded appropriately, in a manner where it is satisfactory for all parties involved.




    · 22.01: Refrain from assaulting and / or killing other individuals without appropriate reasoning or initiation of roleplay, the same goes for attempting to do so, an accident is not a reason to take a life, violence is to be used as a last resort, the reasoning has to be within the proximity of self-defense, and / or justified criminal actions.




    · 23.01: Taking advantage of exploits and unintended features for yourself or your friends is prohibited, this will result in a permanent suspension and removal from the server and the community, this is not negotiable under any circumstance.

    · 23.02: Using cheats, or modification clients is prohibited under any and all circumstances. This includes but is not limited to the usage of modification software’s, furthermore this will result in a permanent removal from the community, and anything associated to it.

    · 23.03: Forcing locals aka civilians and non-player-controlled entities out of their vehicles to then sell narcotics and / or any other items to them is prohibited, this is unrealistic and will result in a permanent ban from the server.

    · 23.04: Entertaining exploiters and cheaters, through attempting to affiliate yourself with them through asking for items, currency, and so forth will not be tolerated. Refrain from asking wizards for money and items, even as a joke, you are giving them attention, they may end up giving you whatever you are asking for, which makes you accountable for it. Purposefully receiving items and currency from cheaters will result in a permanent removal from the server and community, this is not negotiable.




    · 24.01: Impersonation of law enforcement, and / or emergency service personnel is prohibited, and will not be tolerated under any circumstance. If you wish to roleplay as any of these, then you may head over to the specified forum for the agency, and submit your application to join it.

    · 24.02: Stealing emergency vehicles is prohibited. This includes but is not limited to vehicles of law enforcement agencies, as well as the emergency medical service, the only exception to this is if you are being chased by law enforcement, in that circumstance you may take any vehicle as long as there is no other option in order to escape.


    25. WEAPONRY:


    · 25.01: Avoid guns and / or highly illegal weaponry to injure someone for petty things. Firearms are high risk weapons, and are not to be flashed around as if they are toys, use simpler things such as fists, knives and / or other smaller weapons for lower priority situations.

    · 25.02: Avoid using weaponry and / or items and objects that may severely injure another individual for jokes, this is a serious roleplay server, you are to use any and all equipment and / or weaponry sparingly, and with reasoning and proper initiation, use your common sense.

    · 25.03: There is no such thing as rubber bullets on the server, if you use any of your firearms on another individual, you are shooting them with lethal rounds, not rubber rounds, so refrain from killing them to then take them to the hospital to then keep doing it. Exception to this is approved events, and specialized circumstances such as law enforcement trainings.




    · 26.01: As a member of a criminal organization, you are mandated to follow the principles of the criminal enterprise policy, and that of the main community policy. The criminal enterprise policy can be located here: (https://forums.lucidcityrp.com/gang-rules/)

    · 26.02: As a member of a verified and organized criminal organization, you are mandated to follow the principles of the verified enterprise policy, and that of the main community policy. The verified enterprise policy can be located here: (COMING SOON) – REFER TO CRIMINAL ENTERPRISE POLICY UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE!




    · 27.01: Refrain from going above the limitations of the group quantity limitations, with that said, you are not allowed to roam around in no more than six people if you are unaffiliated, if you are affiliated with any form for organization, or organized criminal group, then the limit is up to ten people if it is to involve law enforcement, if you have no intention to involve law enforcement, then it is the maximum capacity of your criminal organization.




    · 28.01: Upon the creation of a character, you are not just putting a name on a model within a game, you are always to consider attributes and traits for the personality of that specific character, and over time, it is your responsibility to take initiative to evolve and build that personality further than that of when it was first created.

    · 28.02: When you create your characters, make sure that you give them a few strengths, but at the same time, make sure they have weaknesses as well. Then think about how your character would react to the specifics of those strengths and weaknesses when it comes to the different interactions, scenarios and events he or she is presented with.

    · 28.03: What is the background of your characters? Where does your characters come from? This does not necessarily have to be overly detailed, but putting some thought and effort into this aspect will make it easier to roleplay with your characters, it will allow you to build and evolve a story based of the backgrounds of the characters you create.

    · 28.04: Remember that you are to stick to the specific personality traits of your characters, you are playing the life of these characters, so the experiences that these characters are presented with should allow for evolution. Allow the different actions, interactions, and consequences to evolve and build your characters over time.

    · 28.05: Your character cannot be involved in everything, if there are other avenues of roleplay that you would like to try, then create a new character for the specific avenue that you wish to pursue. One character should not be a lawyer, a judge and then some gang member, that is overkill and unreasonable, therefore it is unrealistic.

    · 28.06: Please be mindful of how you enter on-going interactions, scenarios, events, as well as storylines. You can interact with people to see if any opportunity arises, however refrain from showing up out of nowhere to make an impact, or to steer an on-going storyline if your story has not led into the specific event or storyline.

    · 28.07: Upon one of your characters reaching a specific destination its storyline, whether it be failing its intended purpose, or actually accomplishing it, perhaps it is time to consider concluding the storyline of that specific character, and consider new characters you wish to play, and new avenues of roleplay that you wish to explore.




    · 29.01: You as the player of a specific character may decide that it is time to conclude the storyline of that specific character, you may decide that it is time to conclude the story of that character due to any reason whatsoever that you feel is sufficient to close it, this may be done at any point, though preferably upon the end of a specific scenario or interaction.

    · 29.02: Upon your character being downed under any circumstance whatsoever, and you decide it is time for their death, the only actions that you need to take is to inform the emergency medical service that is dealing with the specific scenario through: /me that you wish to permanently kill off your character due to heart attack, bullet wound, or injuries you would like it to be.

    · 29.03: If you wish to claim permanent death, and the emergency medical service proclaims you dead upon that, then you are to kill off your character through deleting it upon the conclusion of that specific scenario that led up to the death of your character, this is mandatory, claiming permanent death and not going through with it upon the scenario being concluded will result in the character being wiped, as well as a suspension being issued towards you.




    · 30.01: Throughout your time within the community, your characters will be able to interact with a lot of different individuals from all paths of life, whether it be legal, criminal, and otherwise. From law enforcement officers, to business owners, to government officials, organized criminals and anything that you can possibly imagine within boundaries of realism.

    · 30.02: Our goal is to make sure that all players provide each other with an immersive experience, and add to each other’s storylines. While you are with the emergency medical service you will strive to provide a good scenario for yourself, but also the medical providers, please do your best to use: /me to provide the best possible roleplay and interaction to the medical providers, as they will do the same for you.

    · 30.03: Upon being downed, or when in handcuffs by law enforcement officers, you are considered to be in police custody. Once you are in custody, the current crime or pursuit event is considered to be concluded, and it turns into an arrest or investigation. Throughout that scenario, the friends of those being held are to leave the area.

    · 30.04: While interacting with other individuals and characters within the community, you are to do your utter best to provide them with an enjoyable interaction, scenario, and / or event depending on the circumstance. We are all here to enjoy ourselves, to have fun and to make new connections, to build a storyline, whatever happens within character is to stay within character, within a specific character.

    · 30.05: Under no circumstance are you to bait other individuals that you are interacting with to violating a community policy, or any guidelines that may result in them being penalized for it. Doing so will result in yourself being held accountable under the penalty frames of the specific policy and / or policies that you are attempting to lure them into breaking.




    · 31.01: Upon the creation of a character that you intend to be used for unorganized and / or organized criminal activity, you are to build it in a slow and calculated manner, do not rush to be a mastermind criminal in the matter of days, or some respected gang leader within a few weeks, this should take time, it is unlikely, and unrealistic to believe so.

    · 31.02: Allow your character to make connections to learn how criminal activity works within the city, before making any big moves, you need to learn how everything works in advance, be mindful of the attention from law enforcement agencies upon carrying out criminal activities, give yourself and your peers time between your acts. Repeatedly committing criminal offenses will result in longer penalties and fines, as well as the possibility of investigations into yourself, your peers, and whatever organization you may be connected to.

    · 31.03: At some point throughout your character’s storyline, you will come into contact with organized criminals, these criminals had to work their way up, and at some point, this climb can be very important to their storyline. Making connections with these individuals may evolve your story, while some organizations and criminals may work together from time to time, conflict is to be expected at some point.

    · 31.04: Territory, resources, consumers, and last of all, power will drive a lot of organized criminal conflicts and activity, both conflicts and cooperation will provide some interest to the storyline, make sure to have a good amount of both, diversity is important in order to keep it enjoyable, avoid large alliances that never allow for any form for conflict, that will eventually make it bland and boring.

    · 31.05: Any member added to a criminal organization must be approached through roleplay to make it official, an application or initiation will need to take place, and has to be approved by the person that is in charge of that specific criminal organization. Furthermore, if you ask about your application, or initiation, your chances of getting declined there and then may be high depending on the individual.




    · 32.01: Refrain from abusing in-game mechanics for unintended purposes just to gain an advantage over other individuals in certain activities, interactions, and / or events that provide no story-based roleplay, and whatsoever. Such as but is not limited to the usage of: /carry, /escort, /takehostage mechanic without any proper reasoning, or initiation.

    · 32.02: Multiple characters from one individual will not be tolerated within the same criminal organization, but also within the same businesses and storyline. Avoid creating several characters within the same storyline, allow each and every one of your characters to be unique, allow them to build a storyline of their own with different interactions, and a different purpose than that of the other.




    · 33.01: Upon being charged with any form for felony, or serious criminal offense, your characters employment within any agencies and departments such as the emergency medical service, police department, state police, department of corrections, federal investigations bureau, lawyer, judge and whatsoever will be terminated immediately.

    · 33.02: Individuals with felonies and / or serious criminal offenses on their record will not be permitted to work within government and / or law enforcement agencies under any circumstance, misdemeanors however are permitted, though they will most likely reduce your chances of ever obtaining employment within these agencies and departments, infractions will most likely not affect your chances in any form or shape.

    · 33.03: Real estate agents, car dealers, mechanic employees, or the employees of any other business within the city are subject to the management of their assigned business on how they wish to handle arrests by law enforcement agencies, whether it be capitol crimes, felonies, misdemeanors, infractions and whatsoever it might be.

    · 33.04: Corruption within the law enforcement and government sector will not be tolerated under any circumstance, it will result in an instant removal from the specific department, furthermore it will result in an indefinite and unappealable blacklist from any and all government related jobs from there, as well as the possibility of a removal from the server depending on the severity of the corruption.

    · 33.05: Any whitelisted employee that is found to be embezzling valuables and money from a business in any form or shape will be blacklisted from having any other whitelisted job within the city after that point. Especially if carried out in a manner where it involves no roleplay whatsoever, or if the funds are transferred to another character which is an extreme case of power-gaming, and could possibly result in a character wipe and a removal from the server.


    34. GREEN ZONES:


    · 34.01: Green zones are protected zones within the server, within these zones you are not allowed to commit any criminal offenses, these zones are marked by a green circle on the map. This includes but is not limited to locations such as: Pillbox, Subway Station, and / or any other zone that is marked by a green-circle on the map.

    · 34.02: Any scenario, interaction and / or event that is initiated outside of a green-zone that leads into a green-zone may be continued within that specific green-zone, this is to prevent individuals from abusing green-zones to avoid and void interactions and scenario, if it is abused, contact a member of the server staff team to deal with it.

    · 34.03: Trading and / or carrying business agreements involving currency and / or value within a green-zone to avoid being scammed as a way to bypass the community policy on scamming. No business agreements are to be carried out within these zones, it is unrealistic to sell for example weapons in an hospital, and it is unrealistic to use something that should not exist within character to protect yourself from being scammed. These locations are as follows: Hospitals & Appartments.




    · 35.01: You are never to take your own initiative to enforce the server regulations, policies, and / or guidelines if you are not a member of the community staff team. Such as using the: /jail command to penalize someone for breaking the server rules. If another individual is in violation with the community policies, then you are to report it to a staff member, whether it be in-game, Discord or the forums. However, you must present evidence in order for actions to be taken against the individual responsible for breaking the rules.

    · 35.02: You are not allowed to impersonate members of the staff team in any circumstance, whether it is on the Discord server, forums or within the game itself, doing so will result in an immediate and permanent removal from the server, the community, as well as anything connected and affiliated with it. This is unappealable, as well as non-negotiable due to the severity of the infraction.




    · 36.01: You are not allowed to use your vehicle as a weapon to take the life of another individual without the appropriate initiation or reasoning to do so, pitting vehicles within reasoning is permitted with the appropriate initiation, as well as if you are a member of a law enforcement agency within the policies that are described for that specific agency and / or department.




    · 37.01: Refrain from carrying out hitman roleplay, it is not permitted within the server, paid and hired assassins are not allowed due to the fact that it is an excuse to kill other individuals without proper initiation and reasoning in most cases. It will be considered randomly killing other individuals, you may target people through appropriate initiation and reasoning, however you may not put out professional hits for other people.


    38. LOOPHOLES:


    · 38.01: If you are confronted by members of the community staff team regarding a possible violation of the community policies, you are not to take any initiative to get around that rule as it is written by attempting to use a loophole in the policies, doing so is nothing but foul and toxic, and will result in a removal from the server. We urge you to use common sense, and to show common decency towards staff members, and fellow community members, we expect you to take accountability for your own actions, and your own usage of words.


    39. COUSINS:


    · 39.01: The term cousin is no longer to be used in any form or shape, any and all characters that you create are separate, and are not affiliated in any form or shape, they do not know each other, they are not family members, they play different storylines, refrain from calling another individual out by the fact that you know one of their other characters, do not hint that you know one or several of their other characters, it ruins their roleplay and storyline, treat them as a new person rather than treating them as someone you know.




    · 40.01: Refrain from advertising for other servers and communities on the server, whether it is in-game, Discord, forums and so forth, doing so in-game breaks character, and it ruins the player experience, and storylines that they are attempting to build and evolve, doing this will result in a permanent removal from anything affiliated to the community.


    41. EVASION:


    · 41.01: Refrain from evading from penalties and server suspensions, if a punishment is issued towards your account by a member of the server staff team, then you are to let that penalty play out and expire, evading this punishment will result in a permanent removal from the community, and anything affiliated to it. This is not negotiable in any form or shape. There is a reason the punishment was issued towards you, learn from it rather than attempting to evade it.


    42. HEADGEAR:


    · 42.01: Refrain from wearing masks everywhere you go, masks and anything that covers your face is to be used within specific circumstances, scenarios, and events, and nothing aside from that. Having a bunch of individuals run around with masks on the daily without any reason whatsoever is unrealistic, why would you wear masks everywhere you go? Exception to this rule is if you are actively carrying out criminal activity, then this may be used to avoid detection by law enforcement officials.

    · 42.02: Do not wear helmets, there are known issues with helmets that provide you with an advantage depending on your circumstance, the only helmet you may wear is the biker helmet if you are actively riding on a bike, other than that the only helmets that may be worn are tactical helmets for members of the special weapons and tactics teams within law enforcement agencies.




    · 43.01: You are required to comply with the Twitch Terms of Service upon streaming yourself, or knowingly being in the presence of another streamer. This may be located here: https://www.twitch.tv/p/legal/terms-of-service/

    · 43.02: Within our Discord server, you are mandated to comply with the Discord Terms of Service, failure to do so will result in a removal from our Discord server. This may be located here: https://www.discord.com/terms/




    · 44.01: Refrain from engaging in sexual roleplay with other individuals, you are required to have their consent to do anything like this, either way we discourage it due to complications and consequences that may arise due to it, you do not know the age of a person over the internet, people lie, and it is troubling, and may lead into legal issues.

    · 44.02: Torture roleplay is controversial, some individuals are not comfortable with this form for roleplay, though it is generally allowed, however if an individual does not wish to take part of this form for roleplay, then he or she may get a staff member involved to inform everyone involved that they are to cease the torture roleplay, and furthermore turn the scenario into something else.


    45. ISLAND:


    · 45.01: You are not permitted to sell illegal items and / or narcotics on the island under any circumstance, the island is a zone where there is no law enforcement present whatsoever, and is controlled by a militia, your only risks are the airport upon taking a flight back to the city.

    · 45.02: Members of law enforcement agencies are not allowed on the island under any circumstance as active duty, the island is considered foreign territory to the State of San Andreas, meaning the law enforcement agencies does not have any form for jurisdiction or authority on the island.

    · 45.03: You are never under any circumstance to take a boat to head over to the island, you are always to go to the island through the airport, and the airlines by airplane. The island is not intended to be boarded by boat travel, anyone doing this will be held under power-gaming and / or exploiting due to the fact that the only way to get there by boat is to rejoin the server upon getting there.


    46. FAIL RP:


    · 46.01: You are to treat the local (PED) population as equals to that of actual players and characters, you are not to walk around shooting and killing locals (PEDS) randomly, it makes little to no sense to do that. Going around killing locals (PEDS) shows a lack of intent, refrain from assaulting and killing them without any necessity to do so.





    · 47.01: Trading in-game currencies and / or items for any form for valuables and / or currency outside of the game in order to gain an advantage within the game such as but is not limited to paying another individual for in-game money, weapons, businesses, houses, and so forth.




    · 48.01: Reporting individuals in order to retaliate for interactions and / or issues within or outside of character is not tolerated. Example: You are reported by another individual, and you have evidence of this individual breaking certain rules in the past, and you choose to bring this evidence up in the aftermath to retaliate in order to get them in trouble.




    · 49.01: Maliciously intervening in an active interaction and / or roleplay scene is not permitted. As an example, if another group of individuals is carrying out a robbery of a location such as the jewelry store, art heist, a bank, and so forth, then you are to refrain from intervening and / or attempting to take over that scene.


    50. REPORTS:


    · 50.01: Refrain from reporting other individuals over petty and / or unnecessary reasons. Any issues and interactions that can be handled within character is to be handled within character, refrain from taking grudges and in-character issues to waiting room, and / or members of the server staff team.


    51. VIBE:


    · 51.01: Refrain from publishing any forms for out of character content on the platform. Such as but is not limited to the publication of videos, photos, and gifs that originate from sources that has no relation to the city itself, or to the roleplay. This platform is strictly to be used for in-character content that can be tied to the roleplay.

    · 51.02: Do not publish and / or share any forms for content that could be considered advertisement. By this we are specifically referring to content that originate outside of the platform such as external communities, SoundCloud and artist pages. Doing this will result in your account getting suspended and / or deleted.

    · 51.03: Creating characters in-city with business names in order to bypass and / or replace the pages and / or groups feature will not be tolerated. Use the specific features that have been implemented for things such as this rather than attempting to do it differently through methods that do not make sense.

    · 51.04: Standardized community guidelines and policies apply to the VIBE social media platform, and will be enforced by the VIBE moderation staff. Failure to comply with community guidelines and policies will be dealt with in accordance with the instructions provided by the community infraction code.




    Members of the community staff team are authorized to penalize you at their own discretion if your actions are considered inappropriate, destructive, or against unwritten policies that are simply considered common sense, however you reserve the right to appeal any such punishment and / or infraction from staff.

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