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  1. Character Introductions

    This is where your character announces his or her arrival to Lucid City, and shares what plans they may have within the city.

  2. Roleplay Scenarios

    Share stories of exciting scenarios you've experienced ingame..

  3. Gangs / Criminal Organizations

    Let everyone know what your gang is about..

  4. Businesses

    This is where business owners will post all sorts of information regarding their businesses, - such as hiring and the possibility of selling off their business.

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    • Thanks brotha ! ill be seeing u around 
    • I click the link on this website to join the discord server. I then accept the invite, and proceed to the verify section and click where it says verify. I open my DMs and it tells me to type out x letters to verify that I am human. I do that, but it doesn't register that I typed it. I tried all caps, all lowercase, spaces between letters and still nothing. I tried replying to the specific message and it doesn't change anything. After 1 minute it sends a new set of letters, and I try again. 3 minutes later I get kicked. This is my first time trying to join an RP server. A bunch of my friends are playing on this server and enjoy it and I wanted to join them. Am I doing something wrong? I'm pretty this isn't posted in the right section, but it would let me post it in the "report bug" section.
    • Why did I choose Lucid City? I guess it was the weather, or the I don’t know the magic. The city where you can become anything you want. I wanted to get a new start, in a new city. Get away from the struggles of living in Liberty City.  Wanted to stop living in the shadows of greater men and create my own shadows somewhere new. So, I packed my bags and left that life and all the people in it behind. Time to create my own story and carve my own path. Ready to meet new people and bring meaning to this meaningless life. Just landed here today, so I am looking forward to hitting the ground running.
    • Hello nice to meet you, hope to see you in the city on the street one day!
    • I hope you make it in the city and enjoy yourself! please let us know if you got any questions before entering the city.
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