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    • Jello! Aj is the named Davi is my alt irl and on server its gonna be my first time flying out. Her story is that she grew up in the in the Midwest, early 2000s with two sibling on her moms side and 19 on her nonexistent father's side, she is the middle child by right so when her sister started popping out babies she was automatically stay home nanny and has always had a nak for childcare. This adolescent responsibility though helped evolve some quality traits within her personality, eventually it caused stress and a decent amount of resentment. Not only that Davi was raised in the church, and for as long as she could understand she (unfortunately for the church and the poor choir boy momma kept sending her way) was attracted to women. This is something Davi never felt she could express even to her close friends she always felt the paranoia that if even one person in her hometown knew she would be shamed or worse sent "away". Davi knew that she couldn't stay in her family home, when she turned 18 she went to trade school to be a auto mechanic. Now 27 she never looked back settling in the west, sure she adores her mother though, when Davi came out while away her mother has had a hard time accepting her, she's grown and just can no longer fit into the "pretty pink box" her family created. Davi is ready to make a name for herself doing whatever means necessary and maybe finding someone to build with on the way. Thanks for reading! Hope to see yall in there!  
    • What's up I'm Tommy. Been through many cities for long and short periods. Found Five M around 2018-2019 and Lucid was the first city I flew into at the time. Fortnite was popular at the time and war zone just came out so I didn't really go much further. Started actually getting into Five m about a year ago. A lot of RP as a criminal and a good bit as a cop. Majoring in Biochem and plan on switching to neuroscience. Pretty much it.
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