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Micheal Adams's Lucid Airline Application

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What is your Steam profile link?



How many hours do you have on Lucid and / or FiveM?

752 hours


What is your Discord username?



How old are you?



What is the name of your character?

Micheal Adams


How old is the character you are applying with?



What is the phone number of the character you are applying with?



What is the background of your character?

Micheal Adams, a man of both the skies and the streets, has a story that intertwines the thrill of flight with the gritty reality of law enforcement. Born and raised in the sprawling city of Los Santos, Micheal always felt a magnetic pull toward the heavens. As a child, he would gaze up at the contrails left by passing planes, dreaming of soaring among the clouds. His journey began when he earned his FFA Private Pilot License. The small Cessna he trained on became his sanctuary—a place where he could escape the noise of the city and find solace in the vast expanse above. But Micheal’s ambitions stretched beyond leisurely flights. He yearned for something more daring, more adrenaline-fueled. And fate, as it often does, intervened. An opportunity arose within the Los Santos Police Department. They needed an experienced pilot to handle their helicopter fleet—a critical role in a city teeming with crime, traffic, and chaos. Micheal seized the chance, trading his serene Cessna for the powerful blades of a police chopper.


What are your previous jobs and / or current affiliations?

Micheal Adams does a lot of side work he doesn’t have a true job after he left the LSPD of a different city but he is affiliated with a gang under the name of Goon Squad


Why do you want to be a pilot?

I want to be pilot in the wonderful Lucid Airlines for a lot of reasons but just a few of them are as follows. My main reason I would like to be a pilot in Lucid it my everlasting drag to the skies from when I was a child. Number 2 is because of Lucid’s reputation, there is many good things said and I have personally had a great experience with the company so I believe it would be a great place to continue to fly. Finally Number 3 is more because of my passion towards flying in head and wanting to work for a big airline.


What makes you different from other individuals that are applying?

The thing I believe differs me from any other individual applying would be my experience in the field of flying and also my enthusiasm and love towards flying and all that comes with it.


What kind of experience do you have related to flight and piloting?

I have over 1 year and a half of experience in the piloting industry. 1 year in a airline called Escape Arlines where I got my PPL and spent time flying private and then I moved to a city called Subliminal where I joined the LSPD and flew Air 1 for them for about 5 months.


How active can you be a week?

50+ Hours


Any additional questions?


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