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  1. New form submission from Lawyer Application What is your discord name?: tricondus#5264What is your age?: 32How long have you been on Lucid City RP?: one weekWhat is your in-game phone number?: 3661926269What is your roleplay name?: jimmy the greekWhat country & region are you from?: canada/ estHow would you explain the duties of a Lawyer?: A lawyer shall use tactics that are legal, honest and respectful of courts and tribunals • A lawyer shall act with integrity and professionalism, maintaining his or her overarching responsibility to ensure civil conduct • A lawyer shall educate clients about the court processes in the interest of promoting the public's confidence in the administration of justiceDo you have previous legal experience? If so, explain.: No i do not i have 10 years of RP experince on DND, and that rule book is bigger then anything lucid has atmWhy do you want to be a lawyer?: i do not see enough RP atm when it comes to basic necessities other then the taxi service and mechanics. I believe bringing more RP in this area would benefit the players, be it the cops or the thiefs or common folkHow are you different from other applicants?: I will do my best to research what i can in hope to bring some aspect of realism to the court room and defendants. I also plan on saving case files and recording audio of the proceedings to insure another level of realism. I have many years of RP and am a mature member of the communityHow much time are you willing to invest as a lawyer?: Not sure what that means exactly ? if we are talking about game time i usually play about 5hrs but on longer days i can probably invest more time. maybe 2-3 hrs a day ? if more is needed please inform me, this can be changedDoes your character have a criminal record?: NoWhat is your current occupation on the server?: lumberjackHave you received any disciplinary actions in the past? If so, why were you disciplined, and what have you learned from that mistake?: none what so ever. i have not committed a single crimeDo you agree not to ask about the status of your application?: YesDo you agree to follow chain of command?: Yes
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