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  1. i meet a lot of people that don't talk just run around you for minutes and it has the ability to really freak you out
  2. it looks like its because your friend is banned from the server try to go in crome and search lucid city rp discord this should work
  3. a lot of people seem to have the same problem as you best best advice is to contact an admin on discord or this forum
  4. thor12


    ive played rp on and of for about 1 year i liked how in depth the server looked so i joined even though joining was a bit tedious and so far iv,e been enjoying the server although i think the discourse is a little complicated and the server sometimes overcrowded but other than that i think the server is a blast.
  5. at least this worked for me i joined by joining the discord then verified a captcha in my dm,s from a bot called wick then verified with double counter then i closed fiveM then i entered this link cfx.re/join/e85mlm in crome then pressed open fiveM then the server opened
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