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  1. Sup welcome to the city
  2. looks painful i only just started construction today hahaha havent had no incidents yet
  3. Hi all I'm Ricky ill be playing a character known as Richard Chazz. i Havent reoleplayed for quite a few years but i have missed it just havent had a system capable of running most of the games popular within the roleplay scene. i'm from the uk but play most nights as i have insomnia issues. I'm looking to meet new people as well as re-establish a sense of community within my life again. Outside of roleplay im learning to code with unity i also do volunteer work most recently with St Johns Ambulance service. I like anime and movies i watch a lot of youtube and netflix and twitch in my spare time during the day. aside from that My life has mostly been a battle with mental health problems but its looking brighter and brighter each year as i work on it.
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