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Aye wassup y'all my name Michael Johnson, I just moved in to the city. I don't got no dad and my mom up in the nursing home cause my god damn sister won't take care of her ass, and I could not deal with them no more, cause they was not benefiting me in no way at all, they even got me fired cause they ass was off drinking somewhere instead of driving me to work. As you can tell, I'm fucking broke, but I had saved up enough money to move and get tf outta that situation, and I ended up here in the city. We not gon speak on this, but I found me an abandoned van that I be living in. Can't even afford my own fucking car, all I got is that damn stimulus check and the money i'm making doing these wack ass delivery jobs. I don't plan on getting into some shady shit, cause I be pretty laid back, but if this delivery shit not working out for me imma have to take matters into my own hands bruh. And I ain't here to slaughter no damn chickens so don't even offer me that shit. I do love listening to my music though I be up on Blonded most the time they got some nice songs in that shit, they got Frank and shit, but they shit be lame sometimes too, like they be playing sum country shit which I definently do not fuck with, so I just switch to iFruit or the Los Santos radio, but sometimes I just be needing to turn that shit off because I also aint tryna listen to them british songs either.

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