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hi guys my mane is chris or you can call me cj I'm a small streamer who just wants to play games, gta rp seems fun and I really am just looking to establish ground in the community and rp as I see on twitch. It is a goal of mine to eventually join the pd and take down some bad dudes and and learn the law enforcement side of it. other then that its also a way to interact with people more cause I only really play games with a select few lol but room to grow. I hope the community here can be a place for me to hang and chat with people... I do want to stream gta rp as well, so I hopefully se myself doing that soon too. and if its not allowed somebody can flag this or whatever but my twitch is twitch.tv/OGxCJShindler I'm almost at 50 followers and trying to stream as much as I can but check it out if you want.

2OGxCJShindler Transparent-01-01.png

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