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Issues with the helper application process {opinion}

Damien Hall AKA. D

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Now, this is my "Rant" I suppose you can call it based on the Helper Application forms.

- Please keep in mind, the person who got accepted, I have no issue against & actually know him. 

- I'm creating this to help better the future for application processing as I like the community. 

- With that said, I feel like this application was bias and unfair & allows mods to pick whom they choose & here is my reasoning behind it.  


#1. The timing of the form- image.png.4375893114462edfb7fc91381d1018e7.png

His form was wrote at 9:36 PM on a Thursday, it was responded to 6:16 PM on a Sunday. This converts to 81 hours

As stated "The average response time is UP to 72 hours if you receive no response, you've been denied" - He received his response after this timeline indicated 


#2. Individuals who wrote there application BEFORE "Bubba Hornwell" received no type of response. 


- As you can see there is plenty of applications that have not been answered too [including myself] which weren't even answered too... [Neither ACCEPTED OR DENIED]

-So why does he get a response and others don't?


#3. His overall application was lacking things others could provide.

image.png.8ac3a8410ec6b2b2c4f806914ddd00c6.png - NO type of experience with moderating AT ALL

(Applicant MOB SOLO) for example had EXPERIENCE [Others had prior experience as well]image.thumb.png.3b8e14f6a753622873f887fc966f56d1.png  - 

- So people who have prior experience & more filled out/sophisticated applications don't get an answer?


#4. Personal ties with the moderator himself. 

- From a personal standpoint I believe the only reason Bubba got this position is because of his relationship with said Moderator that provided it too him. 


- Ghosts organization has a variety of moderators including the mod who read & accepted the application. 

- Please keep in mind the time of him writing this message along with the time he filled out his application [Same date]

- So making the assumption he joined for the helper opportunity.



 This is something I personally felt like needed to get out there. In reality I think ALL applications should be read in order not based on the person. This was not to attack Bubba or the mod as I personally like them both just feel like there's some holes within it all. [Like I said, just my opinion, Thanks and hope the memo is self-explanatory/]

Edited by Damien Hall AKA. D
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Gang Leader

Dear sir, we are currently very busy and still working on recruiting, so we apologize on the response not being accurate/up to date. We go through applications everyday and pick the ones that stand out. Just because you have no moderating experience doesn't mean you are not fit to be one. Thus, we choose people on different variety, not just experience. Experience can be taught. As far as personal ties, please do never accuse staff for being bias within accepting Helpers. There is no one person that picks and chooses applications, we go through a very professional recruitment process. I hope this voids your frustration. 

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