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Nicki Columbo, New to the city !

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Name : Nicki B. Columbo Age: 32 Family: Frank "Deathwish" Columbo (Father, serving Life in Vice city State Prison), Charlie "Golden Boy" Columbo (brother), Sammie "The Chef" Columbo (brother), Lisa Columbo (Mother, deceased), Tommy Vercetti (cousin) Nickname : "Pretty Boy", "Nicki Bands" Affiliations : Vice City Columbo Family (V.C.C.F) Convictions : Drug trafficking, Extortion, Racketeering, Money laundering, Conspiracy to commit murder, Prison/Jail : Sentenced to 12yrs (served 7yrs) in Liberty City State Prison Nicki was born in 1988 in Little Havana in Vice City in what some may call the "Golden Age" of organized crime. The Columbo family was known for supplying drugs and weapons throughout Vice city and later expanded to San Andres, and even had some businesses in Liberty City operating under their control. Nicki has always had the hustlers' mentality since the beginning, and quickly learned how to make money by any means necessary. Quickly made a name for himself by racking up a rough estimate of 2.2 million dollars in total profit by the age of 17 which earned him the nickname "Nicki Bands". Nicki and older cousin Tommy Vercetti made a great duo and made millions of dollars by smuggling in diamonds which brought a new source of revenue for the Columbo family. Nicki has always been about the money and less about getting his hands dirty, but don't let that fool you into taking him as a pushover. Sources say on multiple occasions, that even though there's no physical proof or evidence of Nicki actually committing any violent crimes such as murder or assaults', his involvement is definitely there. Wether its giving the green light to one of his goons to "tuck in" one of his enemies or putting an insane amount of money on someone's head to collect, Nicki is definitely a threat to take serious when crossed. After his Father and head of the Columbo Family Frank "Deathwish" got popped for Murder and sentenced to Life in prison the other families took advantage and waged a war on the Columbos. A war that turned vice city to a war zone, and caused a lot of bloodshed. Losing the war Nicki and his brothers decided to leave the city before they were killed, which lead his brothers to Liberty City and Nicki decided to head to Los Santos. Looking to regain some stability and get back to his lavish lifestyle, Nicki is hoping he can build up his families name again and establish a home base in Los Santos. Nicki knows the ends and out of supplying rugs and weapons so maybe that can be a start, but who knows what the future holds for the flashy pretty boy who lost everything and is hungry to rebuild and maybe head back to Vice City to seek revenge one day.

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