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Venchinzo Lombarti -Vinny The Chin-


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Vinchinzo Lombarti is an Italian american boxer looking for glory, his uncle Antonio Lombarti was ranked the number 4 Pound For Pound Middleweight boxer in the world at one time and further more taught Vinchinzo everything he knows. His father Giuseppe -The Jaw- Lombarti was renown for his boxing prowess aswell . After multiple years grinding as an Amature boxer its time he makes it to the big leagues , Pro Boxing is in his blood , his heart,his mind, and of course his CHIN . Countless hours of training later and a record of 31-8-1 (26 wins by knockout) he does it, he becomes pro, as he climbs to the top of the rankings to become the number one Pound For Pound fighter in the Light heavyweight division he loses his wife to breast cancer , he is broke in his wallet and his mind , moreover the looming passage of time is wearing on Venchinzo . He makes one of the hardest decisions he has ever had to make in his life , to quit his dream, to abandon what he has loved for his whole life , to leave boxing behind when he was so close to all he ever wanted . All things considered its time to make a change , and that change is CRIME , the Lombarti Crime family was born out of necessity, the necessity every human wakes up with everyday in Lucid CIty, to survive.

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