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Jack Stewart is here and probably ready to be recruited by MLM type jobs.


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Jack Stewart




  • Grew up around Philadelphia

  • Parents were drug addicts, so doesn’t like drugs

  • Got involved in MLM schemes after dropping out of college, moved here because he heard there were a lot of business opportunities

  • He is fiscally irresponsible as a result of his upbringing, and won’t hesitate to jump at almost all of the business opportunities he is presented with


Physical Description

  • Standing 6' 1" tall, and lanky with fair skin.

  • He has a narrow face, a well-formed nose, and narrow lips. 

  • His brown eyes are large and he has tapered eyebrows.

  • His black hair is short and lank, and is pulled into a ponytail.

  • He usually wears new, stylish clothes that are mostly light-coloured and well-fitting.


Personal Status

  • Lower middle class

  • Attended public school and two years of college before dropping out

  • Fairly poor currently, but always claims to be “hustling”


Mental / Personality Traits


  • Parents were drug addicts so doesn’t like drugs

  • Does what it takes to make money, but never does any drugs unless motivated by large sums of money

  • Manipulative and typical sales bro attitude, doing whatever it takes to make a dollar

  • Tries to get involved in MLM type schemes whenever possible

  • Average intelligence, but stupid with relationships and feelings

  • Jack has a fun-loving feel about him and attempts to persuade people he encounters with his fun-loving demeanor

  • Likes playing online poker, pretending to be good at business, and trying to make money

  • Dislikes elevators, wearing wet clothes, slow cashiers, people who speak loudly in public

  • Terrified of all reptiles

  • Mainly motivated by making money to attempt to provide for a future family

  • Good at marketing and selling stuff.


Perma Conditions





See you out there on the streets friends.

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