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Hey I'm Athena! Looking for some ppl to play with


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Hey folks, I'm Athena (yup it is my real name). While I'm not new to RP-ing, I'm new to FiveM and Lucid City, so nice to meet you all!
I'm pretty used to roleplay as well since I've played a lot of tabletop RPGs as well as used to be in an RP server on SWTOR.
In game I go by Hunter Haas, a 23 Dutch girl who came to the city to fulfill her dream of becoming a DJ. IRL I am in the early stages of learning music production, but I don't plan to be a DJ, I'm also not Dutch, I am 23 tho.
I must say that I'm still a bit lost and looking for friends to RP together, although I have met a bunch of amazing ppl in the city who taught me the basics.

That's pretty much it, feel free to reach out so we our characters can meet!

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I saw your other post about Hunter on the forums and thought it was great hahah, welcome! I'm new to GTA V RP too and just joined the city so I hope I see you around! I'm DanBill Bishop in-game.

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