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Spr (DanBill)


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Hey everyone, I go by Spr but in the city I'm DanBill Bishop (if anyone gets the reference props to you 😂). I'm 26, live in the US, recently graduated with my undergraduate degree in History with a minor in Philosophy. I'll be attending Law School next year and plan on being a Corporate, Contract, or Real Estate attorney. I've competed in multiple games throughout my life including League of Legends (was Challenger back in the day), CSGO (won a few LAN's and played for my university's team in college), and Overwatch (was Top 500). I work from home and have always followed a few RP streamers and figured I could get into this while working so it's sort of a win-win situation, get paid to play GTA RP LOL. 

If you ever wanna chill or something either inside or outside the city just let me know, I'm friendly and just joke around 99.9% of the time.

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