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Tabish Tash


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Hey my name is tabish mujahid , Ic my name is Tabish Tash. I have been playing roleplay since 2015 . First I used to play rp on Samp afterwards i build my dream pc with some good specs so i started playing gta 5 five m rp and playing fivem rp since 2019 first servers that i joined were RedlinRp, Carolina State Rp, City Life Rp, Project X Rp, American Rp , DOJRP e.t.c. Was looking for a populated server and where people even know how to rp and i am glad i have finally found one. About me ; I was born in Saudia Arabia afterwards moved to America then Australia then Germany and then i came to Pakistan so i am kinda mixed. Will be moving to America or Germany after a year. My hobbies are many : I like playing games, playing guitar , playing badminton ,singing ,swimming , horse riding and listening to jazz and chill rock. If you want to follow me on instagram it is : tabish_mujahid and if you wanna add me on snap here is my snap : tmujahid81. Hope to see ya in Rp.

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