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Ban Appeal


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Hi I used general as the appeal section didnt work.

  1. Name: Cresswell227
  2. Steam Profile: McDonaldsMcFlury
  3. Ban Duration: 18/1/2038
  4. What's the reason you got banned?: Excessive Toxicity
  5. Why do you think you're eligible for an unban?:  There was an incident were is was being crashed into in a green zone both of us in cars and I had been having family issues causing me to go over the top i character and be verbally toxic this was only intended in character and not to go any further I did not mean anything I said and was wondering if I could get a second chance as I enjoy the server and would be willing to keep playing wether i am monitored for a bit as i have purchased priority and if I get unbanned would continue to purchase it thanks very much I am willing to talk about the personal situation in DM's I beleive I should get a second chance as I have learnt from my mistake.
  6. Ban Screenshot:



Desktop Screenshot 2021.07.11 -

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