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Hello everyone, on the internet I go as Abraid. My in-game character name is Ricky Towers. Ricky is originally from New Yonkers. His time there is an interesting story. Ricky was the leader in a human trafficking, now I know you are reading this thinking what an awful thing. I would like to inform you it really wasn't what you think, Ricky would go after old people with his little merry gang of friends. It was a very tight nit group. They would claim their life insurance policies and cash out. For years they flourished with cars, money, anything you can think of they had. One day things all came crashing down, see before the police did not have sophisticated DNA analysis at the time. Once DNA analysis become more advanced they started cracking down on their operation. All of them were eventually caught and charged for the crimes. Now Ricky the brains of the operation had very important information that was valuable to the government. Once he released them the sensitive information they gave him one chance at life and was extradited to Lucid City. Ricky now wants to be a successful restaurant owner one day in the future but will have to find his place in the community.......I do live stream Mon-Fri 9am-3pm EST so if you want to see what I'm up to stop by! Hope to see you all in the city.

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