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Hello Lucid City!

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Hello, my name is Kallie Fornication and I've spent close to 90 hours making my way around the city, so I think it's time to properly introduce myself!

A few things about me- I'm 22 years old, I have worked as a delivery driver for the 3030 store (30 deliveries in one day may I add 😉) I've then found my current job at the Cyber Bar. I love working there! You can find me there quite often, so if you visit I'd love to see you! 

I can make anyone laugh, I love to drive my pretty pink Nissan around, and I have never passed a body on the road without transporting them to the hospital. I'm basically an unofficial EMS. 😏

A job I'm currently shooting for is Weazel News. I'd love to be a reporter for the city, and to keep you all up to date on the events that occur in city! I really hope I get this job!!

When I'm out of town I have a full time job as a teacher. But I fly in Lucid City as much as I can! I also love creating art, and meeting new people. I'll see you guys in the city! 💜

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