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FT's introduction


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Hi everyone, so I will make a brief introduction of myself.

I am a French Canadian Man from Quebec that's been speaking English regularly for 15 years and now I am 30 years old.
I've done larps (live action roleplay) and I'm kind of missing that vibe for a while now. Done a fair share of fantasy larps and one vampire the mascarade/cyberpunk.
I use to play bad guys in the fantasy ones as my friends would join them and we had a blast being the nicest bad guys in the game as we gave everyone a fair chance at being able to save their lives giving them enough time to escape and making sure they were hydrated, had things to eat, able to go do their businesses, kept them entertained and giving windows of opportunity for escapes. If they succeeded and had to get new ones and stumbled open them again we would approach them in a friendly manner and let them go as they already spent enough time away from their enjoyment to be with us. 99% of the time they were super awesome and was the highlight of their weekend being captives regardless of the outcome. Some joined our groups afterwards because of it, others "protected" us when players were starting ooc drama against our group. All of the groups me and my friends played in were wiped because of ooc drama that the "good guys" couldn't stand the highlights we'd get and we didn't really care as we were there to have fun. So every time it ended up having the whole "good" side against our group at a ratio of 1 of us for 10 of them. At least we always went out with a bang and those battles are things most players kept talking about for a while as being great battles.

I'm the kind of player who just wants to have fun, regardless of what the situation is and try my best for the other party involved to have their fun too. Of course when you play a bad guy you might need to take someone away for a bit, but they should still have attention and fun regardless.

Right now I would love to try the other side, play one of the good guy with the same care as I did with my bad guys.
I think it's important to respect each other regardless of situations/opinions and understand that our time isn't more valuable then someone else's.
So needless to say I want to try to be a "good" cop, but we never know where we're gonna end up with RP, which is the fun part.

I don't know how to join the server, maybe someone could guide me.
If not, well thanks for reading and I hope the best for anyone who reads this.

Take care and have fun!

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