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hey people im new and i played this 5 months ago and just came back


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i signed back in to my old discord same accounts same everything , then discord lucid city asks me to verify again for no reason so i do and it says that i got banned for trying to use a different discord account when its been the same damn account the whole time because on the same message box list i have messages from 5 months ago asking to verify and verified succesfully  so i dont understand why im banned im stressed out as this was my favorite rp and now im fucked sad tbh its not fair

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  • i just want to get unbanned my discord has always been myhaha25#5342 i been using the same email all the time also i just want to be unbanned and i have to way to message the owner because he doesnt even have a direct line so it makes it for me way harder and im 24 years old , i dont understand how such system can get me banned please help me
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