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Ryan Drakeson

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Hi everyone! My name is Ryan and I have been role playing on FiveM since October 2020. My favorite part of the server is that I can create a new persona that reflects who I am in real life while also adding unique, character based traits I wish I had! I look forward to meeting new people. Hit me up, my Lucid role play character name is Ryan Drakeson. 😃

Fun facts about me:

  1. My Zodiac sign is Cancer ♋
  2. I love the color yellow (Can you tell?)  💛
  3. I have two belly buttons, no really, I do! ðŸ–ąïļ
  4. I love Chai Tea, spiced and unspiced. ☕
  5. I have a rabbit, his name is Benji! 🐇
  6. I love fake plants, low maintenace but they look lovely! ðŸŠī

If you want, share some facts about yourself below! I can't wait to meet everyone in the city!

Pictured below is a photo of my boy, he's shy but loves head and ear rubs!


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