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Not that I am interested in these jobs anymore, but I've put in an application to be a security/salesman at the Lucid Dealership, and also to be a C.O. About 3 weeks ago I put in those applications, and still no denied or accepted for me. I think management with these companies should do better, although now people can just walk into the car dealership and get a job on the spot. Meanwhile others were interested in the position almost a month ago. However, not interested in these spots anymore, just thought it would be good for management to work more diligently.   

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Not dogging the staff when I say this, it is what it is, and they have lives, families, and jobs, but I've been waiting on a discord ban appeal for... about a month? I was banned by a bot, only ever talked to an admin about my server ban that happened just as I was loading into the game. Got the server ban sorted pretty quickly, no one has even replied to my discord ban. About 4 weeks or more and nothing. I check it every other day or so and see admins active on other posts, but mine just slowly accumulates views. *shrugs* It's a bummer for sure, but it is what it is. I just hope eventually someone gets to it.

You might be better off doing what you did but also saying something in the discord? 

Good luck friend. 

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