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Help :(

Zakaria Jackson

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I was doing my thing inrp but then I got attacked by a group of 2 people. Normal for rp but they didn't even have any motive they said i attacked them but I never did so they falsely accused me. I went along with it because rp but then they took everything I have. I grinded for 3 days to get the money to buy a gun they took my gun I was using my metal detector for over 5 hours and finally found a heroin BP they took that as well then they started straight up harrassing me they told me to suck their dick they started cussing with no reason they shot me dead brought me to the hospital then shot me dead again brought me to the hospital and shot me dead again then they took me to a river and dumped me in there this is not roleplay it was not fun they ruined my experience entirely this is not okè I now have to restart completely!

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