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Solo Hitting Banks (with a hostage)


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I understand how using the two-handed drill while covering a hostage with a gun is not allowed, but I don't see why it's not okay to put a gun to the hostage's head and make them drill for you, then proceeding to take the bank loot after they finish. With the way banks are right now, even if you are a duo, payouts are pretty garbage, especially with crypto sticks having no monetary value. Hitting banks solo with a hostage using this method should be allowed imo, it adds another layer of RP for hostages, rather than just surrendering next to the bank door. Police can still watch on cameras for proof of life, or even send an officer or two to the back to oversee the drilling. 

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Don't get me wrong it sounds like a great idea but banks are meant to be a group job that has tons of planning into it. I understand as well that the payout might not be the greatest which I hope it get's tweaked soon enough however banks are mainly another rp aspect and should be used as so instead of just some money farmer. 

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