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Starting a New life In Lucid City


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Hello everyone my name is Larz (Mr_Larz) Hawks I Moved from Liberty City after misuse of company equipment to crypto mine. Before arriving in Lucid City I had a full existence as a security analyst. I left the city with minimal funds. I hopes to start a new. Searching for a new life and a new place to put my skill set to use. On June 7 th 2021 I went into a coma. I was out for a week and a half. It was strange and changed the course of my life forever.

“He is Quiet mostly sticks to himself. He Rarely Makes friends.  His friends are usually all on-line.  He always has his face towards a screen and never goes anywhere without his hoodie and Cons. His favorite colors are red and black.  He rarely sleeps and always looks for the upper hand in a deal.  Anywhere there are electronics he can usually be found.”

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