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Hello guys, wassup. I am Enfira Nightwalker. It seems I've awoken in your city on a new mission. I know very little of myself or how things work around here. I guess you can say that I'm "not from around here" to say the very least. I don't... quite in fact remember much of anything now that i mention it. These temporal time shifts seem to mess with my head a little bit. I can tell you that I am existing in the city on a very secret mission. I wish to get rid of all the negative energies consuming humanity so we can fight off this darkness. I know a few things about secret events and "conspiracies" that I'm sure the sleeping ears of the city would benefit from knowing about, and I am constantly looking for ways to succeed in my mission to help humanity realize their true potential. The CIA and FBI wanted me to work for them, and I nearly did, until I dug a little too deep into their dirty laundry. Now I'm on the run and undercover. I've chosen this city to lay low and hopefully work eventually with law enforcement to stop these impending dark energies from taking over people and inevitably wiping out all the good of humanity. It will start with Lucid City. My name's Enfira, and I'm here to become a staple in the goodness that lies deep in the heart of the city. It is a pleasure to meet all of you, and I hope we can work on your dreams, together.

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