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Scooter's Introduction


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I'm not sure if I'm supposed to roleplay in my introduction, but I'll give you a small overview of what I'm looking to bring to the table and who I am! 

I am 22 years old, from a small town in Canada and I make content on YouTube and Twitch as a hobby I've come to love more than anything (not linking any social medias so this doesn't turn into a self promo). I am looking to join this server in the hopes to bring a fun energy to those around me and find a place where I can dive into a "character" and create fun storylines with people all over. I have read the rules, respect them, and feel this would be a great place for me to fit in! 

This would be my first serious role-play experience, so I would do my absolute best to adhere to the heart and soul of the GTA RP lifestyle. 

My character, named Scooter respectfully, has been developed into what I feel like will make for an interesting individual for the Lucid City RP, and I hope to catch all of y'all around sometime. :)  

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