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Diego Rodriguez/Ex Cartel - now nice guy.


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Hola, me llamo Diego Rodriguez. My name is Diego. I come from Mehico man. I was in cartel back home doing crazy shit man...cleaning dead bodies and shit. Sometimes they were not dead you know....i had to finish them...fuck man. I got here to this city to get a normal job man. No more la criminal. No more crazy shit you know...I want to have la familia and peaceful life. I gotta tell you man it's not looking good man...my first day some guy ran me over man i lost my dick...gracias a dios its big you know. Then some guy robbed me and i lost my ID and phone man...my second day this dude stabbed me in front of la policía. I don't want to be the bad guy you know....i want to be good....but el diablo en mi esta despertando...the fucking devil inside me is waking up. I hope i can stay clean and good...i hope my life will get better man...por favor dios ayúdame. 

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