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I don't know if this is the right place to ask this but I couldn't find where to put this. On the 1st of January I applied for a job at LCPD. I could see my pending application yesterday (12th of January) morning but in the evening I couldn't see it anymore. I see that the application has changed and that you guys have merged the 3 different departments into 1 application (which is nice). But what happened to my application. Is it still under review or is it 'gone' and do I need to re-apply through the new application form?

Sorry for the trouble and thank you for your time!

Kind regards,

Chachi Muchacho

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3 hours ago, Helius said:

I'm in the same scenario as you, be nice to get an answer on this.


6 hours ago, Chachimuchacho said:


This is the post I can still see on my profile by the way. Might help.. 


We updated the applications for joining the Police Department. You will have to submit new applications.

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So with the rework in the entire PD application process, unfortunately you now need to make a fresh application again. If your application was accepted prior to the overhaul, you probably should've been contacted. 
All PD intakes are now done under a single application section so your best bet rn would be make a new application.

Hope I could help.

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