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Police Vehicles

Clark Renolds

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These police vehicles are super unrealistic. The handling on a Dodge challenger for example, shouldn't be able to keep up with a car that is meant for handling. Now on the highway, the challenger would obviously perform better than a car that's meant for handling. Also, cops that use their own personal vehicles with 0 emergency lights, or sirens, shouldn't be able to drive their own personal vehicle while in a chase with another vehicle. Super unrealistic, and ruins the fun within the city. The A-Class was one of the only vehicles that performed high enough to out run the police. Now that it has been nerfed, and with cops using their own vehicles in chases. I think either cops should be required to use authorized police vehicles, that are not only marked, but actually have sirens and lights. As well as changed to perform to what the vehicle actually is. A challenger isnt a road course car, so it should handle like one.

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I suggest only detectives and a select number of undercover vehicles be allowed in city. Realistically how many unmarked and private vehicles do you see on the road IRL, but on the other hand how many super cars do you see driving down the street....

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