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Huntree/ Hunter K


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My name is Hunter and I’ve been in Lucid city for 2 years, 1 year I worked at Burgershot with a manager named Vicky and Adrian my RP mentors, RPing as burgershot security was probably one of the funniest thing in my year of working there, but it wouldn’t have been what it was without the friends I had there. I’ve made a lot of enemies but have met a lot of good people. Trusting who your friends are and who isn’t is always something you have to worry about so keep your friends close and your enemy’s closer. I was in a gang called The Chicago outfits that i was apart of in 1.0 Lucid, I was betrayed and assassinated in 2.0. But with open arms the Lost MC took me in, and being in that gang really opened up my eye for what RP could really be but unfortunately I got really sick in real life and Within the few weeks I was gone The Lost MC had gone to whitelisted leaving me alone and scared in the big big city all alone with no explanation😂😭. So at this point in my city life I found a gang called the Colombo family that took me in, I had my ups and downs with them, the people I found really cool are named bugsy and Noob but not long after I joined The Colombo Family we disbanded. So here I was all alone in the big world again😂😭. I decided to be on my own for awhile and grind money until that is, I ran into my old Friend Noob, he was a outlaw and asked me to join and that’s when I was introduced to the infamous Money K and ended up being in outlaw for several months.

Long story short I got really sick in real life and my grandma was also really sick so we had to take care of her for awhile I ended up being not playing in city for a couple months and ended up being kicked out understandably because they were having wars a lot too at this time and I just couldn’t be there nor did I feel like explaining to anyone why I couldn’t be there, so it ended in me being without a gang again also Money K is a really cool guy nothing bad to say towards him tbh. Now I’m in the big world all alone for 5 months or so 🤣😭. I took a break again before The Lost MC came back in the city reforming there crew, my old friend Mike who was in The Old Lost MC gained the title of Leader for reasons I will not explain out of respect to other people. After watching Mike & Fox slowly but surely rebuild The Lost MC over the course of 5 months I decided to ask him to be a hang around and that’s where I am currently at in Lucid City. 

I will give a update eventually of my Lucid Life but for now this is all anyone needs to know thank you for listening to my T-E-D Talk 😂🙏

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