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Jefe Nunez

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My name is Jefe Nunez, I was born in La Vega, Dominican Republic. Me and my older brother Darius grew
 up in a town called El Franco. We didnt have alot growing up as kids, but we managed. Raised by a single 
mother without a job and hardly any skills to get a job. Me and my brother Darius use to do little odd jobs 
around the village we lived in. Just to help my mother with basic things we needed to survive. then we 
moved to El Franco, where i went to high school and learned how to speak english and read. I Struggled 
through high school with fighting, and getting into trouble. So I was expected to fight if I wanted to save face
 in that school. When I graduated, I went into the Army as an 11-B, Infantry, it changed my life. Showed me 
what it was like to be honorable, disciplined, reliable, trustworthy, hell it made me into a leader. Made me a
 productive member of society, gave me a purpose, something I thought Id never have. Now I find myself here
 in this town without the Army, all alone. I've come to this city for a new start. Make some new friends, not make
 so many enemies, bring my brother Jefe. I want to hopefully start a family business together with my brother
 Darius, i could go into Law enforcement, or be a fireman one day. To be honest I have so many different oppurtunities
 in this town its hard to pick just one........and so my story continues.

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