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Marcus Primeiro

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Hey folks! I'm new here, I'm from Brazil, and I'm learning English.
I played Brazilian RP for 3 years and took a break. Now I'm starting this new experience on servers from other countries.
Yesterday was my first day, and I confess it was a bit tough to communicate, but some people were patient and helped me out.
Although communication is challenging, I understand a lot about the game and I'm good at action and driving.
If you come across a guy with a weird accent and confusing speech out there, I hope you'll have patience, so we can create a cool friendship and immersive roleplay.
Thanks! :) 

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On 10/12/2023 at 3:55 PM, Gi. said:

Seja bem vindo! (: 
I'm from Brazil as well and been around here in Lucid for a bit over 2 years! Hope you have great experiences around here (:

Aaah legal demais pô! Brigado pela recepção!
Espero te encontrar no jogo entao, pq to com dificuldade de fazer amizade kkkk todo mundo só quer saber de ficar fazendo entrega pra ganhar dinheiro kkkkk

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