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Friend is asking me to talk about his ban


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Hi lucid city staff, my friend keeps asking me to get his life unbanned from lucid city rp for cheating/modding at the start of 2023 in january or something. he says he wants to make it up for everyone and wants a second chance. Knowing the fact he wants to be unbanned he wants to physically show staff what he will do upon joining back the city. he tried appealing his ban in february but it got denied but months later he keeps telling me that someday he will come back and hopefully they can allow me to come back and also he wants to provide some rp scenes that he has done in servers such as ProdigyRP which is summit1g's rp server that he plays on. 


im not sure what to do, i mean ive already told him ill try to write a post in this forum right now but yea i just want to know what he can do to get unbanned/uncommed or thats it for his rp life since lucid was his first server he joined and he fucked it up. he also said his decision to cheat was a terrible decision and hates himself for it since he ruined many good relationships he made within the city.

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