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Issue: Based on my time in LCRP, I have found that when you need to get support in the waiting room via Discord you are met with extensive wait times (at times). This causes people to be discouraged to reach out for assistance thus causing people to get away with rule breaks. This causes a big domino effect on the player base due to them thinking if other people can get away with rule breaks, why can't I. 

Suggestion: I would recommend using a Discord ticketing system in order to help expedite and lower wait times in the waiting room. 

Example: If said person needed help, they would then navigate to the LCRP Discord server. They would click "create a support ticket" and then select the appropriate field for their issue. (examples include: VDM, RDM, NFOL, Ect..) Once the field is selected, they would then attach a link or file of the clip along with a description with context as well as adding as much detail as possible of the RP scene to help the mods better understand what is going on. If there is any further confusion or there needs to be more information presented, then the mods could either gather that information via the ticketing system or via the staff support VC rooms. 

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