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Lower Infraction Class for NVL


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The Value of Life infraction classification is too high, in my opinion. I understand every server is different, but this infraction is very out of line with other successful servers like nopixel for example. Nopixel lists NVL as a class B infraction which carries a penalty of a 3 day ban, whereas here in Lucid City it's a CLASS F 31 DAY BAN. I implore you to evaluate how easy it is to accidentally commit an NVL, as these infractions can happen to people in intense RP interactions where you often have to make a decision within a split second. In my opinion, this will scare away people who are interested in engaging in meaningful RP as they will be heavily punished for potential simple mistakes, quick judgement calls, and misunderstandings. This is 100% how I feel - I shy away from disputes or violent interactions in fear of rulebreaks. I think reducing this to a Class C 3 day, or even a Class D 7 day (in line with low effort infractions) ban is much more reasonable, as committing an NVL doesn't have as much of an impact on RP as other infractions like ooc targeting, griefing, excessive toxicity, low effort robbing/killing, corruption, and VDM. In fact, low effort killing and robbing, VDM, even metagaming carry a LOWER class infraction than NVL. This is unbalanced and unfair. If you want players to solve issues by roleplaying, lowering the penalty for NVL will help. Otherwise, Lucid City will continue to be a shoot first, rp later server. I say that with only good intentions and so much love for this server.

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