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Good evening!


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Most of you might be new here, so I want to make some stuff clear:


  • https://discord.gg/PvNjwbnCAQ is the Discord, join it! We need everyone to join it, and that's where you would get in contact with staff more easier!
  • Search Lucid City in the FiveM server browser. To connect to any of our servers manually, All you need to do is, open F8. Type "connect", and the server info. City 1: F8 > connect
  • Rules can be found: http://gg.gg/lcrprules http://gg.gg/lcrppenals http://gg.gg/lcrpgangguidelines
  • spacer.png
  • The above is the staff hierarchy, so joining the discord is key to find out who's staff and who's being a negative Nancy here.
  • If you want to make money, get a job, or become a criminal or join either the LSPD, the EMS service or the mechanics or the car dealers here.
  • And a final thing, don't be a loser, and kill new players. It may be fun, but it keeps good players away, so refrain yourself.


And a final ending, I am in all support of invading Carthage.

  • On God Homie 1
  • You Cool 2
  • Here we go again.. 1
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