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Mickey McLaughlin


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I'm Mickey 'Wrink' McLaughlin and I was raised in the overgrown highlands, located north west of the UK. I've travelled to Lucid City with a desperate desire to rediscover myself after a near lethal accident which has rendered me to be quite the forgetful type. Stuck in the same bland area for most of my life, I seek adventure and social diversity through the new sweeping streets of this great city. I believe to have the skills required to adjust well here, however, my forgetfulness is expected to get in the way for as long as it lasts. The accident I mention was caused by a head on collision in the getaway from the biggest robbery I've partaken in to date, my driver swerved into oncoming traffic, into the front of a 18-wheeler truck; safe to say the truck was okay. I hadn't, in my 25 years on this planet, ever experienced something so traumatizing. The photos of the wreckage are the only mementos I have on my person and this, along with the scars, allow me to remember where I came from.

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