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Aiyyo! This is Benny Mars. Poppin in to the City! First T!

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Aiyyooo, Benny Mars here. Thanks for tappin in G's. So, obviously I'm new to the community, well not just this ol'commu, I mean all of em. I'm fresh flown in and EAGER. I'm honestly im new to the whole GTA Roleplaying as a active player. I have spent many many hours in RedM but I'd love to try out the City Life! I heard this is a great server to start out on and even stay on so hopefully I run into some homies that can show me the ropes and make this an enjoyable experience for myself and others! Feel free to send me some tips and what not. On here or in game via socials. Find me @bennymars

I'll see you out there and thank you for giving me a shot at being apart of the community. ;)<3.

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