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Ben Diggs


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...I figured to make a change in life and introduce myself to this new city, new world, new life in Lucid City. At the age of 22, I've lived the "great" 20's in which now I feel to be overrated from all I've heard. I spent most of my childhood in a suburb right outside the city of Chicago most of my life until attending college at Howard University where I received my B.B.A in Computer Information System and a minor in Afro American Studies.

On the night before graduation, my father, mother and 2 sisters took a plane into the city. While in route from the airport to the hotel, they were caught at an intersection between 2 rival gangs while in a van cab. One of the gangs pulled up on the opposite side of street in an unmarked van that placed my families ride between them and the other gang; from what the police report showed. They did begin to fire across the street at the other gang in which the gang returned fire in the same direction. Since they were not aware of the van the fire was coming from, the shot up both. Killing my family and only 1 of the gang they were returning fire at...

I can't tell you what happened at graduation as it was a blur...a day I should remember but would turn into once of my worse.

So now I come to a city where I want to make a difference, leave everything behind and start to new and welcome myself to Lucid City. Talk to you soon - B. Diggs

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