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Hey Everyone Out There!

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My name is Jerry Fletcher I'm just moving in from the east coast. I've been driving taxi in NYC for the last twenty years since I got out of the military. I was discharged as a medical discharge OFFICIALLY. but I know the TRUTH.  So i had to get out of NYC cause I exposed some seriously crazy shit, but that is for another time.

So I find myself out here, new to Lucid Ciry. I'm looking to fill out an application for a taxi company since it what I know. I like driving taxi, its a safe relatively safe way to spread the truth without drawing to much attention to myself. What truth you might ask? I guess it depends on what my fares are ignorant to. Some people are aware that the Lizard people are running our government, but they do not know that they flew here from MARS to fight our only true guardian Thoth the Egyptian God (if you want to use that word).  But I am assuming people out here in Lucid City are more woke than back on the East Coast to my educational conversations with my fares would be on some of the more nuance truths that have yet to really get exposed. Like did you all know that the The Lost MC is actually active agents of the Merryweather Security company ran by the reptilian Martians?


Eh, you know what I better keep it light, I am not trying to draw attention to myself. Afterall that's why I came out this way. I'm just here to do some honest work, driving people from point A to point B, unless we have to detour.

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